Astra-Angel, your thoughts?

  • Hi Astra Angel,

    May I have a reading on my job and the gentleman I'm sort of dating?

    Job - Do not agree with the way the boss is running things. Appreciate the chance to learn but overloaded and very stressed out. And the disdain is turning me off the whole venture. Do not like this about myself, but once I lose respect for things, I'm halfway out the door and I start not to care or give my best 😞 But I still want to give this a shot.

    Him - How does he view us? To be honest, I'm also confused about how I feel about him, about this. It's been lovely so far - I like him and it'd be nice if we could just take it easy, take it slow, get to know each other, and see where it goes. Some have told me to be wary, that it could be a fling to him. But sometimes, I worry I'm the one who isn't serious. Are we both sincere about giving this a chance? We on the page?

    And if possible, could i ask if everything is ok with my health?


  • Hi Danceur

    Let's take a look

    Right off I have the Page of Pentacles which represents you in your job.

    Under that I drew the Nine of Wands and as that laid down under the Page, the page was touched and turned around a little. So the message I am receiving is that your job situation is about to turn around nicely. Your struggles have been seen and noted there by Heaven.

    Seven of Cups - you should soon have an opportunity to move forward in something love related. And I believe we are now into the love area of your life. You have choices, you are weighing out this love matter and enjoy imagining the possibilities.

    The Ace of Pentacles - apparently the person you are involved with also represents a start of something new materially, security or home related. This card is tying back to your job situation, so somehow both of these matters are interconnected.

    Oh, the Three of Swords. We must stop now, the curtain has been drawn over the matter for now.

    The only strong takeaways I received were, stay in the path you are on at your job, keep the faith that all will work out for you because it will. Your efforts and the energy you put into everything you do, with such a whole heart will be soon turning your way with an improvement in that area.

    And in this love situation, my sense is that you are very wrapped up in imagining something nice with this person. The two of you share something fundamental materially, and that looks like a solid core value that you both identify with. As to your question:

    "Are we both sincere about giving this a chance? Ace of Swords. The Seed of Truth, that is very strong affirmative. YES.

    We on the page... the same page... Ten of Cups - yes, at least in matters of your heart one to the other, I see that you both share a big-hearted dream and see the possibilities together.

    And the Four of Wands - Danceur these are very nice positive cards appearing around this love area.

    You should feel very nice right now, that your life is heading for some nice improvements at work, and your love life looks very, very promising. IMHO.

    I hope that gives you something to consider!

  • Thanks AstraAngel 🙂

    With the job, it looks like anything but good right now. Although I know there's just too much on my plate for one person to handle, I feel so incompetent and that messes with my head. And I'm feeling disappointed. And it makes me less productive. Sure hope it turns around.

    Doesn't the 3 of swords represent loss/separation? Makes me nervous 😞

    It's interesting you said that the situation with my job and him are somehow connected. To me, it represents the vision of stability in different areas of my life. And I really hope to attain it some day.

    it's been a while since I've been with someone. Naturally, I'm excited. But I'm also scared. Being that as it may, think I just have to let things unfold with him. And pray I have the wisdom to take the right roads.

  • Danceur

    Okay on your job situation, I hear you it can be difficult to see the silver lining in a job situation like that... I drew the Three of Wands (using the Fantastical Creatures Tarot which is really cool) and this card is a nice "planning" card related to career, and light work so this is another nice card for you related to work. I would try your best to keep a bright outlook there while these energies are coming in for you. Maybe keep a picture of roses or butterflies around you at work, something emotional that keeps you connected to your inner life.

    On the Three of Swords being loss/separation that is a common interpretation. However I am really hearing a "pause" or "break" whenever this card shows up in a reading as I was doing, where we are simply drawing card after card looking for a story. In a Celtic spread and the Three of Swords turns up then yes, you must address it as is.

    Yes the Four of Cups turned up as I was reading about your "vision of stability" this card reflects that belief in the four corners of a relationship, the fours are all about foundations and stability so that is a nice conformation of that viewpoint.

    And the Three of Pentacles is another sign of the material connection with him on some level, creatively or financial or something, this three is a very creative card, this deck shows a little guy painting pentacles on a pad of paper with his brush.

