Strange Dream...

  • The attempt to walk down what normally would be an ordinary street, found the experiencing of fear.

    How can a visual of a waterfall, without a possible way of a regular human getting down that way, yet with what seemed like 7 minutes, and with the help of so much light, turn into very high steps where there was running water that went downward?

    Steps that were neck straining high up, and as an on looker who has removed my physical from this situation, I see what appears to be Aztec steps.

  • Do you soul travel?

  • Many years ago, I had embraced Astral Flight, but due to being on the wrong medications, I lost that ability.

    I am constant in the attempt to relocate that ability that has been lost to me.

    I go about my search in a different approach, for there has been no success in regaining what has been lost as well as stolen me.

  • If you want to understand your dreams easily (good that you remember them), when you lay down at night, try to relax every part of your body feet first and all the way to your head.

    From what I can see about your dream is that you have something coming up soon that will need alot of effort and's a challenging constraint.

    Are you seriously/moderately/chronically ill with some kind of physical inability?


  • Thank you for your reply.

    A few years ago, I was in a (3) day coma.

    Physically now, I am moving around decently, some pain, but I override it.

    I do have memory loss due to partial stroke/seizures.

  • Just as I could see. You had a near death experience and the state of coma was a close call. So the lucid dreaming is part of a brain development of protection while you were away... the light, the steps, the water....the fear. The Fear: is normal it announces something new coming/learning. The Waterfall: has movement and you can place it anywhere and it can take the shape of it's containement. In your case, it took a huge amount of bright light for the water to manifest into steps. The Light: is strenght and power, the most devine source of energy. The Steps: steep and high...all I can feel here is that, even though you came a long way for recovery....maybe mentally and emotionally you still have some work to do.

    I also feel you have a strong male figure beside you or older son, is that right? One who protects you...possibly, he's your guide in the astral world.

    Hope this has been helpful.


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