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  • Hi, I hope this is in the right forum. I've looked through at the posts and a lot of them seem to be requests for readings and interpretations. I was wondering where would be a great place to start for a absolute beginner to Tarot. I have a deck of Universal Waite cards and a Tarot Book by Paul Foster Case. I have also ordered the book Tarot for Your Self. So just wondering how you all got started for some tips. Thank you, Jen

  • i would really love to help you. we aren't allowed to post our email address, but if you get in touch via, i would love to hear from you. i have years of experience and am looking for someone to share it with 🙂 xx

    many blessings,


  • Thank you, I will speak with you soon 🙂

  • Hi toster oven ,

    The tarot learning circle is a thread on this site where you can ask questions for beginners .

    ❤ Loap 🙂

  • I feel like I am in the same boat!

    Psychic abilities run rampant in my family, but due to a partial stroke, I have lost certain abilities.

    I myself have made recent purchases of ...The Essential Guide to The Tarot -David Fontana, and am a proud owner of The Pathfinder's Tarot cards( a beautiful tarot deck for self-discovery and finding your destiny)

    Despite my many years of devoted connection here, my daily tarot card is still a mystery, because I am not able to perceive why my personal card for the day is going in same order with the numeric numbers, to me, it should be a mixing of numbers and the cards should not be in order.

    I have memorized the daily Hexagrams until my eyes are almost bleeding, and great awareness has been accomplished there.

    I seek knowledge turned wisdom, and the increased restoring of the knowledge that was removed from my memory.

    Perhaps together, we can unlock said mysteries and take our proper place in the world of physchic enrichment.

  • HI EP,

    I can only imagine how hard it must be for you , How long have you been doing tarot cards before you had your stroke ?As for hexagrams my eyes get boggled just looking at the things let alone trying to interpret them .

    Love and light Loap;)

  • ...before, I would say that I was perhaps 75% complete in my tarot/psychic wisdom.

    I hope you do reconsider the Hexagram, I much prefer the ones that show a visual, with colors, and numbers, it is like having (2) open doors to the knowledge.

    Or along the lines of, 'Should your read the book first, or watch the movie first?' way of thinking.

    And I must confess, much of my former stored researched-knowledge was geared towords the knowlege of the culture that was more advanced, and also the study of religions.

    I did keep many notes, which has helped me to recover.

    After many tests, seeing more than my fair share of neurologists, and 45 minutes x-ray scans, I was made aware that my 35$ memory loss was not gone, only moved to other parts of my brain.

    That gave me hope, so now I attempt activation of memory recall, and I have been given a gift of update.

    Kind of like when you lose one of your (5) senses, if focused, you can magnify one or all of the other (4) senses.

    But, you and I know that we have (6) senses, or perhaps more, and that sixth sense is very powerful and the key to Mindfulness.

  • Its great that you are doing things to enhance your memory they say we should all be doing regular activities to keep our mind active like crosswords , wordsearch and sudokos . I cant get into the hexagram thingy i do have a fortune telling pack with hexagrams maybe i will give it a go again and see what happens .

  • I am also using crystals and candles to increase my psychic ability.

    You do have to think outside of the box.

    Naturally, I would love for my psychic gifts to be poured to me from the sky, but I want them to be authentic, and I have always had the need to actually work for something, making me feel like I earned what I received.

    Also, touching certain objects can help pick up your psychic gifts.

    I often go to places where they have used or old things, walk around 'touching' different objects, seeking my electric charge.

    When I was very young, I put a hairpin into an electric socket, and was actually dead for more than 15 minutes.

    My granny came home( she was born with a caul/veil over her face) she continued to rub me all over my body, and I was returned to this world of the physical.

    I can only believe, that from this, I have increased electric impressions, and I feel an energy all around me, sometimes stronger than others.

    Also wondering, if you have tried meditation to aid you?

    Do you feel that you are grounded?

  • i always light candles can you tell me how you do it ? I am sort of grounded as i have a lot to focus on as i have 3 little kids to look after , and the time factor is hard ,. when you say your Grandma was born with a veil over her face was she healer ?15 minutes is a long time did you experience anything on the other side ?

  • Thank you LoAP, I saw the tarot circle and gleaned a fair bit of information from there, I am sure to revisit it again once I work out how I am going to approach learning the cards, thanks for directing my attention there and for me to know I can ask questions about learning 🙂

  • EP it sounds like we both perhaps have the same desire to continue learning 🙂 It sounds like you've been through a lot with tarot already and you've accumulated wisdom which is still within you. All the best for connecting with it again 🙂

    Also, grounding is something I have been mindful of. I have just started doing Qi Gong, and found that good for making me feel grounded.

  • When using candles, one must focus, and use the correct color of candle.

    Some sugguest that you make your own candles, but when in doubt, use white for purity.

    My granny had the gift of prophesy, but she would use anger to activate it!

    He predictions were so accurate, many were afraid of her, even her very own family!

    I never wanted to be feared like that, so I slowly embraced my psychic beliefs.

    Yet, my journey was almost complete, until my setback.

    Now my gift is stunted ...brewing perhaps, because I still do receive a tingle, but it is much weaker than before.

    Being dead for that amount of time, I did developed a keen alertness and awareness to my surroundings, but fear played a big part in slowing focusing to a higher level.

    Yet, I always felt like I could call upon it to come to full circle, when I was more prepared.

    Another painful state of my life, I was just about ready, I do not fall into total depression from the regression, because as mentioned, I am receiving updates, and restored memory.

    I have accepted that I must knock out any fears, so I am taking it slow, I do not want to decrease, but increase, when the thoughts of all the research and knowledge that I had received during the years gone by.

    The tarot way is only one way that I am using to aid me on this returned journey.

  • Wow Ep,

    You are amazing. i wish i was a strong person like yourself , you are a real striver . you sure are going succeed . I was wondering what country are you in? Im in Australia, its just that we were posting back and forth very quickly last i thought we might be in the same country.

  • I am in the USA, but I love hearing about your location.

  • Hi EP,

    I have candles with words written on them like family, love, joy hope and wish , do you think these are ok to use ? I really dont get chance to light them much except when i am in the bath .

  • I do not think that they should have any writing on them, and that they should be (free will) for you to inspire your will.

    Have you attempted to use scents, herbs, etc?

  • sorry to but in:) but a very wise wiccan(she has been doing this for 30+ yrs) told me that it is ok to use the candle that you feel most comfortable with. The words like family love joy etc... can help you to maintain focus especially if one is stressed out or recovering from sickness or an accident. you can also carve symbols or words of your own on to the candles this is what I do when I use my candles and I like using lavender or honeysuckle when doing tarot readings, if it is an extremely rough reading I also use sage or white sage 🙂

  • Hi EP.,

    no i havent used herbs or scents yet , im basically focusing all my energy on tarot at the moment maybe one day whn my kids are older i will give it a try ,.

  • Hi Shadowmist i,

    Does your Pagan friend do spells ?I have a few books and a deck of cards on spell i also have a book called the tarot spell caster all of which i have never used , the books were given to me but i bought the cards as i collect oracle cards ,i love the imgery on them .

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