Help on first readings please...

  • Hello,

    Could anyone give me some light on this reading. The question was the feeling of a man for a woman.

    Wheel of fortune + high priestess + heirophant + temperance + death

    empress + chariot + lovers + justice + devil

    tower + hanged man

    What I can read is a happy relationship that ends because of an affair? leaving the other person in limbo.

    can anyone shed some light please? what does lovers + justice + devil mean to you exactly?

  • Lovers + Justice + Devil says to me that a couple receives justice on a matter that had them previously imprisoned.

    Then after that the Tower, so the justice actions bring down a man-made construct that is no longer serving much of a purpose. Then the Hanged man would tell me that after the Tower blows through there is a feeling of relief and rest after all of that commotion.

    Before we had the Wheel of Fortune (something gets off to a good start) and the High Priestess (and then we see someone following their heart and intuition, and this results in growth of wisdom (Heirophant), and then the lessons are trying to be applied in life with varying success (temperance plus death), then the Empress shows as if to rescue the student we see in the first five cards), she accompanies this person and they sail off pretty quickly into something and it is a forceful journey, and that is interrupted by the Lovers, so yes the prior relationship is severed something new begins however there are problems (justice, etc)

    That is my real quick two cents - your rendering said it a lot better!

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