Is it possible to get a Leo Girl back? Scorpio male here.

  • Is it possible to get a Leo Girl back? Scorpio male here.

    She's my ex now. We just broke up 3 weeks ago.

    I'm deeply in love with her, until now, I still can't stop thinking about her.

    We broke up because I accidentally logged into her email which our email is link, but i saw her email to other guys, she told the guy that she liked him. They been contacting each other for through email quite a few times.

    I'm being too sensitive, too upset, too disappointed and end up asking for break up with her, she accepted the break up.

    But she asked me not to stop calling her, or contacting her.

    She still want me to always keep in touch with her.

    I can feel that she still love me.

    I can see that she's very sad about the lost.

    I told her i still love her a lot, my love to her never change at all.

    Ask if we can get back into the relationship. But she said is too early, and she said she feel sorry for did this to me, she feel ashamed to come back to me.

    On the break up, she even told me, I'm the best she ever had.

    I seriously don't mind her to come back with me, I love her a lot, i love her more then anything else in the world. She just too special for me.

    Until today, we still keeping in touch with each other, i changed myself a lot, i try not to be so sensitive, reduce my jealousy, let her have her own time with her friends, i just want to see her happy.

    I asked if she feel comfortable if i contact her everyday, she said she like it.

    But when asking her to get back our relationship, she keep denying it, and she feel stress when i talked about patching everything back together.

    I wonder what she's thinking? Did she still love me?

    Is it possible to get her back?

    I never cheated on her, i never want to hurt her at all, because i love her too much to do that.

    Any Leo Female out there willing to help me? 🙂 thanks..

    Sorry for my bad English.

  • any Leo girl out there mind to help me? 🙂 or anyone experienced with Leo Girl mind to help me?

    Thanks in advance.

  • anyone help?

  • ScorpioM...leave her be for now...Don't bother her, don't call her either, if u want her back u need to give her space...I am a leo female and I enjoy my space, however once I feel smothered I hit the road cause I don't like that feeling...Leo's enjoy love and are very sensual aswell, but we also like to be treated like queens...u will win her affection by doing things for her without being asked...massage her, clean the house, run her a bath after work, wash her back, rub her feet, things like that, pick her up something that u heard her say she needed but didn't get around to getting...these are all simple things...but Leo's love that in pleasing in bed with her, we have high expectations for our mates in bed as we give 100% and we expect the same gesture back, no selfishness or else u'r history! If u r pleasing her in bed, she wouldn't be seeking anyone else, she wouldn't even be batting an eye in any direction to any other caressing in bed...Leo's sign is of a cat...what do cat's like?? cat's like to be stroked, cat's will sit for hours on u'r lap if u stroke them the right way, stroke her ego aswell, by telling her how beautiful she is...

    I know scorpios have issues with rejection, so don't become vindictive or u will push her away indefinitely...put aside u'r anger, give her space, show her that respect, and she will appreciate you for that...everything u give a Leo, she will return back to you...u will never need for anything...seriously...don't show up at her door everyday, or call her everyday...this will drive her nuts! I've seen scorpios who do that...don't come across so needy, be confident that u r worth her time and energy...Leo women love confident men! Hope this has helped u some...take care!


    Im a Scorpio male as well and dated a Leo. Listen to me. Back off, I mean, dive down and run silent....she's loyal to you and once her infatuation runs out, she will be back. Dont panick, be cool. Rein in your emotions and focus on other things that you like...force yourself to stop being possessive, keep the impulses down and under control.....stay free from woman and just chill....she tells you to keep in touch because she doesnt want to lose you...dont threaten or do anything else, no matter how long this takes...let her see that you are the better one for her...when she comes back, then make a covenant with her...that means, you will take her back but she MUST be sure and if she does, then your making plans together for a future...she MUST agree....

    She will be back....and she will always be back, you kjnow wy my man...because the sex is better with a Scorpio....woman will always be back for 2 reasons !) the best sex and 2) the strongest emotions........keep the porch lite on !!! she'll need to when uses her key....Good luck

  • Scorpio did she return.. I did the same exact thing except i actually got her password??

    I know i was and am addicted to her.. she ran.. and dropped me

    i spent 5k on her and was so mad i have said mean things because she is HOT yet abusive..

    help let me know.. if you returned back

  • i paid a chinese hacker to get me her password.. I seen all of her romances while she abused me

  • Betrayal in love can be especially difficult for scorpios because when scorpios fall in love they fall hard and they are very se-xually dedicated and freaky with their partners. Very loyal and very affectionate. When scorpios are betrayed they take it very hard and are rather destroyed. They suffer badly.

    Basically, your Leo ex-girl does like this other guy. She didn't like having to sneak behind your back to date him. Now that you broke up with her, she has the freedom to see him anytime she wants without the guilt. So she isn't gonna give that up.

    She is not coming back to you because she is busy dating this other guy. She is also probably dating other guys. She isn't happy with you and she doesn't want you. She wants someone else. She is either keeping you around for just in case things don't work out with the other guys or she is just feeling guilty and is trying to be your friend as some sort of mercy to you for the pain she caused.

    Let her go.

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