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  • I would love a true tarot reading. Going thru some difficult times and really can not afford one

  • Judgement reversed

    First card I get tells me some past action is affecting you. You may have lost the connection to your inner voice and this is creating confusion, fear, and doubt about your current dilemma.

    I feel there is a lot more behind this card, something that could ruin your reputation or your chances of righting something. It may be bigger than you. Is there a group of people involved?

    Often fear and doubt hold us back from doing the right thing. I know it can be hard but you are advised to stay strong, i.e., look to the good that comes as a result of doing the right thing. It can be a long, lonely and depressing road but things will be okay. Get in touch with that inner voice. Pray for strength and for what is right. When you are ready, you can also seek out others who have been in your current situation for support. Or, talk with someone who can advise you in the best way possible to help you determine your true desire for the situation.

    The Fool

    The next card shows me an eagerness that might have been a reaction to the situation or a type of approach that may not help the situation. You may be forcing a solution to the issue described above, perhaps one you are not ready for or others are not ready for. It maybe that this is more of a reaction from you than a way to deal with the situation effectively. You want to try to do everything you can and it may not be in ways others understand. You want to make the situation right, but perhaps too fast and too soon. You are advised to have patience as well as take a low-key approach to the situation in question. You may also want to consider more conventional approaches to solving the problem for the time being. In addition, there may be also a feeling of not being in the right place or being "rogue."

    9 of Swords reversed

    The card is the motivating force behind your apparent approach to the situation. This is a problem that is for the most part taking up every corner of your mind. It is suggested you distance yourself or continue to distance yourself from it for a while (longer). Give yourself some room to live a little and enjoy your life. Patience and time are key to helping you. Make them your allies. When you come back to the problem, you will come back with a fresher mind. You don't want to force anything but try to give yourself options that will work for all parties.

    Izzy, I do hope this has helped you. It's been a while since I've read for anyone. Thanks for letting me read for you.

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