Second opinion on Celtic cross reading requested

  • I'd be grateful for any opinions on this reading, please.

    1: 6 of Pentacles (!)

    2: 8 of Wands

    3: (crowning card) 7 of Cups

    4: (foundation) 6 of Swords

    5: (past) Hierophant

    6: (future) Ace of Pentacles

    7: the Chariot

    8: 3 of Wands

    9: 4 of Wands

    10: Knight (Prince) of Pentacles

    Thanks very much indeed for any insights.

  • Hey toriar!

    Well the Pentacles all showing in the Situation (1), future (6) and the Outcome (10) tells me that this is all a material matter and whatever that is ends well.

    Crossing the six of Pentacles is the Eight of Wands in which there is a sense of financial straits, as if maybe there is not enough here to do such and such, the wands seem to be demanding more than the contrite Six of Pentacles can provide.

    Crowning - Seven of Cups says to me that someone is trying to dream their way out of this somewhat restrictive situation, and the cups says they are emotional about it. Looking for a new career direction and it better be fun this time! is the sense I have.

    Foundation of the matter - Six of Swords is a card that says that this situation was something that someone asked for, and now they are paying the price for that decision.

    Hierophant in the past I see someone thinking that more rules and words/discussions are going to save the day, not happening.

    Future - ACE of Pentacles, and this Ace will come in forcefully clearing the deck of whatever issues was plaguing them before. The situation isn't corrected overnight however at least there is the sense that "we are on the right track now" and this Ace is promising a future assured harvest.

    Cards 7-10, sees this Ace coming with a lot of quick activity, the solutions are easier than first expected. Outer influences are very bright I see some support for the decisions that are being made, a supportive safety net surround them.

    Card 9 is a sign that success is not only expected, it is guaranteed. There is no fear here really, all seems to be moving along well... the final card Knight of Pentacles says that the outcome is a good one materially, and the Knight says that the goals and dreams that were noted from the beginning, to help others, to see all of us connected is ratified in this last card. There is a vision associated with this reading, like this is showing a quest. A lot of wands too, and they are all about setting out, and seeking new life directions.

    I hope that sheds some light...

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