Tired of men

  • I have met soo many men in my life and most of the ones that I have ran into are no good. They neither dont have a job, no car, no money, living with parents, have too many kids, married, alchies, drunks, weed head, abrusive, nasty damn I have named everything but i have met it all and i just dont understand why men that have good women plays games and dont act right when u take them how they are with nothing.

  • Hi, My opinion--these are behaviors that you can't change. So, try and be more selective or just get to know them. If you take your time, a lot of the duds will back off and won't wait around. Love is patient and kind.

  • I hear you...I am sort of fed up too...we do have to change the way we attract what we want...we have these old tapes in our heads and keep getting more of the same...gotta focus on what you want...first figure out what that is! I am trying...i did make a big stand with my guy and say that I can't live like this anymore...he is now away working and we talk online...I have no idea what it will be like when he gets back...when he left we had separate bedrooms for months...he is Leo...I am Virgo...he tells everyone how much he loves me when I am away and then just takes me for granted when we are together.....so screwed up....what to do?

  • I have a list of who I wont go out with. Alcoholics, drug addicts, addictive gamblers, those who spend rent and bill money or crap and wait for the eviction noctice before they do anything. Men who talk down or behind the back of the girlfriend and slag them off. Men who are married, men in a relationship with anyone else. Excessive farters, belchers and public scrotum scratching. Men who ask if I do anal and if I would have a threesome. Men who don't bath regularly.

    I expect the men to have intelligent behaviours like my own. I have never had a bad one and had been respected with men who are equal and treat me as equal and cook, wash, clean toilets and iron their own socks.

    I am not a perfectionist I just expect basics - and get them. I am surrounded by female friends who wail at how they ahve been treated "I THOUGHT HE LOVED ME?" They sobbed. But they never checked the basics or ignored the obvious signs the minuet they went out with them. Call me an Ice Maiden. But I think love needs to eb applied with intelligence. Get some respect. Get your own first. and don't compromise. As one of my good lovers said "Any Man who asks you to compromise yourself is not a man you should be going out with."

  • You know, I use to settle for just anyone that would get with me but now that I am alil older than b4 and go my own stuff going i do not do that. I look for the best and hope that someone is the same way. A man with their own place, a good job, nice car, one or two kids and older but u know they seem to have the most problems. The oldest man that I have talked to was 41 and he was out of control and not settled fo shit. I know that I am young but I feel that older guys know how to treat u way better than someone my age and is more setttled and knw what they want. I just have to face it that majority of the men are all the same and just lovers of themselves. Which is y I am single now and have been that way for a while. You know how ppl say that u need to take time out for ur self and see if u are the problem why u are single and cant keep a man. Well hey I have done that and I am not the issue. Men just DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY WANT AND DONT WANT A GOOD WOMAN OR KNOW THAT THEY HAVE ONE WHEN THEY HAVE ONE. VICE VERSUS WOMEN ALSO. I just dont know what to do anymore I have just about given up on men. Im just tired of them lame ass excuses men give, the lies, cheating and everything that comes with not being true. I am a good woman and just dont know what the problem is, but I am getting use to being alone now.

  • It is very hard to find true love in this world. It sounds like you have the right idea. You know yourself and what you want so I believe you will find the right person. Don't give up. You are at a good age where chances are you will find someone. My adivce is to stay away from the older guys tho. They have been hurt and don't trust women. They have been disillusioned by love and don't believe in it anymore. They won't give their hearts completely. You need to find a young man who is idealistic about love. Someone who still thinks there is someone out there who is the ONE. Don't become jaded at your tender age. Believe in true love and find someone who believes in it too. He may even be younger than you. Don't give up.

  • andrealightgiver, thank u

    I never looked at it that way even when the signs are right there. Many of older men have said how bad that they have bee hurt by baby mama, wife and exs and that it would be hard for them to trust so easily again, but I never paid attention, I guess thats why I am single. LOL

  • Its not just that older men have been hurt in the past - older men who are fathers have added responsibilites ie their children and they will have ties with the mother or mothers of that child/ren until they are at least 16. There are not many young 20 somethings single women who really fully grasp what that responsibility entails and often the man is torn between doing what is right by the children and placating the "younger" companion who would rather not hear how little Johnny is faring at school...

    I think you're better off with a young man nearer your age....its a fallacy that older men that have been married are better lovers and are more experienced....believe me!!! LOL

  • LOL!!!!!!!