    You mention feeling excited, and scared. Understandable. The Four of Swords shows up to say to take it easy, rest as much as you can, the more time spent in quiet moments by yourself, reflecting, meditating, going within, that should help. You have all the wisdom you need to make the right decisions, this looks like one of those situations where matters are mostly out of our hands, and the best approach is simply to relax and let the Universe work her magic for you.

  • Hi Astra Angel,

    It's interesting what you said about the Three of Pentacles - about that signifying a material connection. When you say material, do you mean tangible or financial? I do have a creative connection with him - both of us are passionate about dance. We get that about each other. It's very cool to share this with someone. Not sure if this is what you were getting.

    I do hope I have the wisdom to make the right decisions 🙂 Being with him is forcing me (in a good way) to learn how to be less reactive and to go with the flow. He has a calming way about him which makes me feel at ease.

    Yes I will also try to heed your advice to place some little reminder on my desk that will hopefully help center me. Right now, I just have heaps of paper and files of things that I can never seem to complete. It's just very stressful. Will try to keep the faith, for now, that things will work out.

    I have another question and that is on my health. Not sure if this is something you can 'see'.

    I seem to be picking lots of nagging minor joint and muscle injuries. I do not know what's going on with that - it started 2 years ago. Is there some underlying health problem that i can't see which makes me prone to this? I just assumed I'm out of alignment somehow.

  • Hi Danceur

    The Star for you right now, which is hope and the loveliest anticipation of happiness possible. I see this with your Dancer friend, and yes that Three of Pentacles could very well be the card of the dance for the two of you. Threes are planning too, are you choreographing anything with him? That might be fun, plan, arrange, design, figure out your steps, and keep practicing until it is perfect. And even though occasionally you step on each other's toes, hey that is what friends are for right? The benefits of a creative life well done are worth it, right?

    Four of Pentacles - foundations, as this is coming off of the three of pentacles and the Star we were now discussing, this sounds like something more solid coming in as regards this creative shared work-life with him. I see him holding you close... make sure you work in some slow numbers into your routine!

    On your health issues, have you seen anyone? I am not a doctor, although I sometimes play one on TV. 🙂

    Seven of Swords, how much exercise are you getting? As long as we are moving around there isn't much of a chance that some nagging ache can get a toe hold. Walking is good. You sound like you have a lot of desk work you deal with, that is probably the source of the physical annoyances, so that has to be fought back with plenty of exercise.

    See a doctor though should you feel your situation needs a professional. I don't expect a doctor to give me a tarot reading, and I am sure a doctor wouldn't expect me to give medical advice.

    What is your age? You sound very young, you shouldn't be having any pains like that.

  • Hi Astra-Angel,

    Ooh how I wish I could choreograph something with him. But I haven't got the nerve to say it. He's a professional whereas I'm just passionate about it and it's a hobby for me. But I guess we've got a similar vibe. He encouraged me to try working on my own choreo and to go into teaching. While I am not at that level of ability I greatly appreciate that he sees my potential.

    But alas, I doubt I can venture into doing this professionally because of these joint/muscle injuries.

    I totally get what you mean about seeing the right person for the right scenario 🙂 I have seen docs, done physio, cut down classes. Started getting these pains in my late 20s a few years ago. While I have become stronger through regular strengthening exercises, and I am in fairly good condition other than that, the problem is still there. Being prone to this means I cannot push myself or realise my potential - if I push myself, I risk injury.

    Nonetheless, I'm learning a lot from him. Dance is a big part of who I am. It's great to be able to share that with him.

  • Danceur,

    I drew the Six of Cups which shows a little boy helping a little girl out with some flowers.

    And I had a thought for you, and I want you to try this.

    I am coming to see how powerful our thoughts are to change anything in our lives, no matter what. Everything you experience is a manifestation of consciousness. So, in a situation like yours where you are dealing with an inappropriate manifestation (pains and such) your answer must be in simply creating a NEW thought form that is what you WANT. And what you want is a pain free and healthy body that allows you to do your dance work without issues.

    So, right now, speak a new thought out there. SAY out loud (where ever you are right now) I speak a new thought form into being, and that thought is that "I am healed and whole in my body!" There! It's done! Your body will now obey this thought form and come into perfect alignment and health.

