Normal Virgo male behavior?

  • My Virgo and I are seeing each other again and were together was last Friday night. All day Saturday we were together running errands and so forth. I didn't expect to hear from him so soon, but he called me Sunday evening wanting to go on a bike ride, however I missed his call as I was in the laundry room so I had to call him back. I told him I had luandry in the wash which needed to get finished. Called me again Monday night to see what I was up to, but I had to call him back because I didn't hear the phone ring right away as it was on vibrate (was in library earlier. He then called again Tueday morning and I missed his call because I was downstairs getting the mail. He left me a message,"why don't you answer your phone anymore?". I called him back but he didn't answer. Saw him later and he acted nice but a little distant. I did see him last night for a little bit at his house but didn't stay long because he was sick. He was cool with me but I'm just wondering what was going through his head and is he thinking for some reason I'm puprosely avoiding his calls or playing games with him? I did tell him not to be upset with me for being lame and forgetting to turn my volume back up.

    Also, when you Virgos are sick, do you like to be left alone? I stopped by since we hadn't spoken in a few days and he told me he has a respiratory infection. He was cool last night but very quiet, so I told him hope he felt better soon and would see him later. He was out of some stuff, however when I offered to go to the store to get the items he said, "thanks, but thats ok, I'll shop when I feel better". Should I give him a call in a few days to see how he's doing and let him know I'm here if he needs me or just leave him alone for now? Another issue is that he informed me someone stole his phone (he had to borrow mine to call the electric company) so there is no way for him to contact me right now...Thanks in advance for any advice given 🙂

  • Don't ask him if he would like for u to pick stuff up for him....virgo's r doers themselves....they will never admit that they need others, so they will do without until they can get on their feet again and get it....DON'T WAIT, he will be impressed if u just DO IT! When u get the stuff and go back to his house, bring the bag of items into the house, but don't be showy about what u got him, just leave the stuff on the counter for him to take out of the bag and put doesn't seem like u r seeking acknowledgement for doing something nice, and that impresses a virgo...being genuine...and don't ask him if he got the stuff, and how did it work for him later, just ask him how he is feeling....once u do something for him the first time without conditions, he is more prone to asking u'r help later on if he does need it...kinda like a test for them....they secretly love to be dad is a virgo, and I see this in him....good luck!

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