In Need Of Help With Aries Male Please.....

  • My DOB is 2/22/73. His is 3/31/68. His wife is 06/30/66. I know this relationship should have never started. It was something that happened gradually as he is my friend and coworker. He comforted me while I was going through my divorce and it gradually turned into something else. Is this a relationship that i have to be strong and walk away from or is he my destiny and will he leave his wife. If he is going to leave his wife when. I have recently tried to move on and have been trying online dating. I have been chatting with someone named Bruce but have not met him in person. Is Bruce a better choice, I find it so hard to let go.

  • opalgem222,

    You have answered your own question here. You are moving on as you know that Mr, March is soon to be out of the picture of your life. We have destiny to assure us that we are to meet certain people that will have a role in our lives. Lover, friend. ect. Mr. March was there when you needed him, but I feel it is very wise of you to move on now.

    Bruce may be a better choice , but honestly I feel he is a stepping stone to someone else , a man that has some gray in his hair, he is around 40 yrs old and is divorced himself with either a son or twins is what I am receiving. He will have marriage on his mind and will have good qualities that will make you feel secure. He is near by , so please continue to look and you will find each other.


  • Hi

    One he helped you when you where vulnerable. at that time, now he has helped you in one sense, but you have found a support guy, and re -doing looking else where for the comfort and affection you need, i feel in the wrong Ares, because of what you are going though..

    You need to to stop looking for a replacement, and just deal with the grief of divorce and get some time for yourself first, because if you go into another for that need, you may just wish you had not in time.

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