My daughter sees 5 monks.

  • Hello everyone and I would like to ask a question please.

    Ever since my daughter was about 5 or 6 she has saw people in white robes. They come to her both when she is sleeping and when she is awake. When they come to her while she is awake she goes into a trance like state. She's 17 now and still sees them.

    Her story:

    There is a brilliant white room and 5 men are standing with their heads slightly lowered. They are dressed as monks in a white habit with the hood over their heads and slightly covering their faces. The five monks are talking to each other but when they realise my daughter has 'arrived' they stop and look at her. Although they now talk to her she still can't see their faces. She also can't fully make out their words.

    When she is with them she goes into a trance like state. For instant when at school and her teacher was talking to her she never heard or saw him.

    She thought she was going mad at one point but I told her that maybe they were trying to tell her something. How she should try and talk to the five 'monks'. She said if she were to concentrate on them they would leave her. She said they are always there but just outside her hearing range.

    Although we love learning about different religions we are not religious people and don't have a demonination . I was wondering if anyone could help me explain to my daughter who the 5 monks are? If they were indeed trying to tell her something then how can she hear what they are trying to tell her? Or is it something that will cease to happen as she get older?

    Thank you

  • Hi, I have read many articles about apparitions, I have also experienced them. Sometimes they do go away, sometimes they do not. The trance-like state seems to be normal for visionaries. I have read that the lowered head is normal. There is probably a message in these visions. The lowered head is giving respect to God. I have had an experience somewhat similar to this. Those in heaven do communicate to each other. I believe that God sent these. Be thankful for them.

  • PS Meant to add--Look up Visionaries of Medjugorje, Visions of Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Lourdes.

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