Help Please - Relationship/Love Issue W/Cancer Guy

  • Hi,

    I'm hoping someone could help me with this situation I'm in. I'll try to keep this short and to the point!

    He's a cancer (born June 24/83) and I'm a Sagittarius (born December 20/82)

    So I met him (online) about 3 1/2 months ago. We met in person after a couple of weeks of conversations. I think this was one of those rare people I felt instantly comfortable with. First meet up went great, spent the day together. Never ran of out things to say to one another, just had a great time. Made plans to see one another again soon, so we saw each other again the next week.

    Now here's where it gets mixed signal and dicey. About a month passes before we get together again. Things went pretty good when we spent the day together, but something seemed a little different with him. Not in a interest way, but more like maybe he was getting too interested. Does anyone know what I mean about that?

    Since then I feel like he's avoiding me. I sent a message a few months ago, talking about "space" which was stupid. Because I don't want space, but I figured that is what he would want. And he never replied and we haven't talked since. I did send a message the other night (first message since I sent the last one two months ago) Saying I was sorry, and I was thinking of him lately and if he wanted to get together soon. I got no reply.

    I think the reason I keep holding out is because the last time we got together he said he wasn't looking for a committed relationship that moment, but if I'm still around in a couple of months he'll have one with me. I don't know why, but I just feel he's hesitant about a relationship because of his ex and that he does really like me, he just doesn't know how to deal/admit it. But that may just be wishful thinking on my part.

    So is there any hope here? Or am I foolishly grasping at straws with this?

    Big thanks to whomever reads this/can help me out!

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