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  • Hi AstraAngel ~ How are you doing? I don't know anything about how the planets play into my birthdate. I would love to learn about this if you have some time. 9/5/59 - 12:01pm No hurry! Love & Blessings ~D

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  • Hi Dmick

    OK let's see!

    Wow your natal chart is very unique! Right off, the fact that you have everything crammed into half of the wheel tells me that your need for intimate relationship is crucial for you. Why? Look at how all of your energies are weighted on one side, so there is a need for a balancing mate to relieve that sense of open space that exists within a lot of the signs, Cancer, Taurus, Gemini, Aries, Pisces. Some companionship in those signs is where its at.

    You have Chiron in Aquarius so there is some little broken place in your being (which we all have) that is a wound from the past, something that resurfaces from time to time. In Aquarius I am guessing something happened in childhood that seemed to challenge a more open-minded view of life experience. It could have occurred around creative acts or something. You could have been overruled in some area that was a fantasy land for you, and so that may be an issue that comes up, where your efforts to really soar in your imagination and sense of fantastic possibilities in life may feel blocked sometimes. That is Chiron. It is also a sign of where your gifts are, for you, that sounds like you have (or will) a profound understanding of that same limitless freedom available to us all in life. You may have had some difficulties voicing your passion there, that will come in time. You have some real wisdom in helping disparate pieces come together. You enjoy helping a group open their eyes to new insights... not sure what all this means for you, this is the kind of material you receive from Chiron.

    Sun, Venus, Mercury, Pluto in Virgo. Heaven help whoever shows up at your place unannounced. Planning seems to be your thing. And making sure that the places are all set at the table and the seats are all filled! A master organizer, with some tricks up your sleeves. You don't hesitate to let your partners know where you stand on key issues, the only challenge there is that sometimes you reflect... and change your mind! It drives your companions (i keep getting plural for some reason) wild, they sometimes get a little annoyed - and you love it. 🙂

    Woah! I missed Mars in Virgo too! Heaven help whatever convention shows up at your door unannounced. You are Virgo with a giant Booster Pack of Cup holders. So something love related going on, we'll take a look at that in the Tarot.

    North Node and the Moon in Libra. So your life purpose involved restoring balance in situations where you sense the parts are out of order... the fact that the Moon is here tells me you have some gifts in helping others in emotional issues, others see you as a very trustworthy friend, someone they can open up to completely. I am getting that this was something the Universe designed for you in your ministry or work of your heart. Something there very strong for you, like you really have a calling, light work as they say. You should be sensing that right now very strong. Definitely connected to the emotional arena and could be something very creative you have been wanting to do also. Match this up with the energy of Chiron and you are off and running and really feeling it. Good things to come for you here. Rewarding.

    Neptune and Jupiter in Scorpio. Soundproof the bedroom.

    Saturn right on the cusp of Sag and Cap. Tells me when faced with a feeling that you are being blocked in life over some issue, you sometimes can't decide whether to run, or stick it out to the bitter end. So that is Saturn on the cusp there. My advice? Go with Cap. When faced with conflicts or opposing energies in your day to day life, follow the sure-footed goat and walk - not run - away. You see the difference? Explain why, then you are free to walk. Not sure what that is referring to, you'll probably know.

    Uranus by itself in Leo. Every once in a while you get a craving for some special flavor of ice cream, the kind with all the little bits of chewy chocolate. And someone to cuddle with to share.

    Okay that is your chart! Very nice! You are a spicy VIrgo! You like hot stuff... let's see where that goes in the cards now.

    Now, we add a Celtic Cross reading to get a snapshot of where you are right now in your life.

    I am going to work with two decks for you, Universal Waite and the Lover's Tarot Deck...

    1. Significant self - The Chariot - you know that feeling that life is running away from you right now? No, it's not your imagination. It's really happening. I would lay down in the back of the boat and relax, there's not much you can do at this point to change the outcome.

    2. Present Situation - Seven of Wands - yep. It's you and against you again. You are stressing over something that was said, and you are trying to recall, exactly what did you say? And how did it come across? Or someone said something to you that comes back to memory more often that you like.. none of that matters the situation will resolve.

    3. Crossing this situation - Ace of Swords - This Ace seems to be addressing something work related. Or you have been wanting to read a certain book. Something you are wanting to study? The word I am getting is you need to. Barnes and Noble isn't too far, right? This is something important you are supposed to learn.

    4. Below you - what led up to this present situation - The Five of Wands - so there were some words. And some looks. And some laughs. The question is, what is remembered more. This situation had been dragging on for a while. You are actually relieved it ended where it did.

    5. Most recent past - The Two of Wands - whatever happened in the Five Wands caused you to take about 1,000 steps backwards to regroup. You saw something in the situation that alarmed you, and you thought, "Hmm... I need to rethink this." Which led to a decision you recently made coming out of the matter. The good news is that you chose wisely.

    6. Above you - what you are really, really, really longing for deep down inside. The Page of Romance. A date at a library is what I see. Romance between philosophy and the Metaphysical aisles. You love books, and you like it even more when your best friends - and best friends in training to be lovers - join you for a "book in". That is where you hole yourself up in your bedroom with your "friend" and a lot of books - and you start reading to each other. LOL I don't know dMick... maybe you have the Secret Decoder ring for this reading 🙂

    7. Near future - this is coming in strong for you - The Three of Cups - something nice for a change THANK HEAVEN! Wow you are really feeling it here, and it seems connected to all the wands stuff earlier... actually I take that back.. it is not them, it is someone else coming into your life. Someone you haven't seen in a while, and their presence fills the table setting, (remember we touched on that above in your chart). A sense of relief here, like this was something you were kind of expecting, however the way it comes about will be quit a surprise!

    8. Future environment - Eight of Wands! Those Virgo Booster packs will come in handy here, because you are about to become one busy little beaver. Is it connected to this love matter that you are so thrilled about (or will be soon?) - Hmm.. survey says... Yes! You are busy as a one-armed man in a butt-kicking contest and the nice part is, you are loving it!

    9. The influence of others around you - The Star - it looks like whatever you did to win their praises worked. They look at you as the Queen Princess of Packing and Shipping. Your friends and that circle down there, all seem to have you well established as the local go-to person for matters of the heart. So you are already working in your ministry path that is nice.. this is a very warm energy around you, this will develop more for you.

    10. Your hopes and - oh no! - Fears! Ha ha, you have no fears that is the good part. At least as long as the lights are all on. Otherwise, where was that flashlight again? The King of Pentacles. This very secure male figure shows up for you here. A dream of a life with him where everything was taken care of? That dream never died. You are afraid at times of what might be lurking, can I really trust (him), again? Sure, why not. He looks harmless enough.

    11. And FINAL OUTCOME - The Emperor - Well, I can't say how it will happen, or who will be left standing with you after the dust settles. The nice part is that YOU are found standing and doing amazingly well for yourself. That dream you kept since you were so young, is now in full bloom, and this time you know better, and you are protecting something that means so much to you. Your heart. Don't worry, it looks like he will be as tender with your heart as you have learned to be.

    I trust that gives you something Dmick! This touched on a lot of areas in your life, so you should be able to re-read this from time to time and get some new insights for various occasions as they now sequence into your life.

    My love and light to you.

  • I was asked to draw a card from the Lover's Deck for you - yes. The Eight of Wands. You better fasten your seat belt Dmick because whatever this love matter is, looks to be flying your way at Warp Factor 9. This "future environment" we saw in the above reading is really being stressed right now. Make sure you keep the Mover's number handy. Don't worry it will go a lot smoother than you could have ever hoped! 🙂

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