Taurus woman calling on all Cancers

  • Hello Cancerman276!!

    Long time to "talk" to 🙂 We've definitely talked on this topic before and you know how I feel about my Cancer men! I find that they, like my own sign are totally mis-understood a great deal of the time. And I've said it many times and am gonna say it again right now, "Cancer MEN are THE Man's Man of the Zodiac", lol!

    I know that there are many that would not agree, but that's, you're not everyone's cup of 'tea', lol! I get you guys and I possess the "key" that it takes in dealing with you, lol! "PATIENCE"! Oh and, a whole lot of T.L.C.!

    Again, good hearing from you! Blessings of whatever your Heart sincerely desires, be yours!!


  • Hey there TaurusFemmeFatale,

    Thank you! You are very welcome 🙂

    I am glad you were able to glean something useful from my thoughts. I appreciate your openness and honesty! I pray that things will work out for you in whatever direction you decide to take things!

    Light and Love always,


  • TT - Yes, we have shared!! Your insight has been so helpful to me!! What can I say...I love him. More than I have ever loved any other man. He is so beautiful.....inwardly, and his fears and sensitivity do warm my heart.

    On the same token though, his fears and insecurities are great. Maybe greater than most cancers. So, I need him to trust in me. I do.

    I can't bail on him. It just does not feel right. So...I guess you can say..he has me in his claws......sigh...lol

  • ("TFF - you forgot one thing about us Taurus women.....when we ARE sure...there is a power in what we fight for. We have the ability to make dreams realities, bc of our strong will and determination. Which is a powerful thing to cancer men.

    We do not sit around and talk, we take action. And bc of our ability to multi task, think, manuver and create...we can make what appears to be the most difficult things...happen. And we do it with such grace and ease. ") Posted by Taurus7

    This is sooo true. Taurus women have the gift of 'foresight.' We're very good at backing up a business venture, and working diligently until we see completion....and not to mention, success! We will never nag or complain about our responsibilities either. You're right, everything we do is done with such grace and ease. It's almost instinctual!

    This can be a powerful thing to Cancer men. Despite being lost in translation with Cancer men, I believe that both signs have the ability to balance each other's strength's and weaknesses.

  • Thank you for listening ,The Transformed...

    My epic/long story was too much to digest, but thanks again for your words, kindness and patience.

    I can be a bit complex and difficult @times!

  • Hey TaurusFemmeFatale,

    No problem. You are very welcome, it was my pleasure! I have a fewTaurus friends, and I love you guys' gracefulness 🙂 You are a fixed sign, as am I so yes we are good at seeing things through and can be very insightful and dependable! I am a Water sign too, so trust me I KNOW complexity and intensity, lol! Not an issue at all; be yourself, love yourself and JUST BE!

    Light and Love surround you!!!


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