A spread to look at the actions of others

  • I had gained a good amount of insight into my own personal situation by doing a reading for myself. I wanted more answers though and sought out a spread to accomplish that. It's really just an interpretation of the Celtic Cross. It yielded some interesting results which I will share here. Please tell me what you think.

    The question I asked was, "What was their motivation for doing what they did? What did they hope to achieve?"

    Here are the results:

    1. Their driving factor - 7 of Wands (reversed)

    2. Their opposing factor - The Hanged Man

    3. What was at the root of their goal? - The Wheel (reversed)

    4. What happened in the past that led them to this? - The Lovers

    5. What were they hoping to achieve? - The 9 of Coins

    6. Once started, what was their motivating force to continue? - Ace of Coins

    7. What was their mindset at the time? - 4 of Wands

    8. What were their environmental influences? - The Devil (reversed)

    9. What guided their actions? - The World

    10. What did they gain or lose? - The Death card

    This has to do with someone I was with for four years when I was young. He came back into my life after 30 years. I can tell you exactly what happened, but I am afraid I am projecting too much of my own situation into it. Any interpretation someone else might have would be greatly appreciated. I can tell you that in the end there were deaths, both literal and figurative.


  • TD, I was sitting here waiting for someone to get to your reading, but I have already looked at the reading and couldn't resist.

    It looks like to me that this guy was more concerned with making something happen on a material level, such as a financial investment or name for himself. He may have been forcing the goal rather than stepping back and taking a different direction, or just needing to let go of it all together. There was a turn for the worst that made him fearful of making any kind of decision to back down or let go of the situation. He might not have said something when he should have. In any case, there is a feeling here of hiding something or holding back. There is some sense here that you might have been involved or it might have been a promise made to you or the both of you that went sour. It could also be that he was onto something he felt and thought could work out. It does look like he had a vision and felt confident in it but it might have been something that could not be realistic and/or was forced instead of allowing to occur naturally. The environmental influence may not have exactly been the people around him but perhaps he was feeling the pressure to get out of that certain place in his life. Looking at what guided his actions, it gives me the impression that he just wanted to finish something he started and in the end, he lost out (Death card).

    TD, I certainly do hope this has provided some insight into your situation. Please let me know!


  • Dear Espearite,

    You have no idea how spot on you are. I don't know how long you have been doing this, but your interpretation is very, very, good. I wanted to know the true motivation and you have uncovered it for me. I am saddened that is was for material gain, but not surprised. Your accuracy is uncanny.

    Here is the story: This man was someone I lived with for four years while in college. We were to marry but broke up because we could not agree on important issues (like children). When we were together I was an undergrad and he was a PhD candidate in English. He resurfaced 30 years later claiming to be a published author. He said his works were about our time together, published under a pen name. He would not tell me the title, but he sent me excerpts and book reviews to prove his claim.

    The reality was that he was in a bad marriage and wanted out. His wife was an actual PhD in English, published author, and professor where we both went to school. She was older than he and now very ill. He had married her right after we broke up. Shortly after he made contact with me, his wife stumbled upon his stories. She immediately filed for divorce and moved out.

    He then focused his efforts on me. I hired a PI to find out if his claims were true. They were not. He was not published author. He might have thought he was going to be published and so lied to impress me. Once he got started with that lie it was impossible to back down. Once I found out the truth, it was over. So yes, he lost out, all the way around.

    He told me he loved me and always had, but the greater truth, I think, was that he wanted out of his bad marriage and into my life, which he perceived to be very comfortable. It truly saddened me to see what my college boyfriend, and first real love, had become. I didn't want to believe it, as you can imagine.

    Thank you so much,


  • You are welcomed, TD, and thank you for the compliments. About your experience, I am truly sorry about what happened. I know what it feels like to be lied to as well but the only thing you can do is hope they wake up and have the courage to face their actions. People like this can only be pitted for as long as they keep going the same path. Pray for that person and give them over to the higher power you believe in and just continue to move forward with your life. I know it is easier said than done but it does require strength you may ask of.

    I was kind of surprised at how accurate the reading was. I have been reading for others off and on since early 2010. If you would ever like to learn how to read, I have a few tips. I am glad I could help.

  • P.S. Sena47 is also my other name on here but will be using espearite from now on. 😉

  • espearite,

    If you have tips to share, I would gladly hear what you have to say. I haven't been reading for long at all, but I know I have a gift for it already. 😛

    Love and light,


  • Yes, Espearite,

    If you wanted to start a thread on tips, I'd be very interested as well.


  • Hey TD and ZSdnea, sorry I'm so late in getting back to you. Life kinda happens. 🙂 I just wanted to say that yes, I am going to start a thread here soon with some tarot tips. If anyone else wants to join in the discussion, feel free to add something. 🙂

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