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  • right now im feeling so overwhelmed!! my husband left me im struggling financially i feel like im so lost and cant find my way..i need to know what path i should take. is my marriage over? will my finances get back on track? im at a complete loss and feel like im at my breaking point!. my birthday is 10.30.86 my husband is 06.07.86 and my child is 08.04.10. someone please give me some type of hope! trying my best to stay strong and focused but ive hit a wall

  • and i was just told that my marriage will eventually work just not right now because he needs to get life in order? is that true?

  • Oh, sweetie, it is never ever ever ever ever a good idea to sit and wait for someone who has left you to come back. First of all, because he may never come back - regardless of what others may say or what you may "feel" is going to happen. Secondly, because if he did come back, I don't think there is a man on earth who wants to come back to a woman who is sitting at home licking her wounds and waiting for him to come back so she can stand up/stand tall and begin moving forward in her life again. That is tantamount to completely giving your power away and slumping into a heap of zero self-esteem. You are better than that!!! If a man does come back it is because he sees that woman carrying on without him with confidence - attracting others to her and catching the eye of all who cross her path. That being said, I do not believe this one is coming back my dear. And, honestly, I think there may be another person he has become involved with - someone from work. But the really important thing to remember here is that this has happened for a reason - you are being guided toward a NEW life. One where you have the confidence to trust in your own ability to take care of yourself and your child financially. And one where you have learned that a relationship must be built on the solid ground of mutual trust and harmonious giving and receiving in order for it to stand the test of time. For right now, your guides are sending you a message that you need to be strong and to not allow this to rob you of your self-esteem. Get a hold of your emotions and step away from the drama rather than continuing to fight to hold onto something that is not a good situation for you. Be a role model for your child. Harness your emotions and call forth your powers of reasoning and logic. Take a good, hard, and practical look at your current situation and set your priorities for the future based on this truth. And remember that you are not alone. You do have a spiritual family, but you also have a family here on earth - whether they are blood-related or not - and it is not a sign of weakness to reach out for help. Especially if this situation has put you in such a place financially that you are unable to do it alone for the time being. Rely on these others while you learn to stand on your own two feet. You will emerge a strong, confident and powerful woman and will attract a man deserving of you...

  • yes, as watergirl said it too, if he turned the back on you and your child, you should accept it and move on. it's totally what is supposed to be and accept it, peacefully. Momentarily you are weak and vulnerable and its all normal to feel so, don't hide it, cry it out, but you don't want him back for sure. this built continuous insecurities and not a healthy relationship. have some 'BACK-BONE' and STAND UP for you and your child. feel and know that YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT! live the now, and forget on what is past. go to a book store and by a book on how to deal with your case. read some spiritual books. they are tremendously helpful in your situation. i have done it.

    financial issue is strong here, and I wish you luck, but you would be able to deal with that as soon as you realize that it's only you and no one else around to help here. its all going to work for the best if you live the past behind and deal with the NOW only !! one step at a day toward liberation from the past toward a better fulfilling future. Blessings!

  • gmt - file for emergency child support with the courts, you should be able to print them off via the courts website. then start to gather all info to file for divorce yes it is hard and scary but you will come thru this. If you need help with the forms there should be a legal aid office in your county that can offer assistance. If you need help with locating the forms please let me know & I can track them down for you.

  • im doing well but my husband seems to be getting worse. his moods are so negative i guess Gems dont like to see people doing well? who knows but thanks for the advice everyone

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