Tired of men

  • There is always a need to understand both sets men and woman. You cant love anyone until u understand how to love them. I have a hard time trusting men now. Hell anybody.

  • Some of us men are cute though, and the good ones are honorable and trustworthy

    Unfortunately loving someone is giving them the power to destroy uoyr life completely then trusting them not to.

    To find the one you have to have trust

    Sometimes you can have the best relationships with friends and not lovers, a true friend would not lie to you as they would need to.

  • typos - uoyr is you and I missed out "as they would NOT need to" whoops

  • yea cute on the outside but once u get to know em or even if u get that far they are real ugly. I just have a bad choice in men I guess. But to all the men that messed over me, are missing out on a damn good woman. Yahhhhh for me! Imma meet that special someone one day, just dont know when.

  • Men........ Just dont know what to do with them!

  • use us abuse us think of us as a tool we take and keep comeing back for more 😛

  • yea i know that now.

  • I strongly believe that alot of these problems goes back to the single females:

    Men will try to exert the least amount of effort for the greatest reward. In another words, why should they become a better person when there are women that accept them with the bad behavior? Therefore, if women do not set any standards, men will continue to behave the way they do and society will be filled with inferior males. Unfortuantely, there are alot of women out there that will accept drug addicts, violent abusers, married, liars, cheaters and the endless list of bad behavior. Most of the time these women are desperate, have low self esteem, don't love themselves, don't know what they want and a variety of other explanations. So why should men in general become a better person if there are women out there that accept them the way they are with the bad behavior? And these women give them sex, children, love, time and money!!

    It all starts with the women. Set standards and boundaries for yourself. Anything less than that is non-acceptable and non-negotiable. You are a good and worthwhile person, so why should you settle for anything less? Trust your instincts and don't second guess them. Your first reaction is usually right.

    Lastly, ladies - you are who you attract. Look at yourself in the mirror and truthfully ask yourself if you were the "dream guy", would you date you? Let's keep it real ladies! What is it that you are doing/not doing to attract this type of "dream guy". Alot of women want to upgrade, but so do alot of men....

  • OMG finally someone uderstands Manchuria8, u are so right and I never looked at it that way or believe that was the reason until the last guy that I was with. He would just do me any kind of way no matter how good i was to him only becuz i allowed it. I am no longer puttn up with his shit anymore becuz i am to good a woman and deserves better than what I was gettn. Im slowly learning and I thank all the bad men that I have had in my life so when the real deal comes along I will know it and will be ready for him.

  • Bravo! I have only been on the Forum for a few days and this is one of the only intelligent threads I have read from single women. Most of the rest: boohoo, he treats me like dirt, boohoo he's married, boohoo he can't leave his wife because of the children (baloney); boohoo he can't pay the bills this month, etc. ad nauseum. I have several single girlfriends and most of them bewail the fact that "I don't have a man" and will lower themselves to any point just to have one. Blech. When I meet a guy and he has a habit or a mannerism that I don't like, I ask him to discuss it and to see if there is change. If this is a no compromise thing, like some of the ones you list, and he's not willing to budge, he's done: as in over, finished. No liars, cheaters, drunks, slobs, jobless, homeless, and doesn'tlikecats. And yes, I am alone lots but I have my sanity and my dignity. good for you.

  • Another good book: "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man". Motto: Don't give up the COOKIE. We have everything they want, make them earn it. Never cook, clean, pay, etc for any man. Period.

  • Sexy - I so feel your pain and everything you say. You need to read these book "Choosing Me Before We" by Chistine Arylo and "Act like a lady Think like a man" by Steve Harvey. Before we find the men that are right for us we have to be right with ourselves. You attract what you project. You have to love yourself more than wanting to take good care of someone else, put yourself and your needs first. Whoever will give you the love that you need will see you give it to yourself and if they don't see you for the beautiful wonderful person that you are, then they are not worthy of all that you have to offer.

  • Amen!!! Thats all that we can do. Talk about whatever the issue is, see if there is anything that we can do to change it and if not its time to go. We are all adults here and I sure have children that we are raising and do not have time to be raising a grown ass man or woman. Something has got to give. Im learning now and I am proud of my self for recon. my faults and wrong doings and changing it to better my self or any relationship that I am in. But For the time being I am single and seems to be a pattern now. LOL!!! oh well Less drama

  • I agree, woman are more than we make our self out to be. We have the power whether men believe it or not. And when we realize that we may get a descent man. Who knows.

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