Interpret my chart please?

  • Hi I am new to this site ,loving it so far ! Need some help with my chart please

    Rising Sign is in 11 Degrees Sagittarius

    Sun is in 04 Degrees Aquarius.

    Moon is in 16 Degrees Leo.

    Mercury is in 14 Degrees Capricorn.

    Venus is in 05 Degrees Aquarius.

    Mars is in 00 Degrees Leo

    Jupiter is in 27 Degrees Gemini

    Saturn is in 28 Degrees Leo

    Uranus is in 16 Degrees Scorpio

    Neptune is in 17 Degrees Sagittarius

    Pluto is in 16 Degrees Libra

    N. Node is in 07 Degrees Libra

    Sun in II

    Moon in VIII

    Mercury in Ascendant

    Venus in II

    Mars in VIII

    Jupiter in VII

    Saturn in VIII

    Uranus in XI

    Neptune in XII

    Pluto in Midheaven

    Lilith in VII

    Asc node in Midheaven

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