    You simply had an inappropriate thought form that got a toe hold in your life and you didn't know how to cast it out. Now you know. And anytime you feel those pains from now on, all you have to do is recall that you have already established a NEW thought form of healing and wholeness.

    I'll bet your body will soon be completely free of this issue. Keep us posted on your progress.

    The SIX of CUP in this card relates to this as showing a "helper" assisting the little girl. And your thought forms are like little helpers that will go out there and assist you with whatever you need.

    This will work in any area of life. I am using it to get rid of all of the oil rigs in the oceans. Your situation will probably be a little easier to be fulfilled. Jesus taught us to "speak to the mountain and it would get up and move!" That is the "thought form" going out there and manifesting a new reality.

    Mine will be fulfilled as well. Thank you little thought forms! 🙂 (it helps to see them as little living beings... perhaps little fairies. I like fairies don't you? 🙂

    And your situation with the dancer... Ten of Cups... look out is all I will say there. This is love with a Saturn 5 rocket engine. Hey, its the cards, I am only giving you what I am seeing! 🙂

  • HI AstraAngel,

    Sorry I took a while there to reply.

    I think it's true to a certain extent about our thoughts affecting the body. Have often wondered if the onset of these pains may have resulted from a bad breakup a few years ago. Then again, it could just be that my body is not realigning itself well enough anymore. Am trying to engage positive thought patterns, but it's a bit of a challenge to overcome getting freaked out (when pain is involved).

    Seems like yr very busy with lots of readings, but if you have time, I need some guidance. Things are ok with my friend. But it's moving too fast physically. I do enjoy him a lot that way, but I also realise my heart and head are not catching up fast enough with my body. emotionally, I may not be ready to go where he's heading, even though physically, I'm there with him. I do think he is sincere and I understand that it doesn't mean that just because the physical attraction is strong, that that's all he is after. Will he understand if I need to slow things down in this area? Don't know how to say it in a 'nice' way, without pushing him away. I want to take time to get to know him - but it is actually moving very slow otherwise because we hardly see each other... kinda tricky 😞

  • Hi Danceur

    Thanks for your patience... I sometimes miss the replies....

    OK lets look at this for you... start with your question:

    Will he understand if I need to slow things down in this area?

    TWO OF CUPS - absolutely he will understand - COMMUNICATE in love and you can't go wrong with him. Actually it will even deepen your love for one another!

    Don't worry about the "sweet" way, he'll get it.

    here is a suggested way to phrase it:

    "Hey Jimbo, can we cool it a little physically?"

    "sure thing Danceur. I want you to be comfortable with our relationship!"

    "okay, cool. See you later."

    Something like that should work. He'll get it. He digs YOU and he wants it to work out so communicate the truth in love, and keep following your heart you are doing great! 🙂

    Love and light! - astra

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Hmmm things didn't go according to plan. I waited too long to voice my thoughts, and unfortunately I was in a compromising position... long story short, we got intimate.

    I wanted it as much as he did, just that I couldn't reconcile how I was going to deal with afterwards... and with how things might change between us. Also I guess I just wasn't ready to be seen by him yet... and to be that vulnerable in front of him.

    And so I greatly appreciate that he took care of me, didn't feed into my self-consciousness, tried to reassure me, etc.

    I couldn't stop thinking about him. Warm fuzzy feelings. But then later, I had so many conflicting feelings. Many of them involve me pushing him away in my head. Or imagining him doing that to me. I feel sad - this is me feeling afraid of feeling more for him, wanting more of him.

    I'm trying not to let let my thoughts overrun me. I am very fond of him. Very keen to explore things with him. But still keep things slow and easy-going...

    I don't know how he feels. Now that we've been intimate. Perhaps in the aftermath, he's also grappling with feeling vulnerable and wondering how, if ever, things may change between us.

  • Danceur

    As the situations present themselves, I would be as open with him as possible. This is the opportunity in the relationship to be founded in reality, and open, forthright communication. You can now learn a lot about each other. You said it yourself, you "are very find of him, and want to explore more with him", however you have concerns about matters moving too fast and leaving behind the openness and transparency with one another. That is what you are concerned about.

