Paddifluff can you balance my Chakras

  • Paddi I have been reading that you do a great job balancing chakras. I don't know if that would help me as I seem so stuck right now. Hopefully it will help to clear my thinking so that I can make realistic judgments about my life and my future.

  • hi there, yes I can, I will post here before I do it. It is better to arrange a time but I know this can be difficult. My suggestion is about 10.30 pm CET can you let me know if this is good for you?

    x Paddi

  • It appears that you are 6 hours ahead of me in time. I work 12 hour days and have Fri, Sat, Sun off this week.I want to get the most benefit possible so would have time to quiet and meditate on one of those days. If that doesn't work for you please let me know what does and I will do everything possible to accommodate your time. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this for me.

    Sending you light and love

  • HI there,

    I will try to find time to do it on either Friday or Saturday, presuming you do not get up early on those days so if I do it sometime before midday here it is before 6am your time so you will be asleep. Actually unless you work night shift I can do this any day really at that time. let me know what's best.


  • You can do it any day then. I usually get up at 630 for the days I work and on my days off I sleep in until at least 830. So plan any day that works for you and I will enjoy my sleep and look forward to being balanced on wakening. Thank you again

  • Hi there, I did your chakras just now. They all needed a bit of dusting off and your heart chakra was in a bad way, it was kind of like it had two leaks and the energy I was blowing in was flowing out the other side. So I plugged the holes and got your chakra to a lovely green colour. I have to admit I basked a bit in your warmth and felt very secure there. I did an energy check andonce again it was your heart and upper chest that stood out and I wonder do you have asthma or smoke or if your situation is simply smothering you. I asked if there were any guides around you and the images I saw wereof flowers, first a string of white flowers and then a mostbeautiful flower arrangement and a beautiful girl with long black hair in it, like a model shoot.

    Thanks for letting me in, you are a very warm person, did you feel anything?


  • I can't say I felt anything at the time but when I woke up a few minutes ago it was with the thought of She has done it for me. I don't smoke but do have bronchitis in the winter not present now. I wonder if I have sleep apnea? Probably it is just the heart from the breakup I am trying to work through. I do feel better again today. I have many days that I am just dandy. Yesterday was not one of them so I'm sure the cleaning wasn't easy. Thank you for plugging the holes and getting things humming again. I'm happy that you felt secure in my presence.

    I'm not surprised that the guides confirmed with flowers. If I am feeling weak I always go get me some. Currently have 3 vases of them in the house as they seem to make me stronger. (even if the house is messy the flowers are beautiful).

    I have requested guidance from some of the wise souls on the site so hopefully they will bless me with a reading to suggest a way through this. Thank you again and many blessings to you. xabetterplace

  • Paddi I just had to share I am good. I do not have the same pervasive heart ache I had for the past few months. I completed some tasks that would have created saddness a couple of weeks ago without a problem. Just a few twinges of regret. Thank you again for the balancing

  • I wish you could see the smile on my face! Balancing chakras is working with the subtle energies and the effects are not always immediately clear.


  • I am 100% better than before. I must have been lead to this place for help. The Universe works in wonderful ways. The smile on my face matches yours. I am forever grateful. Many blessings to you

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