Ex-Lover Spread...help interpreting please.

  • I'm really new to tarot and I've tried to do a few spreads for myself. I use the book, but I have trouble understanding the cards. What do you guys think? Hopefully your reponses will help me get an idea on how to read the cards. I use a shape shifter deck by the way. I think I have the most trouble understanding the cards when they aren't about me.

    1-Pentacles 8 (skill)

    2-Cups 7 (desire)

    3-Cups 13 (God of Water)

    4-Cups 14 (Goddess of Water)

    5-Wands 7 (Valor)

    6-Swords 7 (Deception)

    7-Swords 11 (Seeker of Fire)

    8-Swords 12 (Warrior of Fire)

    9-Swords 13 (God of Fire)

  • HI. If you could let people know what each position represents it would be easier to help. For example does 2 represent the lesson this month or what is unexpected? Do the suits all have 14 cards as well, 10 numbers and 4 court cards? If so then they translate easily into other decks/classic interpretation. If not then you need advice from people used to this deck alone.

    Does the deck include major arcana card? If so, then the fact that there are none here suggests to me that there are no huge changes or decisions to be made at present. The presence of so many people cards to me suggests that the reading is focusing on relationship dynamics.

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