    So, focus on an honest voicing of your concerns, and listen with a very open heart to his feelings, and stay very sweet with each other, and you will both do just fine. It is because you are the type of person who values communication and honesty so much, you treasure it in a relationship. And therefore you have concerns that matters don't escalate to a point where those feelings are shoved aside. Hence, you are already dealing with your private concerns, as you phrased it:

    " I had so many conflicting feelings. Many of them involve me pushing him away in my head. Or imagining him doing that to me. I feel sad..."

    This is your conscience talking to you, saying how much you want to connect with him in a very open way, now that you have been intimate. He should be right there with you, I see this as a very beautiful sign that both of you are ready to enter a new dimension of your relationship.

    Page of Pentacles and the King of Swords, so it is clear that your concerns are toward him now, and after the intimacy, (pentacles), now comes the honest communication with him (swords).

    Ace of Pentacles - (intimacy) This will then lead toward even more closeness and intimacy as you find that you can trust one another and be tender and supportive of one another's feelings. Don't hesitate to pull back and withdraw at any point in order to remain connected with your own heart. He should understand. The physical intimacy should not exceed the emotional intimacy, the two should go hand in hand.

    Two of Pentacles - The further development started in the Ace of intimacy. so growth in your enjoyment of one another is now indicated as long as you keep communicating. Don't be afraid to tell him exactly how you feel.

    Knight of Cups - He will understand and be there for you.

    I am really happy for you, it sounds like you are discovering something very beautiful!

    My prayers and blessings on your union. Follow your own heart. There is where your answers are. You will be fine.

    Love and tenderness, astra

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I love the way you write. It's very reassuring and heartfelt.

    I don't know if it's insecurity or just nerves. I would've thought there'd be a bit more communication. He's being more quiet than usual, and it's making me all sorts of paranoid. How do I know he's not one of those guys - who starts to withdraw cos they already got what they wanted?

    This was a huge deal for me. For a long time after I broke off with my ex, I wondered how I would ever be intimate with another person. Because he slept around and thoroughly betrayed my trust. Well I've broken that barrier. I wanted to be with this man. It just bugs me that he's acting like we just passed through another regular week. it is anything but regular for me. I don't need him to mollycoddle me, because I do love the easy-going nature of what we have. Just need some acknowledgement I guess.

    I am going to let things be. Let him initiate. But really, what is going on? Do I need to be worried here?

  • Danceur,

    I hear your heart here. My first thought was again, as the opportunities for intimacy present themselves, that you seize those moments to communicate your feelings about what you are sharing together now. This is a very sweet time for the two of you, your energies have now merged and you are are learning about one another in this "tender way". He needs to hear your heart on the matter.

    The Four of Wands

    says only beautiful things here. I were you? I would go running though a park or by a lake somewhere today, by yourself, singing your head off, you have a companion who really cares about you! You have something to really sing about. It's what the little bluebirds do, they sing about their companion, and never stop singing.

    Have no fear, trust and have faith that all is so beautiful, and all will be beautiful.

    (Although, some nice roses from him right about now might be very appropriate, I will be talking to heaven about that today.)

    So, be ready to share your heart in complete innocence as those"moments" come, and trust that Heaven will guide everything between the two of you so beautifully.

    And the Knight of Wands

    he really thinks you are something else, this Knight is wild about you. 🙂

    It may take him a little while to be fully aware of that. You will help take him there.

    You have some real heartbreak from the past to contend with. That was then. This is now. The past is there to learn from, not as a pattern for the future. You KNEW deep down that one day you would need to trust again, and your friend is helping to take you there. The next time you see him, I would melt into his arms and simply ask him to hold you. You have some real hurt from the past, and he is waiting to hold you.

    And let you cry your eyes out.

    Relax, and let him minister to you, that is what he is wanting to do.

    You do not need to be worried. You need only to be grateful that you are being healed.

  • Thanks AstraAngel,

    I really hope so. Things are so hard at work. Today I felt really down and there's nothing I wanted more than to be in his arms again. I really wish he'd drop me a sign of how he feels now. He's so cool and collected, whereas I'm the silly sap who can't stop thinking about him. Sigh.

    I hope there will be opportunities for us to share our thoughts. I'm thinking that emotional vulnerability is hard for both of us. I guess when I really do see him, I'll also want to run away and hide and I'll be shy to meet his gaze...

