Help - Dilema?

  • Can anyone help me please with a reading?

    I have a dilema - I split with my boyfriend of nearly 5 years in May this year after a small disagreement (not the first time this has happened and always his doing). We have had only infrequent contact since the split and he has now admitted that this was deliberate on his part as he said it would of been so easy to get back together again. In this time I very briefly dated someone else, which I've told him about and he said this hurt him as he couldn't imagine me with anyone else. We have now spoken at length about a lot of things, which he would never do in the past, we both still have feelings for each other and he has now said he would like us to go out again but taking things really slowly. He recently turned down the offer from a long standing friend of his (who also lodged with him for 7 months) to start a relationship (she interferred in our relationship when she was lodging with him).

    I spoke with a psychic about a month back before my ex said he'd like to try again. The psychic said what is past is past, that my ex would persue me if I started going out with other people but did not really want me back and would be jealous of any new relationship I formed, he also said that he saw a man coming into my life Oct/Nov time who would be more on a level with me and would treat me how I deserved to be treated by a man.

    So now I'm confused - will I be making a mistake by getting back with my ex and I may miss my opportunity of a new relationship.

    Please help.

  • Bump - can anyone offer any advice on this issue please

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