• Discuss your card of the day 🙂

    Today i got the Magician,

    I need to harness my energy and focus on my goals as i have been really scattered lately .

    I need to gain self confidence and it also represents that new opportunites are coming into play for putting ideas into action. As the magician is a good skillful communicator i feel this is one lesson i can learn from this card .

  • I just love, love, love that card! Let me know at the end of your day how the card applied. That is what I found the most interesting when I pulled daily cards - applying it at the end of the day - it taught me how there are so many ways to interpret the cards and it is rarely a literal definition that we get from the books. Our guides can get really creative and mine tend to have a pretty wicked sense of humor!

  • Hey WG

    love Lucy Cavendishes version of The Magician its so colourful , so i havent pulled a daily card for a while but when i was doing it i found that it was normally a few weeks after picking the card that i could relate to it . Is this the same for you ?

  • HI Mags! hope all is well! Miss ya! Hello All!

  • Yes...until I set my intention that "this is the card for my day TODAY" Are you just pulling a card without setting your intention? That will give you scattered/random results....just like doing a Celtic Cross without a question in mind.

  • Hi POetic,

    Thanks for stopping by l ove, the butterflies hope all is well. Miss you to mate

    Love, light and hugs Mags

  • Hi WG,

    I am saying a little mantra 3 times while shuffling the cards asking what it is i need to know and learn today ? Today i got the 2 of pentacles , yes thats me trying to juggle and do everything at once . So would you say thatwhat i am doing is an intention type of thing? Or should i try something else . I really appreaciate your advice .

    Love, light and Hugs Loap:)

  • I always just ask for a card that will represent my day. Your way is fine as well. Just remember that "what is it I need to know?" may give you a card that will not show up result-wise for a couple days to a couple weeks, but if you end it with "today" then your intention should be clear. So at the end of the day, just review your day and see how the card fit. For example, what happened during your day yesterday? You pulled the Magician so how did that fit in with your day? Don't forget that sometimes it may be the "shadow" side of the card and sometimes it is just something about the image or the color, etc. that will be prominent. Since it's a daily card it may be something you might think of as insignificant. In Lucy's Magician card I saw a woman being playful and having fun - no worries - strong and yet CREATIVE. You have been getting the message to release the heaviness and have fun for a while now 🙂 Also notice how it looks like she is juggling the stars above her head.

    If you find that the daily cards are too insignificant with the messages then pull a weekly card or cards (no more than 3) instead. For a weekly card I ask what energy or energies will be most prevalent during the week or what my main challenge will be that week, etc.

  • Hi WG,

    Yes the magician in the oracle tarot does look like she is having fun, i pulled one of my oracle cards today and it said

    Todays lesson;Bring Humour into your.

    Think about whether you truly have a sense of humour . Healing is enhanced with humour, and laughter can ligthen almost anything - certainly most day to day irritations .

    Your goal : to bring humour to everything that causes you stress , as this is one of the most empowered responses you can have .

    These cards are called wisdom for healing cards by Carolyn Miss , do you know of her ?

    The only thing i can think of with the Magicican coming out is that i was very organised yesterday with the kids and housework ,so i dont know do you think could this relate to this card?

    Love, light and hugs Loap:)

  • Sorry lol it sshould say bring humour into your life for todays lesson .

  • Hey WG,

    I hope all is well . Its a shame this thread didnt take off . Oh well another one bites the dust .

  • Hello Darling, It's like a lull now like the tide is gone back out to sea, waiting for something. I miss you and pray all is well! Sending Love and Light always! Namaste.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi guys! Crashing your thread...

    I pulled a card this morning - the King of Cups. The bottom said "Beware of ill will"

  • AV ,

    IWhich deck are you using as i dont feel any ill will fromt he king of cups he is so sensitive , kind and caring .

    My card 5 of cups

    The card of loss and regret , ,feeling dissapointment a need to except things for what they are and move on .

  • My card today was The Empress. I need to be closer to nature, express more creativity, or maybe a small miracle is taking place today.

  • I keep forgetting to do my card of the day , and when i do remember the day is nearly over . Its so frustrating for me 😞 i have a brain like a siv .

  • No problem, when your day is almost over ours is only starting! Mine is the Three of Wands, had no time to share it or think about it. I think I am being encouraged to be confident and look beyond limitations.

  • That is an unusual card QFL do you know deck it is from ?and guess what forgot to do it again dam grrr!!!!!

  • It is the Fey Tarot Deck. I don't own own one but I found those images on this website and I like them Today mine was the fool again, second time this week. I think this card is telling me to have more trust, no fear and expect good. What do you think ???

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