Gemini & Taurus? I need a reading/insight

  • I have always had a thing/connection with this Taurus guy, but I've never told him or anything. We both just got out of terrible relationships and are now both single. He always smiles at me and we have been talking a little bit more and my feelings are starting to come back, but I don't actually know how he feels about me. And I'm scared to ask because his best friend has been in love with me for a year now, but I don't feel that way towards the friend. So I'm afraid we couldn't even go there 'cause he'd hurt his friend (if he did in fact have feelings for me)

    I don't even know if Taurus and Gemini's get along well, I did a free synastry reading and it said we would make a great couple (4/26 & 6/7) although I don't know how accurate those are.

    Should I leave it alone? Anyone have any feelings as to what to do? I'd appreciate it. A reading?

    Thanks guys.

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