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  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I am trying to find out if my boss is a player / flirt. When I first began my position, he was extremely attentive and helpful. Even though he is married I cannot deny there is/was an attraction. These days, I can't seem to rely on him for accurate information, I get the feeling that his is withholding things from me. May be his is angry because I didn't respond in the way he wished. At times he can seem so chivalrous, and at others downright difficult and stubborn. I wonder if this Aquarian doesn't have a Capricorn moon.

    Earlier and towards the middle in the year I suspected he was having an affair with a pregnant colleague he's worked closely with. I have no evidence, just a sneaky suspicion. Now, we have a new young lady in the office who seems to have caught his eye. My mind could be deceiving me, but as a Pisces I have pretty good instincts.

    I know people are human, and married people often don't feel attractive once they are "off-the-market." I know his marriage is going through a rough patch and it is possible he is seeking out new opportunities. I just want to know his true feelings for me and if he were to divorce, would there be any chance for us.

  • He has no interest in divorce although his wife is likely to make that desicion in the future. You know the answer to your own question--you are smart. Remove yourself from this situation and detach ----pretend this post is written by a a woman you love and reread it as her asking you what YOU think? What would your advice be to her. The man is insecure to the point of abusing his power. He is only giving when in control. Take it as a compliment if he suddenly disses you or is not so generouse as it means you are NOT playing that victim role and you are not giving your power away--no matter how good he makes you feel in "exchange". Think with your head not just your heart. No one is all bad or good. He can seem and be magnetic BUT he is also shopping while he's married and taking advantage of his female employees--he sees them beneath him. This is a seriouse character flaw and he's showing you who he is--believe it! Be your own wise best friend--ignore his magnetic energy. Use your head. Some people are born with that spark--how they use it says a lot about their character. It takes discipline on their part to not be led by their temptation. Underneath he is feeding a great insecurity. But that is not your problem. Do not settle--move on----he is part of a past you need not revisit. BLESSINGS!

  • Hey cateyes36 -

    I think I saw your question on another thread also, maybe DaniBo's.

    OKay well let's see... I'll use the Mystic Dreamer Deck, it has a lot of nice, kind of gothic romance situations depicted... and your situation has a little bit of darkness going on, under cover of night, something a little illicit. Maybe more than a little.

    We'll hit these two questions and keep drawing cards as led... here we go...

    1. His true feelings for you -

    Four of Pentacles - his first impression of you was someone who is almost off-limits. Like you were in a well-fortified position almost, impervious, untouchable.

    Four of wands - ah, except what a lovely prize you would be to him. He dreams about you a lot is what I am getting. And this is 4-4 which is a nice sign of angelic presence. He sees you like an angel is what I am seeing.

    The Fool - he has or will soon be a fool around you, He wants to. The dreaming about you I mentioned? Uh... yes. and a little more than dreaming. He has something for you and you do kindle something in his heart. I am not sure why things have not already progressed with him? Maybe the other parties involved.

    2. Were he to get a divorce, would there be a chance for us?

    Six of Cups, yes. This is a very innocent love and you are sharing something together. Ah, working together I see that. So this feels like this relationship wants to blossom, and his situation appears to be the issue.


    The Ace of Cups. catseyes36, this is about a positive a card as we could have here. The cards say YES to whatever this is between you and him. I would call an emergency staff meeting with him (only the two of you) and quietly confide to him...

    "Mr. Bigsley sir? I would not normally do this (give him your best Shirley Temple look), however I thought you should know that a psychic I use gave me a message for someone in this office, that they should seriously consider getting a divorce. And Mr. Bigsley, I heard through the grapevine, (and right here, you look up from him, and down the hall, both ways... and now your voice is more under your breathe...) and you know how catty the girls are around here! (and when you say "catty", kinda scrunch up your face a little)... well I want you to know Bob... may I call you by your first name sir? "

    Something like that should work... you can ad lib. Tell him all about your psychic who received a "special revelation" from heaven... here, lets do that now...