  • Hi sexy, it is hard to met a good man. Maybe just date them for a while, we all know men are very good at the honeymoon period , but that soon wears off, then you see the real person. Have boundaries for yourself, keep your eyes open, watch what he does,e.g does he do what he says he will, go on dates and just mentally take notes.

    Don't be in a rush to find love. I know it can be frustrating, because we all want to be with someone, but it has to be the right someone for you.

  • Yea thats true but dating gets old. I get tired of going out to eat, going to the movies and different things with different people. Sometimes I just wish that I had a man to do that with, go home to at night, and just have someone to call my man, but hey it is what it is u have to take the good with the bad and just run with it. But believe me I pay close attention to men now that I have been with different ones and couldnt keep neither one of em. LOL

  • I just have to share this. Okay, I met this guy and been knowing him for a minute now. He was like okay, you have too many men friends and if u want to be with me u have to get rid of them. Me being how I am I had a friend for everything, different things and I just was not ready to do that just yet, but I was tired of being alone so what I did was got my phn number changed so that I would not have to tell cuz i had a feeling that this guy was not going to be around that long. I would cook for him, bathe him clean his house and just about cater to his every need. I was willing to give up alot and show him that I wanted to be with him. why as soon as we start being sexually active he starts to acting up. As if he was sayin thats all i wanted anyways and now that i got what I want Im kool. He got to the point where he wouldnt answer my calls or call back and he went days without calling. so i sad f*uck and left it at that. I just dont understand. Did i do something wrong?

  • Yes, girl! You gave up the cookie!

    Girl, that man should have been catering to you, and cleaning your house! Never, Never give up your friends for No Man. He got with you because he loved your independence, and when he broke that barrier, he left like a thief in the night! Forget that Buster!!!

    Read this book:


  • The book is called "why men love b i t c h e s"

  • lol I know that just hurts my feelings for men to be that way. I'mma have to find that book cuz I just dnt understand. Men always hollin about how they want a good woman and then when they have one they dont know what to do and just mess up for no reason at all. Women are the same way but men mostly. Im just tired of men!!!!!

  • the saying goes: accept equal or better.

    yeah some men have not lived up to their own expectations. those are the ones that are only good for zoom, zoom, zoom let's go up to my room. they may be able to understand you and give good convo but they aren't the go getter.

    then there's the woe is me middle aged man. He's been hurt, blah blah blah. that's the one that is looking for a woman to put dressing on the wounds. Make him kinda forget about it. He may have the house, car, 2 kids, baby mama. the money maker that's always alone. He's the one that wants the woman that won't take his BS but he will provide. He may not want to commit but you can get what you want if you play your cards right.

    the hang out guy we all know him. it's all about what him and his friends are gonna be doing and you can either tag along or stay out of the picture for the night. He's the one that you can do you around. What I mean is you can play house and be single. what the hell.

    what i'm saying is that once you hone in on what someone needs or wants. you figure out what you may need from them to add to your wealth of experience. don't hold expectations of others too high. only of yourself.

    have fun with it. the bible says if you're single don't wish to be married and vice versa.

    act single when you're single and have smart fun. to make a bee come buzzing there's gotta be some honey around.

    don't be buzzin around no lemon trees.

  • some never understand how good they have it till its gone his loss imho hun . i agree you should never have to sacrafice friendships to please someone . if they cant accept you and appreciate what ya have to offer em then ya dont need em . im a male and single makes me sad when i see it everytime ,she right bout that cookie ,some us guys are like dogs and treats got to keep us trained and spoiled just right give up that control and leash flies .im not like that nor have i had them issues as im true to my sign nuturer,caring ,loving and giving but in my case i tend to make friends versus finding my soulmate ....sad but true and truth usually hurts..i wish ya good luck on your lifes adventure...dont let them few bad apples spoil the thought on how a few of us that are good till the end ...

  • Thats whats up. I mean I not sayn that I am giving up on men Im just tired of them and wish that there was somone out there that knows what they want and willing to do anything to keep what they want, get and have. Treat others has u want to be treated. I know that it is some good men out there. I just havent found him yet.

  • Now this man is talking bout he had a lot going on which is the reason he was not calling or textn me. Thats bullsh*t. Thats just an excuse to have to have his cake and eat it too. I dont have time for this mess. Men need to grow up and own up to their responsiblities and faults when they mess up. I just dont understand men at all.

  • Hey sexy! You must trust that your man is coming to love you and there's no need for you to understand.

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