Help with a spread please

  • did a couple of spreads for myself. The celtic cross and there seem to be five cards that keep coming up. I did the spread again and the same five cards came up again. And the king of wands really seem to be coming up.

    1. Card 1 - Page of swords (reversed)

    2. Card 2 - Knight of Wands

    3. Card 3 - King of Wands

    4. Card 4 - King of Pentacles

    5. Card 5 - The Empress

    6. Card 6 - Ten of Cups

    7. Card 7- Eight of Pentacles

    8. Card 8 - Ace of Pentacles

    9. Card 9 - The Strenght

    10. Card 10 - The Six of Cups

    I did this after my birthday July 13, 2011 but my dob is 07/12/1961. I did the Celtic Cross again a week later and the first five cards came back the same way. And like I said before the King of wands as been coming alot in any spread I do. Can somebody please help me with this.

    Thank you Illona

  • I am getting this is about self-control and/or restraint. Like you might be letting your emotions - or physical passion - get the best of you. Is there a man in your life that you should be staying away from, my dear???

  • Hi Illona

    Let me try to wing it here and I will give you what came to mind

    You are in a place now where you are feeling pressed in, some worries about something

    Crossing this is the Knight of Wands so there was (or is) a man in your life and he still comes up for you, something you are trying to work out with him.

    You have a dream of something with him, the Knight becoming a King, and this hope has held you for some time.

    Recent Difficulties (and I am going by the positions I use for the Celtic Cross), the King of Pentacles so another man apparently was in the picture. Something happened

    and recent past, the Empress so this is the first Major Arcana so you recently stepped into a new situation, something changed recently... Empress can signify a home setting...

    and near future is the Ten of Cups - so now the emotional fulfillment you have been seeking in a man is met. Leading to your future environment

    The Eight of Pentacles sees you active and busy, and this is tie back to the Empress, home... something has developed with whoever the knight/King of Wands is in your life and it looks nice.

    Surrounding influences - Ace of Pentacles says that what you are feeing in your new life in this Ten Cups-Eight Pentacles place is reflected in the outer world too, so the sense is that your life is becoming more seamless, the inner and outer working together. Could be a big reason for the presence of the King Wands helping you get there.

    Hopes and Fears - Strength - You are asking something like, do I have the strength to go forward, something will ask you to move forward and you should know that you DO have the strength to take on whatever that is. It will be good for you. And him.

    Outcome - The Six of Wands - this says to me whatever it is you are traveling, turns out very nice for you. A nice love entering, and it matures into the kind of stability and dependability that you always dreamed was possible for you.

    I also took a quick look at your chart - and wow! You have your moon and Sun right practically perfectly coinciding, in Cancer, so you have a very strong security foundation you believe in for life. No one is changing your mind on that. You are a born nurturer, and the way the Moon is there tells me that you don't mind letting your feelings about it show either! It also tells me you struggle a lot with your emotional nature, and that has been an area you are still working on. Chiron in Pisces so you don't always like to go with the flow, being more easy-going. " We are going to bake chocolate chip cookies today, and I am not giving in to the demands for Oatmeal or Sugar Cookies! " Just an example 🙂

    Hope that helps! 🙂

  • I pulled my own cards for you and you seem a bit stuck in old thought patterns or behaviors. Something that has returned from the past and has you potentially repeating past mistakes. You need to clear this energy and start anew. If this is about a man I am getting that he is either otherwise involved or has just been ambivalent with you - leaving you dangling for quite a while. If it is not about a man, then this is still pointing to you needing to clear out your stuck energy - clear out the old so you can breathe in the new.

  • Thank you so much. I am having some things to do with my son. Alot of things with him. And there is a man that I like that is a fire sign that I meet when I was 17 and I still like him very much. Yes that is true that he has been having me dangling.

    Thank you so much Watergirl18 and AstraAngel.

  • Hey Illona,

    I honed in on the King of Wands when I did my reading as it seemed like this was your biggest concern...if you have a specific question about your son or are seeking guidance on a specific situation with him, let me know 🙂

  • Hello Watergirl18

    Thanks so much. Because the king of wands of keeps coming up. I do have a question. Because my son does have some medical problems. He stop growing when he was three and he is now nine. So I was wondering what do you see for him. And I like a fire sign what do you see about him.

    Thanks Illona

  • Well, the fire sign is the issue from your past - a repeating issue - that you need to clear out of your energy field. I felt like you had become stuck in your romantic life and this guy was the cause. You need to release him so someone new can enter that will provide not only what you want but what you deserve. This King of Wands guy - or more aptly the memory of him - is holding you back. I will do some meditation and ask about your son and get back to you...

