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  • Hi,

    Recently became interested in studying tarot and cartomancy. I've used various sites for readings and one card that always comes up is the Knight of Cups and for cartomancy - cards that symbolize wedding, marriage bed, and ring. They come up often enough and I'm not sure if my subconscious is projecting or if the cards are really reliable. The reason being a recent failed relationship so I don't quite understand why those cards would show up?

    I was with a man for very many years, we've since broken up a few months ago. We always planned to get married but troubles got in the way and our relationship collapsed because of it. I'd like to know if there's anything left with us or a chance to renew things. I am moving on, working on myself, thinking positive and making changes. But the reason I ask is because my intuition tells me things aren't over yet - my heart/mind know to let go but my instinct is holding me back.

    Additionally, he acts as though he's still interested at times - he's hot and cold and it is confusing me and disrupting my progress. As We've been together for very many years I'd really like to know the potential for us reuniting if that's possible.

  • Queen of Cups

    Potential for reuniting? 1,001 percent.

  • Thanks!

    Actually it's the Knight of Cups I keep finding though I have had the Queen of Cups now and then... Along with traditional playing cards symbolizing ring/union, marriage bed, wedding. I know it should be obvious but I suppose I want to separate emotions influencing the cards from what's...really being shown?

  • I wish I could find that answer out there also. I don't know if you have the same feeling but it is like a wall that you get to. I find I move along and begin to finally see that I can make a life of my own but then this wall comes in and makes me feel like we are not done It pushes me back into limbo and waiting . Maybe it is

    I'm sorry for the T/J but I wanted to suggest you get your chakras balanced. I've been doing some reading and decided that it is worth a try. I haven' done it as yet but hope to have it done this week.

    I too am searching for an answer.or suggestion to the truth. Maybe it is just a really long habit and habits are hard to break especially if you love them.

  • Jayneangel,

    Here is what I am getting....your break-up with this man was tantamount to you rising up out of the muck and freeing yourself from a shadowy or negative situation. You are emerging from your shadow girl self to your empowered/healed woman self. This was a good step for you and you know this, but you keep getting little attacks of fear about the future because it is unknown - these intermittent periods of doubt are tempting you back into your shadow. You really have already passed the test, so to speak, so just remain detached and be wary of foolish advice that leads you to cling to your past. I have to tell you that this ex of yours is coming through as a not so trustworthy guy, which is probably why the Knight of Cups keeps showing up. This card can indicate a romantic lothario, deception, and things not being what they seem. I have even seen it referred to as the "Tricky Dick" card. I think you might get proof of this - that lies, deception or cheating will be revealed in the near future. The truth is the two of you - your energies, intentions and belief systems - just did not mesh. In fact, there was a collision here. Sometimes differences can be good, but other times when we try to put two things together that don't mix there is disharmony and separation- like oil and water. Your Queen of Cups can often point to being too sympathetic or compassionate - letting your emotions run the show. I also think that this card as well as all the marriage, birth, ring, etc signs you have been getting are about the Divine Mother....NEW life, creativity, SELF love and seeking contentment within. Releasing yourself from stagnant energy and situations and allowing your creativity to flow again. You really have put all the effort into this relationship that you can and it is now time to accept that it is just too much work and not meant to continue. Don't undermine all the progress you have made by getting stuck now. Stop replaying things in your mind and wondering about him and your future. Everytime you catch yourself thinking about him or your relationship, stop yourself in your tracks and force yourself to do something to get your mind off of it. I believe that those marriage/ring/etc cards are also pointing to a new relationship that will be entering your life, but it cannot enter until you truly release the past.



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