8 of Pentacles anyones insights please :)

  • I would just like to know if this the card of the apprentice or of mastery ?

    I thought it was of mastery were the querant is at a point in their life, where they are very successful and have acquired many achievements .Some books and sites differ they say its the card of the apprentince i am totally confused . I would appreaciate anyones insight

    Many Thanks in advance Loap:)

  • Sorry forgot to add i thought the 3 of penatacles was the card of the apprentice.

  • In my readings, the 8 of Pents is more about apprentice than of mastery. However, it also shows up when a person may be in the midst of work they find dull and/or unrewarding. It has also shown up for me to indicate that the person needs to keep their nose to the grindstone, so to speak (notice that the man is at a work bench and has completed work on most of the pentacles and only has a few more to go). At times this card has appeared to indicate the learning of a life lesson. In the shadow aspect, it has appeared to indicate unemployment or problems at work or being lazy and not putting in enough effort.

    For me, the 3 of Pents shows up more as a message about teamwork and working with others as well as being compensated for your hard work. Sometimes it means that the person needs to seek assistance from others or that there is someone who can help them in whatever they are working on. There is an architect type person on the card as well as a man and woman - there is a suggestion that the man is a spiritual man or man of the cloth. I think this is why this card also shows up when a spiritual lesson is being learned. In its shadow aspect it has appeared to indicate not getting along with others at work, doing poor work, or not receiving the pay due for hard work that was done. Also, because of the number 3, it has shown up quite frequently to indicate that a relationship has a third person involved.

    Hope this helps!

  • One more thing about the 8 of Pents -- sometimes it shows up to indicate that something is a thankless task and the person needs to put their efforts elsewhere. This shows up a lot as the advice or environment card when someone is clinging to a relationship - either because the love is gone or it is just a dead end for them - and they should let it go and move on.

  • Thanks WG,

    It make alot of sense now , Do you feel the 8 of coins could represent a workaholic in anyway ? . Do you have many books on tarot ?

    So 3s represent group activites what you would you the 8s represent ? As the four suits are all quite different . Thanks for your help i hope you dont mind me picking your brains

    ❤ Loap:)

  • Yes, it could, but I think the 10 of Wands usually shows up for me in that regard (all work, no play leads to oppression!).

    I really only have one book, but I have put it away. I started out with a beginner's book when I bought my first deck. That quickly became obsolete and I then purchased two other books. Both have been useful, but the more I practiced the more I gravitated toward that one book.

    A multiple of 8's in a reading can signify a positive change of mind (or the need for this) or status. The message of the number 8 is power - power that springs from within and enables one to accomplish what they set out to do. It can also point to completion or progression of one phase of a project before moving on to the next, death of the old to make way for the new, setting new priorities, new ways forward, and reorganization. Since the 8 is representative of two 4's, it can also suggest stability, balance and control. The positive qualities of the 8 other than power are capability, fortitude or spiritual fortitude, success, recognition, accomplishment, attainment, regeneration and enlargement. The negative qualities of the 8 are abuse of power, overemotionalism, strain, oppression and lack.

    Also remember that any 8 card has a connection to the Trump 8 which is Strength. Astrologically, this includes the sign of Leo however I have also seen it point to Capricorn in some books as well as the planet Mars (which makes a lot of sense for the 8 of Pents card). The Strength card and the number 8 symbolizes leadership, personal power, self-reliance, stamina, force, executive ability, the ability to harness our instinctive or emotional desires, perseverance and practicality.

    There are also some suggestions that the number 8 can focus on karma, paying off past debts, and life structures, which is why I think it shows up sometimes as an indication of the learning of a life lesson.

    More info than you asked for? LOL.

  • Thanks WG,

    I really appreaciate your insight , i have many books but i dont think i will purchase another one on tarot again as i feel the more you have the more confusing all these different authors interpretations become . I feel i am over the beginners stage i know the basics now i am using my intuition more Thanks for your interpretation of the number 8 . Do you think that we ever fully learn the tarot as its been 7 years for me and im still like a sponge absorbing all sorts of information thanks to experienced readers like yourself .

    ❤ Loap:)

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