Experienced Tarot readers - would like your help

  • Hi, I've been reading cards for myself for over twenty years, but there comes a point, when an issue is so charged, that I fear I can't listen to the message, only see what I want to see. Consider this an experiement of sorts, but I am wondering if any of you experienced readers would be willing to do a reading, simply asking for an overview of "Jenever's relationship with Rudy". Looking for a general "where things stand and where they are going" view. I'd prefere a Celtic cross reading, with or without reversals (I normally read cards upright, but whatever you are most comfortable with) and I have always used the Queen of Pentacles as my significator.

    I need an unbiased look at things at this point. I am not asking for any lengthy interpretation, although your insights on what you see in the spread are certainly most welcome. I would be more than happy to return the favor for you if you should ever want me to do a spread for an issue for you as well. I think this forum is an exciting opportunity to share our "gifts" and if there are multiple responses here, it will be interesting to see how closely matched the results are.

  • I would be happy to give you a reading.

    I find it difficult to read for myself too. I think it is because like you said I want it to come out the way I want it to come out. LOL I use tarot but if you don't mind I have some ancient fortune telling cards passed down to me from my grandmother that I prefer to use instead. I also have dreams that come true too. But since I don't know you I probably would do better with cards.

    I will do a reading for you and get back to you.

  • The relationship can be described as the "sickness and the cure"

    It is like you can't live with him and you can't live without him.

    You are a restricted to a certain place- a job, a home, or a physical area.But you want to start a new life, open a door or have another chance.In the past your expectations did not come through everything you had your heart set on was destroyed, the people you trusted to help you let you down. All your hopes and dreams did not come true. You have waited a long time for what you want.

    The problem lies in expecting happiness to come from someone else. You are delaying action due to lack of certainty or lack of courage. The answer lies in something very unexpected. Some thing that is taboo or socially not excepted. Someone acting completely out of character (maybe you?) so unexpected it will make you wonder. It will be a total surprise.

    You will be very happy once the new reign begins.

    The fisherman will appear. Someone who waits patiently and deliberately. He will bring the waiting to completion by doing something very unusual. When it happens you will think back on this reading in awe. Expect the unexpected and lots of happiness will follow.

  • Andrea - Wow, I am already in awe. You are so completely on target with this. I am two years out of a divorce (the death of that dream). I am in a situation that involves "the taboo" - an affair with a man whose unhappy marriage is identical to the marriage I left - and he has asked me to wait things out until he is financially secure enough to leave his wife, but also insure that his children can still be well provided for. The entire situation completely defies my personal sense of logic and moral standards and what I know I deserve in a relationship and yet I can't tear myself away from him.

    My current angst is over my struggle to hang on to what my heart feels for him, but live with the fact that I cannot see him openly for what could be years. The emptiness this brings keeps pulling me towards ending things in order to end my confusion and open new doors to happiness, but I just can't do it, our spiritual connection is that strong. I've never felt anything like this in a lifetime, I know I wouldn't just walk away and find it again.

    Like you, I've had a deep sense that something outside of the situation could turn things around and that keeps holding me back as well. (You gave me goosebumps with that statement, lol, and it's not courage, normally I can end relationships courageously based on logic - it is indeed the uncertainty and a sense that other forces are at work here in a bigger picture that will only reveal itself in time.) For instance, I had suggested at one point that his wife might meet someone else and initiate a divorce (which would put a huge glitch in his master-plan for divorcing her). He laughed, convinced that because of her religious beliefs and dependency on him she could never do that. I just said, "people can surprise you...the heart is a powerful motivator and hates to be denied what brings happiness". So who can say...but I agree with you, there is some element of unexpectedness that I sense as well, and keep waiting to materialize. The "hand of Fate" revealing a new path in one great stroke. Meanwhile I literally and very consciously work on finding ways to create happiness within myself, and not be so engrossed in the happiness I long for with him, since I know this is just as important for my well-being and growth - and has always been a weak area for me. You saw this in your reading as the "problem", and it too often is.

    I can't thank you enough for so graciously sharing your gift with me, and suffice to say, your amazing insights have already introduced the unexpected into the picture! I will hope to follow up with you at some point to tell you how events have unfolded. If I can ever return the favor, don't hesitate to ask, although I feel my skills are no match for yours, I would be happy to try. I think that more than anything you have brought me the peace to simply be still for a space and see what happens next, instead of pressuring myself to try to resolve it on my own. Thank you!

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