    Hope you know that your replies are really comforting. They really speak to me. If you wrote a book, I'd buy it 🙂

  • Hey Danceur

    (This is going to be a little long-winded, I hope you can follow me through it.. I believe it will help you)

    I will share what I am seeing lately in the spirit about all of our relationships and how we are trying to connect with one another... and for whatever reason, there are blocks, hindrances, the relationships shut down or simply do not work out. You should check out the thread between DaniBo and I, she and I have been working through some of the jungle which seems to be so thick, in relationships...

    Deep down, we are all dearly longing for love. I mean, the real thing... we all know (at least it seems the women do, not sure about the guys I think they are still trying to catch up). So what appears to be happening is we connect with someone, and it is nice. We catch a glimpse of a level of intimacy and closeness that speak to our hearts, and we say "Yes!" this is it... AND then, for whatever reason the relationship goes sour. The guy runs off, (or the girl) and the deep-seeking one is left alone again, crying, wondering... what in the world just happened?

    Well it seems all connected with heaven (God) somehow and this is what DaniBo and I were starting to see... she brought church into the discussion as she goes to church (I am trying to get started again), I have had a rather rocky road relationship with God, and Jesus. ANd yet her words to me rang true, that what we are really seeking is a "heavenly relationship" and because of that, our hearts are leading us into these broken situations so that we discover just that.

    I mean, any of us can have a physical relationship... that's not hard. There are plenty of dating sites and such to go trolling for someone. In my past I have resorted to that. Ugh. That isn't the answer. We are all looking for something a little more heavenly than that.

    So, my theory is that it is ourselves, our heart, our spirit in communion with God, that is arranging some difficult relationship conditions in order to cause our eyes to turn from a guy... or a girl... and center in on our Father above (or whatever the way you like to see our Maker). Because deep down, we are all desperately in love with Him... this wonderful Artist of our hearts who made us to have a very deep communion with Him... it is what He longs for... and it is what you and I long for... and we will not stop until we find Him.

    We all want to fall in love with Heaven. With Him... with Her. And so we connect with someone, like you have with your companion... and we feel heaven somewhere near. You want to be in his arms so much, because deep down you want to be in your Heavenly Father's arms... and feel that love from above.

    The relationship goes south for some reason, and we are left hanging... crying... and I mean it is painful like all get out... I have been there, and am still there... it is like the pain of childbirth I think... we are trying to birth an understanding of love that is so transcendent, and pure, and holy. In that place, where your heart is longing for him, and yet he has vanished, that place leaves you completely vulnerable and naked before God. It is like, he is just standing there, waiting... waiting for us to run to him like little children, falling in love with him, our maker who KNOWS our heart, for he made our heart. And you know what? He made our hearts to find a special relationship that is heavenly. With Him right in the midst, with an awareness that he is really who we are in love with.

    So, that is my working theory. That this place you are in right now is a custom designed experience that YOU in partnership with Heaven and the angels has arranged in order to find the most wonderful relationship possible. WIth your creator.

    The reason (again, this is all theory I can prove none of this) that women are more "tuned in" to this heavenward aspect of relationship is that you already have a male Father figure in heaven, through much of the culture of the Judeo Christian heritage we all share. (I can't really speak of Islam I am not sure what their view of their Creator is, Allah. Do they see him as a male?) However in Christianity the male gender is very entrenched. Perhaps Moses or the prophets assumed that since the males were the stronger and seemed to be the ones out making everything happen, that a "God" would of course be a male! So the writings over thousands of years have painted a Fatherly Creator - which a female can easily understand and embrace on some level as a relationship.

    Not so for the guys. We have no Mother in Heaven, though their allusions to this, for example Paul refers to "..Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all." -Galatians 4:26

    And again, in Revelation:

    "And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband." - Rev 21:2

    So even in the Christian scriptures there are these somewhat vague references to this lovely "female" aspect of our Creator. It has been hidden though.

    So the guys really have a hard time understanding a Heavenly relationship with a Female. So their focus is typically on the flesh, (don't ask me how I know this.) - and so that makes for some very troubling conditions in relationships a lot of times. You - the female - aware of your deep knowledge of what a relationship can be like. And so you meet a guy and it like, love at first sight... and maybe you are swept away into the rivers of love, and perhaps things become a little intimate... you are keenly aware of the soul connection between the two of you. On some level your heart knows how beautiful the relationship can be! He on the other hand, is not as far along on that path... a guy has a hard time seeing God in his female companion... he is somewhat blind.