    Wait a minute catseyes! I am receiving something! It is not you however... the Oracle says, someone you work with perhaps.. a man, yes it is a man, and in a position of authority... that he has a relationship that needs to end. And then there something about you .. however the lamp has gone dark and I receive nothing more."

    There. You could read that to him in his office next time you see him. Call a meeting though.

    And as your leaving his office, pause in the hall, and then turn around quickly to him to speak (and when you do that, make sure your dress spins out a little... so wear a nice dress this day, kinda poofy okay? )

    And say something like "Oh, Bob... hey I am kind of experienced in that area with relationships. So if you feel like could use someone to talk to, I am around... (and then smile and wink and point down the hall to your cubicle) ... right over.. there. Cubby #7...

    catseyes, you follow my instructions and i guarantee you that Bob will be printing out the divorce forms that night, and will be wearing a big Zodiac Birth Sign Medallion the starting the next day.

    The carpet will also start to noticeably wear on a path from his office to your cubby.

    That is kinda fun catseyes I hope you take it in good fun... there is something between you and him for sure though.

    One final card... outlook for Bob's marriage...

    The Star. Normally a nice card.

    Considering what we are talking about, and his rocky marriage? Not so nice.

    This Lover's Deck shows this woman pouring out all of the water from her pitcher, back into the pond. The marriage is being poured out as a "drink offering". I wouldn't be buying any more stock in BobAndMartha Marriages, Inc. (NYSE symbol BAMM)

    🙂 astra

  • Cateyes,

    I know you are wise enough to discern the true guidance here, but just in case I did a 3rd reading to give you more perspective.

    And I, like Blmoon, got that the signs are with you already. You already have the answer and even stated it in your post. This man is up to no good and you know that. Why do you doubt it and why are you willing to sell yourself short like that? He will not be leaving his wife. But even if he did, you have already seen his behavior at work and how he is with all these other women. Would you really want to be his next victim? And, yes, I also got that this is an issue from your past that is resurfacing and is giving you the opportunity for personal growth.

    You deserve better than this man has to offer. You deserve a man who will be committed to you and you alone. Ask yourself why you would be willing to participate in a relationship where you are the third wheel...or fourth....or fifith...you get my drift....




    HAPPY NEW MOON! this is a doozey! I am space clearing--started last night. I'm alergic to dust so feel like I'm wearing lead boots this morning but determined to "prioritize my space". I've been getting many dream messages about this issue. Right now half my closet is on my living room floor. My desk is my main issue--spirit has advised it reflect my "focus". I am looking forward to October----and have made the promise to write down all my dreams. October is always such a perfect month for clarity and messages. Maybe one of us should do a dream blog--I'd love to read other's dreams. But then again--that is a very vulnerable place to BE! I've been thinking of you and what your friend suggested about focusing more your gift in another environment--I think there is merrit in that---it would shift your focus as this blog does not represent the best intentions at times and is really only a tiny world of how you can use your gift. Not everyone comes here for answers---some come to entertain their egos. Or just play--kill time----vent---release energy. You have to wade through a lot and that takes energy--trying to decide who is who. I believe you would be apreciated more if you found another environment were the clients intention is honest and rewarding. I do not suggest you choose one over the other but that supplementing with the other will balance your needs and give you energy. Bullies seem to follow you around--cross paths---with me it's the "trictster" like cojote or blackbird. I often find myself in the middle of a great joke---as if I must always lighten up---and am reminded--as a poet---that there will always be a fine line between the profound and the profane.Never to take my knowing too much too seriousely! OH---as for Astra Angels advice---I kind of like that idea---just twirl a pretty dress and summon the boss to your desk and tell him a psychic told you he should ask for a divorce and I'm all yours! Yep---who needs us--that'll get her done! OH---holy coyote! Howl away My lead boots feel lighter already! BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you to all for your insights.

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