  • OK, what I am getting is that this is more of a psychological/emotional condition than a physical condition and that this is actually something he was born with. It feels like he is kind of stuck in his own little world - retreats almost - because of some sort of sensory overload. Has he been tested for Asperger's Syndrome or Autism (it feels more like Aspergers)? There is just a lot of emotion or sensory information that overloads him and he retreats and then may erupt into an outburst of some sort. Physical activity is coming through strongly, but as a way to manage his condition or to help him manage. Not just any physical activity though - it needs to be something that will not only be a physical outlet, but teach him discipline and consistency and get him to focus his mind. Something like karate or another form of martial arts. Hope this makes sense....first time I have tried to tap into something like this. Don't be afraid to tell me if I am totally off!

  • ...Forgot to say that something came through about his diet. If this is an emotional type of problem do some research on it - I believe there are some folks who discovered that taking wheat or dairy or some other sort of food item out of their diet really helped....

  • Hello Watergirl18

    Thank You so much. Well really the aries was not the reason I got stuck, it was when I was messing with a Libra. He really caught me off guard. The aries has not done anything wrong. We have not been together in years. I just really like him and he will always have a place in my heart. But for my son, he does need something like karate or something. He is very smart and all the medical problems are something that he was born with. And the reason he as stop growing is because he as acid reflux and that has cause some other problems he has had this since birth. His bones are like a six year old and he is nine. He will be taking growth hormones starting next month. He is very strong he is a aries too, so he is very fiery and will let you know how he is feeling. Thanks so much. Illona

  • Ah! Growth hormones makes a lot of sense and I do believe it will do him good. I got the 8 of Pents at first and the first whisper in my head said hormones, but then I kept getting all of these emotional cards so I thought maybe it was something more to do with something in the brain that is attached to emotions. When I asked about treatment every single card came out as a wand which told me physical activity and movement, but wands are also GROWTH. I also got two 8's and the number 8 also signifies growth. There were a lot of emotional cards as well though - ones that also pointed to loneliness or feeling isolated in some way which is why I thought maybe Aspergers. Just keep an eye out for his emotional health in all of this as well.

    And that Aries man -- he is holding you back, hun. You may still not be ready to face it, but your emotional attachment to him is what is keeping you from finding love in your life. He will always just be there in the background for you - I don't see him coming to the forefront in your life if you know what I mean. You may be subconsciously holding on to him so that you won't have to put yourself in the position of being in an actual relationship again - protection from being hurt again like with Mr. Libra.



  • By the way - thanks for letting me do this. I am trying to expand and this one really taught me a lot. In retrospect, it is obvious of course! What's funny is when I was getting all confused over the Tarot cards I pulled I whipped out my oracle cards and just asked what was your best course of action with regard to your son's health. I pulled two cards. The first one showed a male figure rising up out of a lotus flower. The 2nd showed a bunch of figures all with some sort of scientic study going on. In retrospect -- the rising up out of the lotus signifies GROWTH (albeit, we all would normally identify this with spiritual growth) and in the scientific study card, there is actually a person holding a strand of DNA!!! There's your growth hormone 🙂 Too funny...

  • Hello Watergirl18

    You are doing so good now. And thank you so much. I really don't think that the aries man is holding me from anything. My son is my main thing right at the moment. If anything I really don't want a relationship I just want somebody to see when I want to see him. And I would like to know what you see for me in the next three months. I am thinking about doing something that I have never done and I want to see if it is in the cards.


  • Oh I would like to say thank you so much for everything.

    You are awesome Illona

  • Hello watergirl18

    Maybe you can help me with my tarot cards I have been trying to teach myself and I think

    I need help.


  • Hey Illona,

    I'll get back to you on the next 3 months thing. I actually have had a pretty big shake up at my home for the last 2 days and don't think I'm in the right space right now. Especially since I was so "off" about your son 🙂 What is it that you are thinking about doing? And not sure I'm really an expert, but tell me what you need help with or have questions on with regard to the tarot cards and I'll help as best I can.

  • I am thinking about writing a book. Something that as been on my mind and once something gets in there I am ready to try and see what happens. You was not all that wrong about my son you was right about somethings and you was on the right track about him in a lot of ways.

    My question is about the cards are when I do a spread it is hard for me to read it. Like the one I did I had problems with it. Ok when you can I will do a spread and then I will tell you what i get.

    Here is my email Thanks so much Illona

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