I need help with a reading..... :)

  • So I asked the cards what I look like physically, like as far as how I look, and I got:

    The lovers

    King of swords

    and Knight of pentacles

    Now I'm a little confused cause I'm a girl... so does this mean that I look manly or something? If this were about intelligence or hard work I would be flattered, cause both the king of swords and the knight of pentacles are both good cards, but as far as my looks I'm a little taken a back. And for The Lovers I'm also a little confused...... Help please.

  • The Lovers = You are physically lovely

    King of Swords = You are quite adept at conveying your physical beauty, in the way you express yourself.

    And the Knight of Pentacles, this is the material (physical) card of manifestation, so a Knight is one who chases you (beholds your beauty) so the word I am getting is,

    "don't worry angelj. You are gorgeous. Especially to those you are attracted to."

    I hope that helps. How do YOU see yourself physically?

  • Thank you AstraAngel, I was very confused about that reading, but you explained it perfectly. That's really sweet about the gorgeous thing; I'm embrassed to say that I don't really think those things about myself. I've had a long battle with low self-esteem, that's why when the reading came out with two men court cards I thought "Oh gosh, I do look manish" lol. But it's nice to know that others see me differently than I see myself, especially the current guy that I like. 🙂

  • The Wheel of fortune for you.

    And the King of Swords again, so something is turning around for you and it must be connected with this King who is attracted to you.. and you are attracted to him.

    Ten of Pentacles - and a very nice and a very comfortable arrangement is coming up. And it is very nice. And very comfortable.

    The Sun! Wow! You are heading into something soon that will totally change the way you have ever seen yourself!

    Be prepared to never ever have another thought of low self-esteem, ever again! 🙂

  • Wow! This all seems very wonderful; I feel like I've been waiting for all these things, especially a relationship, for a long time so it's nice to know they are coming soon. Thank you very much AstraAngel 😄

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