    "For now we see through a glass, darkly (speaking mostly of the guys I think!); but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known." 1 Cor 13:12

    This "knowing" is the same "knowing" that Adam had with Eve. Knowing one another is spiritual oneness with your companion, so that you really SEE God in them, as a divine expression of your Creator. That is what we are all longing for, and I believe this to be where we are now being taken by the Lord, our Savior and Creator.

    That is what is in store for all of us. The challenge then is to fasten our eyes on God as the entire focus of our being. And see HIM as our lover. Or HER as the lover for the guys - as I believe the guys will eventually come to understand, God can be a male or female I believe - see the World card, that shows a Dancer figure which is commonly depicted as having characteristic of male and female.

    I believe this is the opportunity for you now Danceur. TO seek the Lord with all of your heart, Jesus Christ, God, or however see your Creator. Jesus showed us a beautiful love in a man, and that is our pattern. The opportunity for the men is to see the Lady of their dreams in Christ's life... a little more work for the guys and that is why the men are so much further behind in this understanding of love than the women.

    Hey, I know you may not have been expecting a bible study this morning Danceur! I believe with all of my heart though, that this is the path you are on and the ANSWER for you is to pray and seek God above as this lover you have just met. He loved you through that gentleman, and is STILL LOVING YOU right now!

    Your beautiful opportunity is to embrace your Heavenly Father as your Heavenly Boyfriend! And play in his arms... you said you long to be in his arms again... well you can, right now!

    Pray this prayer.. "Dear Father in Heaven, I long to see you as the lover of my heart, and I trust you to reveal this love to me, and to work miracles in my life as you know how to do. I surrender this relationship with (insert your guy's name here) into your care. I trust you, and love you with all of my heart, amen."

    You pray that and I believe you will feel a great comfort today, and that should continue for you. God knows very well the situation you are in... and he will work out something to bring you into a love that is very deep and meaningful and sweet. You deserve to experience a relationship like that, it is what Heaven wants for all of us.

    I hope some of that made sense... I am praying for you today... you will be fine, you are loved so much by me, and all of Heaven. Pray for your friend too, and see him in a lovely light. Trust heaven and all will work out for you.

    And read John, (and that is advice for me too! I am in the same boat as you 🙂

    Love and peace from Him, the Father of Light - and the One who dreamed up love in the first place.

    Oh, and here is a card for you... since this IS a Tarot forum and not really a Bible Study forum, although I believe they all go hand in hand.

    the STRENGTH card... "Finally, my sister, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might." -Ephesians 6:10 paraphrased a little for you.

    Hang in there, my darling...


  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I didn't take in some of that...possibly my mental block to religious lines of thought. But I do hear what you're trying to say. And you know what, I did feel better saying that prayer. So thank you for that 🙂 Thank you so much for caring and reassuring me.

    I think I'm slowly able to rebalance and get my head out of the clouds a little. He is different than I am, and I guess you're right - when the moments present themselves, I really have to seize them to connect with him. But also to let things unfold on their own time.

    I realise too that I'm growing up and I'm different now too. I'm sorta able to take this intimate experience in my stride. He's still communicating with me, maybe not in the tender way I would have preferred, but I guess he's still thinking of me. I wouldn't have been able to tolerate this semi-aloofness a few years ago.

    But still there's a feeling of vulnerability. Of wanting to engage him more, now that we've connected on a more intimate level. It's kind of exciting but also frustrating, being with someone who doesn't have much time for me. I didn't want to admit this but I may be falling for him (although some days it doesn't feel like I guess you can tell.

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I think he's really busy with work, tired and ill. Poor guy. And he let me know that he doesn't know when we might be able to spend time. Told him we'll see how it goes, and to take care of himself.

    I haven't had spent time with him since we were intimate.

    Should I take it at face value that his heart is still with me? Or is he losing interest and pulling away? And this is his way of telling me?

    My gut tells me he's still sincere. That I should stay put. If a person is straight with me, I can most accommodating of them and their circumstances. And that's what I've been doing with him. He's got a really busy life and I get that. So I've always tried not to impose.

