Virgos Explosive behavior

  • Hello wonder if someone could give me some in sight on this Virgomale, the thing is we are only friends, and he got mad when i made a come about getting lost, began to say that I wasn't his wife, girlfriend, I was just a f-kin friend, and that he figured we could be adults but some ppl seem to act like kids, if I continue to act crazy, we could just call it quits.....I really don't know where all that anger came from. We are just friends, I did reply back stating that it was his choice, needless to say he said good bye.....I did let him know that he hurt my feelings....Which I feel was a big mistake to do.....It's crazy but I do miss our coversations, should I be the bigger person and contact him or just leave him alone....

  • You pricked his ego and he must have been feeling very sore and insecure about another issue to explode like that. It really had nothing to do with you and your comment - he was already feeling bad. Just leave him alone to lick his wounds in private and to get over what was REALLY bothering him. Bet he apologises and says that it wasn't you, he was mad about something else that happened to him.

  • VIRGO'S NEVER apologize....they r not humble enough to do it....there ego's get in their way, or their insecurities about themselves will...he obviously has a lack of self control in his behavior especially lashing out at u for the wrong reasons...u may have to approach him in a few days and apologize if u sayed something wrong but u'r intentions were not to attack him...also say if he was upset and wanted to talk about it, as friends, maybe u could help him understand or see something from a different perspective, of course in virgos like to keep secrets...if it is truly a dark secret he will never tell u....just be lucky in u'r friendship now if he does discuss personal things with u, cause that is a miracle in itself!

  • That sounds like Scorpios too.

  • Messanger thats so true, there not the apology type....he has apologize before. The thing is I know he will not contact me and nor will he apologize, I'm gonna have to be the better person. It's not the first time he has came at me like that....I just don't want him to think it's ok to talk to me like that either, and Captain I hope so....The thing is this happen 9/20/2011, and I haven't heard from him, I feel I may have lost his friendship.....

  • Well, that's his loss.

  • But it is only a week ago....that's not really a long time not to hear from someone or to get over a hurt.

  • Well I have recently talked with this Virgo, he called himself an A-hole for being the way he was, We met up and had a good evening together talking & laughing. I was surprised as the evening ended, the passionate kiss. I couldn't believe my ears the next morning when he said, that he feels bad that it happen, cause we are just friends, and he doesn't do that with his female friends, they are just his friends........I felt the meaning behind the kiss, more to then that..I'm gonna let him feel what he wants. I'm not one of those Taurus females who will pursue. I'll stand my distant. I was kinda pissed off at the fact of his denial regarding him kissing me. I asked him if he wanted to talk about about, he stated he had no comment...Seriously. I replied ok. I never text or call him, he's the one that does the pursuing. Im not sure if I can play the role "It never happened". Whats your insight.??

  • He obviously wants to keep this relationship as a 'good friends' one. Something about having a love relationship with you scares him. I feel there are a lot of things going on right now in his life and that he doesn't want or cannot handle anything more 'complicated'.

  • It's funny what "TheCaptain" said about sounding like Scorpios because I'm a Scorpio woman in a relationship with a Virgo man.....

    And it DOES sound like one or both of us depending on the given day.

  • I kinda get that impression, he just wants me as a good friend. We go way back him & I, he was my boyfriend in Jr. High School. We never kissed back then, but we did have a bond. He broke it off with me, without giving me a reason, I knew I did something, he never gave me chance to explain, as yrs passed we went our separate ways, I would look for him, and he told me, he looked for me to...28 yrs later 7/22/2011, He found me, I had forgot what it was like to smile & laugh, until that day, I call him "Sunshine" because of that day......... I know having a love relationship scares him, it does me to. I dont want to rush, but Im not gonna be in denial either, and say it wasnt supposed to happen. I believe things happen for a reason, and like I told him; I have no regrets, and his kiss said other wise. But "ok"if you dont want to talk about it.....I didnt bother him. Meaning I didnt call or text him at all. But he seems to contact me, always....Why? I guess I need to look pass the kiss, and except the fact, I will just be a "friend" to him........@ Melomisso sounds like whatever the out come is, its adventurous...LOL!

  • Forgot.....His birthday 9/17/1967

    Mine is 5/8/1969

  • Actually according to astrology, this relationship is most difficult for friendship, which can be somewhat superficial because you will not spend that much time together. It works better as a more family type matchup, brother-sister sort of thing. But any type of personal relationship here - love affair, friendship, marriage - is likely to have the most conflict, alternating however with warm and caring expressions of emotion. A love affair could prove very pleasurable for a while but feelings tend to run deeper when one or both of you already has a primary relationship elsewhere. Generally speaking, opposing the tenets of society, and the dominance of the other partner, comes naturally to this relationship. You two will have no hesitation about flaunting your passions dramatically, feeling no need for secrecy or sneakiness. Communication is the strength of this matchup which is toughened by honest discussion and even argument.

  • Ok....Captain, Im speechless and dont know whats next. Should I just leave him alone, go with the flow, or RUN..!!

  • It might be better if you thought of this man as a brother, not a friend or lover. Be kind and supportive but get on with your life and leave him to his.

  • TaurusWoman, try not get addicted to figuring out the Virgo, this might easily become your life time job, draining your energy and leading nowhere. Virgos are like that - they love emotional contol over people and they love "grey areas" in relationships...I would advice you to thoroughly read the thread "The heart of a Virgo man", it can give you all the answers you need, if you are patient enough. And yes - RUN, while you still can !

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