Help interpreting this reading

  • I have had a shock recently and have felt stuck, or frozen in my life. I asked how I might get out of this funk and make the most of the time ahead (and what lies ahead). I used a Celtic Cross spread. I drew 5 Major Arcana, but I am having trouble interpreting them in the positions they are in. Any help would be appreciated.

    Position 1 – The heart of the matter. 3 of Swords

    Position 2 – Opposing factors. Ace of Wands

    Position 3 – The root cause. 9 of Coins

    Position 4 – The past. The Star

    Position 5 – Attitudes and beliefs. Wheel of Fortune

    Position 6 – The immediate future. Ace of Coins

    Position 7 – Where I am. Justice (reversed)

    Position 8 – Outside environment. The High Priestess

    Position 9 – Guidance. Ace of Swords

    Position 10 – Outcome. The Judgment card

  • You have been through a rough time and it may be that something interesting is holding you back. Are you attracted to someone who is forbidden fruit? Or it could be that you have an idea or passion that troubles you. You seem like you want to be independent, enjoy your achievements and in the past you have had better times with some faith and inspiration to hold onto. Now you may feel like times are changing and there is an opportunity for what it is you want. Embrace it! The immediate future shows you taking that first step toward making your dream a reality and you will be successful. Right now you are in a place of being wronged or at unfair disadvantage, but don't give up. Concentrate your energies on your priorities. You will be guided by your ideas but do not be afraid to put them into action if that is what you truly want and do not let setbacks prevent you from sticking with your decisions. In the end, this path will be what you truly want, so do not be afraid to speak for it and prove that you stand by your actions and ideas. Hope I could help. Sweet blessings... Sena

  • Thank you Sena. That helped.

  • I was kind of hoping for some feedback, but I understand if you don't want your business being all over the internet. It's understandable. I do hope it has helped.

  • Sena, I am happy to give you feedback. The shock and betrayal I suffered comes across clearly (3 of Swords, Justice reversed) and in the positions they are in they made sense to me. Having all those wonderful cards in the past was troubling. Yes, you are right, I have had better times. The forbidden fruit you speak of came to me in the form of my first boyfriend. He resurfaced and entered my life after 30 years. He wreaked havoc. Everything around me crumbled, except my marriage which held strong.

    In the past I did feel as if I lived a charmed life (The Wheel). I was optimistic and really had a nice life (the Star, 9 of Coins). All that was changed by this encounter. The specifics of it are too bizarre and revealing to write about here. I did survive the mess, but lost my job. I find myself frozen. I have to do something else, but I can't seem to get started. You were correct about where I am now. It was encouraging to hear that I should not give up and that I will be capable of making something rewarding happen. There is opportunity here. I can see that.

    Thank you very much. You were able to help me make sense of this.


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