Help Hurt Pisces from Taurus

  • I could use some outside help. I do readings and astrology but I still am clueless. I have been with a Taurus man for 11 yrs. It has been on and off. I still get my feelings hurt. We dont communicate very well I try but, it always ends in fighting and me crying. I am so sick of crying. I have a Leo rising and he has a Cap. rising. I feel like we have something there but I dont know if it is enough to withstand. He is very stubborn and thinks he is always right, sacraficing, and kind. He is not well not alot. I get many opinions, but I still feel the same. I feel like I am drowning and I am doing all the work. Can someone please give me some advise? I am at the end of my rope.

  • Hi, I have something in common with you because I am a Pisces with a Taurus too. I think you should listen to what your heart says. It sounds like you see something in the situation as painful as it has been. I think you need sometime to yourself, but I don't know if you should end it? 11 years is a long history. Maybe you need to do more for you? Maybe you need to spend more time nurturing yourself and caring for yourself. It sounds like there is part of you that feels neglected while you are giving to the situation and not feeling appreciated. I think you need to spend more time loving yourself, as hard as that may be. I hope this other person sees you as valuable, but more importantly I hope you see yourself as valuable and worthy of happiness.

  • I could not believe how much I saw of myself in your post. I am a Pisces and was married to a Taurus man for 14 years. It was also on and off all the time, he was stubborn, hard headed, mean and spiteful 90% of the time. He only did things when it suited him or if he knew he was going to gain something out of it. He was not emotionally supportive at all. Us Pisces girls are very sensitive, emotional beings and this is something the Taurus man just cannot understand or relate to. My advice, if you desire true love and happiness, leave him. He will make you miserable. I kept hanging on and hanging on but I finally left him, (he became violent as well) and I am so happy ! I have found myself a Leo man who treats me like a queen and understands my emotions and feelings. Good luck !

  • I am a Taurus woman in a new relationship with a pisces man. Are the communication difficulties the same as the taurus man/.pisces woman combo?

    I would love some insight into Pisces men...March 6th to be exact.

  • I dated a pisces for a couple of months. I found him very sensual, sensitive,loyal and attentive. He liked being a couple and we rarely socialised with other people - just wrapped up in each other, I guess. I am a Gemini on the cusp with Taurus....I look back on him with absolute fondness.

    I was just too young and flighty to make the most of the relationship.

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