Blmoon could I ask for a reading Please?

  • Blmoon, How are you? I think of you often. It’s been a crazy year. My mother had 4 aneurysms and I stayed with her till she could manage. My husband bought a motor home so we could enjoy our lives. We put an addition on our house. That was a nightmare! Our contractor had major heart attack and died. He was only 53! My Sisters husband has cancer and has decided on no chemo. We hired a manager but that didn’t work out to well. We lost a major contract. were still hoping to sell our business. The economy is not helping. But I refuse to look down. I have been blessed and I know that. If you could fiend the time could you do a reading for me? I see you’re still pretty busy on here. Blessings to you.

  • Spirit says--AND HOW ARE YOU?! In a bit of a sarcastic tone.I am shown a whirlng cyclone and you being moved about hands in the air---outside angels are yelling STEP OUT OF THE WAY! But the cyclone is deafening and not only that but you are trying to save everything in its path---your mind is so busy with what if--what if--what if. There is a fine line between selfless giving and self destruction. You have asked at a perfect time--the new moon is right now giving many new changes prayed for a big boost if you are ready. All this drama around you is not just a fase--it just IS---there is no nirvana place ahead with peace and perfect smoothe sailing. THAT is your lesson. Life on earth is full of good full of bad. No one is excluded. Loved ones get sick--loved ones die. Finances go up or down. SH it happens. The more you resist being alone with yourself in spirit the more life outside will test you. Spirit says you are waiting for the outside to let up on you but really you are urged to find your peace place as is--in the thick of it as you have safety issues and feel so compelled to save and controll and fix. You regret too easily and hate hate hate making a mistake. The clock ticks too loud for you and you are too much on watch--the great fixer. Loved ones often end up dependant under your energy and specialy with your man---he is big and strong in nature yet you feel on his own he gets things wrong and you resent that---there is a part of you that screams in your head---I feel like his mothernot a wife! This is a habit that could change if you can let go more. Be kind to yourself----more forgiving with yourself. Deep deep down you do not value your self worth--have a fear of being bad--this is something that started as a child. You have a Karma fear. When you get JOY suddenly you get fear. As if you expect it's not real to last because you did something bad in the past and have a debt coming to teach you a lesson. These manifest as little anxiety attacks. To escape that you go on a giving binge of selfless helping others or occupy your mind by worry over others. I remember you now from last year---that strong vibe of Spirit telling you to learn to be ALONE and safe with yourself. LET GO more. You can be a guilt gatherer. Despite these afflictions you are perfect and just need to stay AWARE---so you can be in your self with your emotions and able to say--oh yes that's me being the fixer---or that's me feeling the fear. Then you practice managing that. You can't be always watching out. You have to be still to receive. Only you can draw boundries and get a true sense of what is yours to fix or what is to be let go of. It is important this juncture you make time for rest and replenish. Don't wait for life to plan or gift that. Take control for YOU with the same dedication you do for others. If you don't your health will suffer.I know you are hoping for spirit to just give you a prediction answer for all your worries but that is not going to help you grow and heal. I can say that if you do make changes starting right now you will see a positive ripple effect. Once you get the lesson life moves on and the testing lets up. So if you find yourself after a year asking the same questions it means you need to do it different NOW. Try to sit quiet with your first impulses so you can give change a chance. Spirit advises to put more energy towards your marriage but not in the same way but try something different. Sometimes it's too easy to let off stress with those we love most and that's what happens to you two on both ends---you end up being intense at first then it blows up and then you make distance--knowing your love is safe you kind of take advantage of that security but it it is robbing you of intimate time together so you each need an outlet for your stress so you can each be together in a calm state. This again goes back to the core issue--HOW ARE YOU? Where is your time? Who is taking care of you? Are your needs really so non emergency---you must put more energy into nurturing you. Do you feel guilty enjoying joy while others are suffering? You shouldn't as maybe another day it will be your turn so all the control we have in life is to live joy in our best moments----why give that away when others bad moments happen--it serves no purpose. You cannot cure your brotherinlaws cancer but you can feel the joy of not having cancer---there is no guilt in that.. Start with that thought. You have to trust in the saying "it's all good"--even when you can't see how. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon, Thank you for the reading. I do see where my helping all the time only makes the person dependent on me. Thats not so good. And I do ask myself in Silence what about me?

    I love the cards. I'll print them to remind me of spirits advice. Bless you today and always.

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