    But I have been taken advantage of before. Because I tend to be generious with giving people the benefit of the doubt. What if I'm wrong here, and he was actually brushing me off? I wouldn't want to be the person who didn't understand the hint.

    Feel very vulnerable. I care about this gentleman a great deal. But it is hard not having enough time to be with him, and only staying in touch via sms - and trying to remain mindful that he doesn't have much personal time to begin with.

    If we have a shot at a deeper involvement, I would like to remain supportive of him. As in, just do my regular stuff and cherish the moments with him, as and when they happen and still text him sweet messages, now and again, as I have been doing.

    Do you see anything that could guide me?

    I am just kinda looking at my shoes (figuratively) not knowing what i should do, here on out.

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Are you ok?

    I see that you're inundated by requests and hope that you don't feel burnt out. Do take care 🙂

    When you get the energy to do so, hope to hear from you on my last post. I feel like I'm at the crossroads with this. Wanting so much to be with him, and go forward, but feeling frustrated and confused by the sudden stagnation and aloofness.

    Also getting affected by some recent info that disparages his sincerity.

    just feeling a bit emotional and batty (do get that way sometimes, unfortunately) and maybe not thinking straight. Do not want to let my own insecurities or others' words to affect how I feel about him, and us.

    But I do need to know if something is not right. Are you able to tell?

    Hope for insight into the situation and advice on how I should proceed.

    Thanks in advance. Hugs and I hope you are ok 🙂

  • Hey Danceur

    Yeah, sri I have been in the midst of some (more) personal changes in my own life so I have to pull back a little. Thanks for being patient).

    "Should I take it at face value that his heart is still with me? Or is he losing interest and pulling away? And this is his way of telling me?"

    I drew the NINE of CUPS so this looks like the real thing to me, although he looks a little detached at the moment. You want my gut feeling? I believe it was very nice what you had (intimate wise) and he is processing that and is aware that letting himself go there with you equals commitment. So that is what he dealing with. Guys will run from that. SIX of CUPS. Yep, that is all this is about. It is also making him physically ill. He knows in his heart that he needs to be sweet to you and be at your side now, and it is eating him alive. I have PRAYED for him that he gets off his you-know-what and does the right thing with you. Heaven will work him over don't you worry ha ha.

    Your gut is right. he is sincere, also scared. Pray for him to find courage.

    "What if I'm wrong here, and he was actually brushing me off? I wouldn't want to be the person who didn't understand the hint."

    TEN of CUPS - a lot of cups Danceur. I am not seeing anything here that is insincere or that he is brushing you off. There is nothing to "understand". He is fighting with himself. MEANWHILE you take care of your own heart and KNOW that your sincerity and honesty is of great value in the eyes of Heaven. YOU WILL BE REWARDED stay true to your heart and be strong. This also means that you should be open to other opportunities as they present themselves. It might be a little early for that though. Follow your heart is all that I can tell you.

    You are like the PAGE of CUPS Danceur. Just like me. You do not hesitate to give your love away and follow your heart where (or with whoever) it leads. That is one personality type. Most people live these real uptight guarded lives, and have a lot of walls built up and do not open up for anyone. Sad, an its true. YOU however have learned the SECRET of UNCONDITIONAL love and so guess what Danceur? YOU ARE FREE! FREE to love without expecting a guy to respond. He responds, fine, then you go to next phase. He doesn't respond? Then Heaven has someone better for you.

    I know that your heart is really feeling connected to him right now, and you should honor that. Stay true to your heart, However also keep in mind that you can't force anything here, and should your love still want to be expressed to a man, and HE is too bound up with his own personal issues to want to settle down into something VERY sweeet and nice... then eventually Heaven will bring someone extra-sweet who will respond very nicely to you, and then you will find that love you seek.

    You are on the right path.


    Something is about to happen for you and it will be swift and sudden - in LOVE. Be prepared. It is going to sweep you away. A string of Cups and then the EIGHT WANDS?

    I would have a suitcase packed. And maybe a parachute.

    I think I responded to your emotional needs at this point, I would keep an optimistic view toward this guy and hope for the best. Don't listen to what others are saying about him (not sure where you are hearing the 'disparaging info' - pay that no mind. Stay INNOCENT in LOVE and you will be fine. Don't contact him. Wait it out while keeping your heart open to 'other possibilities'.

    Love, astra

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