AstraAngel Can I another reading please

  • Hi AsraAngel,

    So about a month ago I asked you about this guy I am interested in. I was thinking if you can help me out again by giving me where this is going to. Here is a little story, we kind of got into a weird relationship of FWB and today he massaged me that he doesnt want to continue it anymore and would like to be friends. However I was going to talk to him about the FWB things as well since Im really are interested in him and would like to see something serioius happen later on. Can you give me another reading please?

    my dob september 12 1985

    his dob January 17 1986

  • Hi cellisi

    Certainly, let's take a peek.

    I was pondering your story, and started laying cards down as I was reading. It does seem to say something about your relationship.

    The Ten of Pentacles at first. Very solid and dependable, and the benefits are nice. There was something about a material aspect of life that drew you together. This has been working, until

    A Five of Wands appears, so there began to be some testing, a change of direction, or one or both of you are pondering matters on your own terms.

    So I kinda think that is where you are at. He has massaged you and now the five wands "let's wave our wands around and talk about it" energy is out there. Dreams being discussed I see.

    The Ten of Cups - For the very reason that you touched upon, you really see something with serious potential, and you are both feeling that, so it is natural to perhaps set aside the 'benefits' while you both are trying to determine what your dreams are and

    The Seven of Cups says that exactly. You are both dreaming of serious love possibilities here, you are ready to become vulnerable, (really vulnerable and trusting) and to do that he has retreated on some levels. That is where I see the two of you, still very connected however off in your corners a little while you ponder what is happening here?

    And the Wheel of Fortune, it looks to me like as soon as you get your wires connected again, something nice will be turning around for you. FWB v2.0 perhaps. Let's hope you can always be friends even when the nature of the union changes.

    I would let it rest for now, I see you together soon talking it out. In the meanwhile you should relax, treat yourself to some nice moments while this FWB thing settles down... go to a spa, visit an art museum, ride a merri-go-round... do something nice so you stay close to you, while your Capricorn determines his net step. The goat sometimes takes a while, he looks carefully... and then a step. So you have a Capricorn here who is walking a challenging line between material (physical) concerns and love.

    This looks nice to me cellisi, I can feel that your hearts are both in the right place. The Universe is looking out for you. When I have a moment I might pull up your charts and see what is happening.. you have your Neptune in his Sun sign, so that dreamy place in you he loves. He sees mystery in you, that is Neptune. He seas you. 🙂

    Love, astraAngel

  • Thank you again AstraAngel for you insight. It has been a great help to me. I was always a free spirite in term of relationship. But lately I have decided that I want a serious relationship for the very first time in my life and I really see some potential with this guy. So I dont really want to mess it up.

    We are meeting up this friday I hope but I am contemplating if I want to meet up or no. I feel like I am forcing him for this meeting. But I am going on a vacation next week so I guess I can put this aside and give my mind some peace for a little bit. 🙂

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Sorry to bother you again, So we are meeting up tomorrow ( I hope) we havent really plan it yet but it will be a casual meet up. Can you see if this meeting will be a good one? or should I just cancel and put aside until later on?

  • Page of Pentacles - looks like a nice meeting, This page speaks of writing, and material issues, a good sign.

    And the Moon, so expect some emotional ripples occasionally. And the King of Wands, a bit of a serious note...

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Thanks for the reading, however the meeting is cancelled 😞 sadly to say but I guess it is all for the best. I will let this situation rest for now and see where the universe take me to. Hopefully something nice will happen later on.

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