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  • A lot has happened in last year and i am unsure of everything. Would like to have a reading on love, family, trouble i have gotten into last few months n year and school. if its not too much to ask> i am 18 years and birth date 01/12/1992 and time 12:36 at morning and sign is capricon/scorpio

  • koolkhushianjali,

    You are a strong willed person and with this brings some harsh realities at times. You clash with people that tell you No when you want a Yes answer not able to compromise the point and adjust your attitude to suite the need in your life. You need to learn some rules of life and don't worry you will be taught just by the very breath you breathe.

    The older you get the more understanding of life you receive.

    In love you will meet a rather quiet man has dark hair and eyes and I feel he is around 21 years old. He wears a uniform for work or is in the military. He is your polar opposite and will help you to balance some of your emotions and how you cope with life. I see a R in his name either first or last. He is near by so you will meet him soon.

    Family will be more receptive when you open your heart some more, a deep resentment comes in here strong as you do not like how your parents communicate with each other and you. Life is ever changing and even as adults you have to keep changing or get stuck in some dark emotional places, children sometimes have to witnessed these actions from parents to learn some life lessons and either become like them or raise above what you hear and see and walk a brighter pathway. One that will lead to happiness. Friends are important in life, make sure you are a good one and in return you will be loved and given the gift of good friends in return.


  • ya u are very much true that i m very emotional from my heart... i take each n every thing very emotionally n personally.... but no one cares of it... no one is there to understand me... a lot was happened that i was just shocked to 9 about all that .... that changes my life...fully..

    and one more thing i must share with you that i m in relation with a guy ..... n his personality is exactly same what u mention here but there is one mistake that in his name there is no R alphabet is there...but now i m going to break up with him dont 9 why but now make up my mind to do this...

    even i 9 very well that after that i cant live peacefully n calmly because he is the only one who understands me or with whom i feel very safe n his company realizes that i m not alone there is someone in this world who loves me ...... he is the only one in this world who loves me ....otherwise each n every one in my life betray me n left me alone in this world......

    i dont 9 what to do.... should i carry with him or not???????????????????

    or there is some one else who made for me...........

  • and can u please read my card and tell me when my life problems will be solved and my dreams come true...and is there somebody or not for me???????? and when will success comes to me.....

  • koolkhushianjali

    Let me explain something to you. A psychic reading is not to guide you step by step of your life, that would not leave room for your own free will and personal distiny. I feel you are in transition and in the process of growing up right now. I still feel a man with the R in his name like Robert coming into your life. It is your deceision to break up with the man that you are now with perhaps he just does not want to get married at this time, and that is what you are looking for someone to take care of you. Be sure that you know how to take care of yourself also. Get a good education and career going and become a strong woman in your own right. Than you will not feel the strong need for a man to fullfill you so much.

    Many people young and old feel alone at times in their lives and are, no support from family and friends is a point of life where you have to stand up and be strong on your own. You need not worry so much as you are young just starting your life with many friends awaiting out there to know and love you. Love is coming and you will know it when you meet him. It may take a couple of years for you to marry but do not confuse what I am receiving with you being alone until than. Enroll in college or community college and start the wheels of life rolling. Get a grant if you have no money. Go to church and find some friends and accept that they will not all be perfect as you yourself have flaws as we all do.

    Chin up now and know that you are never alone , God and the angels are with you , when you need them call upon them to guide and protect you.

    Warm Wishes


  • i mean not to marry or not for looking lyf patner rite now.... care means who understand me and my problems... not atleast be my true frnd...true belove ones... in my life i havent seen anyone without their need they are with all are so called friends only... i want true friends who never betray me.... not stab me on my back.... i m able to fulfill my needs and able to fullfil my dreams but in journey of struugle i want sumone who supports me n make me realize dat they are their for me... if i m in any problem ....... i want support... because no one live alone in dis world.... everyone wants sumone in their life to handle them... i m far away from my parents ..... no friends... no caring one with me... i m totally feel alone at present stage of my life..... alone far my house cannt share ant thng with anyone.......................................

    n i cannt live with dis..............................

  • kookhushianjail

    I understand how you feel so alone not being near your realatives. I want to share something personal with you. I'm married and have been for 18 years now. I had to start moving with my husband due to job circumstances, away from my family and friends. Yes, I was lonely because my husband works long hours on his job to learn what is expected of him. I had to have the inner strength to go out there and make new friends and some would say create a new family with them. I have moved several times in that 18 years and had to begin again each time. So, I do not want to hear from you that you are all alone and can't live with being lonely.

    You will have to shore up your faith and inner strength and go out there and make some friends that will be as dear to you as family. If some have faults (we all do) than look over them unless they are dire ones. Your feeling a bit sorry for yourself and blocking the good from coming to you by living in the past also. Let me know when you have crossed the bridge of dispair into New Hope and Friendships.


  • now.......... i love to be alone ............. shubby yesterday nite i was totally alone at terrace ... then i realise i m happy of being alone ..i spent whole night alone............ now i m loving wtever my condition is////// n luv yo be alone... with myself...................

  • To me it looks as though you are Capricorn/Aquarius. Love should be good, your beauty is fine, your family loves you and so do I. Finances are tricky so don't buy to much around Christmas time.

  • please can u tell me about my love lyf................ how will be my love life....... actually at present i m in relation wid a guy name vikash ................. so i want you to check out my love life wid this guy and tell me is this is actually a love or somethng else....................... as i love him more than myself ..... he is also so much devotee for me or not..................... and how much long this relatn will continue...............

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