Is it meant to be?

  • I recently met a man online, in my search to get out there and start dating again. We have yet to physically meet, but emotionally and spiritually we are so deeply connected that we feel as though we have known each other forever. Almost as though at one point we were once already together. We have both recognized how crazy this might be to those around us, these deep feelings for each other in a short amount of time, but at the same time we both can not stop them from coming. Is this puppy love, or true?

  • What are the birthdates?

  • March 18th 1985 Mine

    October 11th 1981 His

  • The question of just who is the boss here will touch many areas of this relationship. It isn't that there will invariably be power struggles between you, rather only that the question must be answered. Determining who plays the dominant role at certain times or in certain circumstances is important, since both of you will usually respect and follow whichever of you takes the lead. As a matter of fact, the best situation possible is often when the two of you together assume a commanding role in a group or organization, demanding that you share the reins of power equally.

    There will be a tendency toward instability in a love affair or marriage here. Indecision may plague your relationship, with both of you unable to make up your minds on the direction in which you want the relationship to continue, or whether it is to end. In a friendship here, it can happen that neither of you is interested in taking the lead or exerting real power over the other, and this can deprive the friendship too of direction, so that it just drifts. To get the relationship back on track, either one of you may have to make some firm decisions, and carry them through. You will both have to work very hard to strengthen your wills in order to make this relationship work or last.

  • Thank you very much that is very helpful.

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