AstraAngel - would you be able to do a reading for me?

  • Dear AstraAngel

    You've been so kind, I don't want to impose on you any further, but since you seem to be very talented at this and seem to have been very accurate so far...I've noticed that you apparently do readings for people on here? Is there any possibility you might be able to do another reading for me? That reading I asked for your second opinion on was done 5 weeks ago this Friday. Is it too soon to ask the cards if there's been any change?

    Thank you.

  • Hello Toriar

    Thanks for your patience, and yes, let's see what shows up for you!

    We'll do a Celtic Cross...

    1. Significator - I drew the Eight of Wands so your life is feeling like things are speedy right now... you are feeling a little blown about my some situation, could be on the way out.

    2. Present Situation - (A description of the current state of affairs) - The Devil - Woah! Man that dude popped right out. Looks like you are in some kind of prison, could be sexual... let's hope so. 🙂 Just kidding. Actually all it says is that you are feeling some limitations around you at this time.

    3. Crossing you - The Three of Wands - Sees you very focused on making a quality choice about something you have been considering for quite a while. Is this the matter you are wondering about if there has been a change? This sees you very concerned about that.

    4. Above you - your fondest hopes and wishes right now - Justice - You really feel that you were dealt a bad hand on the deal, and you are expecting the scales to tip your way again soon. Good thing, because that is exactly what appears to be coming. Lady Luck in a Justice Costume.

    5. Below you - some yucky thing you are walking away from - Temperance - do this, don't do that. Ugh. Is there no end to the "reminders" about what is appropriate in this matter? Fortunately this is all a bad memory now and fading fast. The sooner the better, right?

    6. The most recent past - Strength - Whatever it was you dealt with in the Temperance Dimension (Saturn on Speed), you had to really stand up to at times, even requiring you to dig down in places you didn't know you had. You actually impressed yourself, which is not easy, because you set exceptionally high standards for yourself. Good for you.

    7. First of what is coming up - The Lovers - Well, as long as the matter you are referring to is a love situation toriar, then you just received an Airmail Letter from Heaven saying YES, whatever it is changes and you are having the time of your life, very sweet and lovely on a lot of levels!

    8. Future environment - This is what you can expect in your surroundings soon - Nine of Pentacles - very nice! Something settles into your life materially, and you are so happy about it. You look relieved to me.

    9. Outside Influences - the Four of Swords - I see a lot of so-called friends telling you to relax, take a chill pill, how can you though, right? I mean, after the bs you went through. I would tell them you'll think about it, and you will get back to them around Christmas.

    10. Your hopes and - watch out - fears! - Okay no worries, let's see... The Hermit! Oh, he's harmless enough, as long as you don't take anything he says too seriously! Hey, this is where you are right now. You feel so strong inside that you want to get away, flee, run... and maybe this time you need to. For yourself. By yourself. Don't be afraid, I see some wonderful creative energies coming out of this time for you, be thankful.

    11. THe Outcome - King of Pentacles - So the Nine in the future environment and you are the King in the outcome, this is a very nice matchup. Something nice, romantic, and it has you solid around the material and security requirements that you know must be addressed.

    This is a rather intense reading only in the sense that you have all major arcana cards in the corners of your life square (the cards in pos. 4-7). This to me is a strong sign that you are right in the middle of a major life transformation, and the forces around you now are carrying you. So you should take it easy for while, take plenty of time for yourself, by yourself, soak in the breezes, feel the air, relax and be at peace because wonderful forces are working on your behalf right now.

    Peace and light to you.

  • I'm sorry - I only saw this this morning, or I would have thanked you earlier. Thank you, that does fit in well with a lot in my life at the moment and does make sense. I vry much appreciate your taking the time to do that for me. I tried doing a reading for myself, but I really don't trust it, as I'm very anxious about something at the moment and I'm sure that's too much of an influence on the cards, so I really think I needed someone else with a different deck to do it for me, and you'd been so insightful previously I thought you might be a good person to ask. 🙂 I loved what you said about telling my friends I'll get back to them around Christmas. 😄 I hope that you're right that I can relax, because I am feeling very trapped and helpless at the moment, which would fit in with the Devil card where it is. The Hermit makes sense as well; I'm hoping this period apart has given us both wisdom, but I'm scared I'm going to be all alone. Anyway, thank you again. I'll keep you posted, and I do hope it all works out happily.

  • Dear AstraAngel,

    I'd appreciate it very much if you could do a reading for me. I read the reading that you did for toriar and you seem to be very gifted. I've been going through alot of changes in the last few years and would like some insight.

    Thanks so much.

  • Dear sharon62

    AstraAngel would be more likely to see this request if you start a separate thread.

    All the best


  • Hi Sharon62,

    I will take a shot, and thank you Toriar...

    First card, sort of where you are right now - Nine of Pentacles sees you pretty comfy at the moment. Although there is a strong sense of looking back and to, you are really wanting to sort a matter out, you are looking to the sky for answers. You are listening to someone tell you something.

    What has been going on recently, let's start there - The Lovers. Okay, well now we know what has been going on. A love matter.

    Where did that go? Ace of Cups - so something got started, and it looks like it showed or shows a lot of promise, a lot. I have a sense something happened?

    The Hanged Man. So something occurred that was unexpected abut this matter, you are looking at this with a different view. Changing your mind about something. You were left hanging on something.

    But what? What was the change of view? The Emperor - Sounds like your love situation has a strong authority element, and

    Six of Swords - you move away, or out of it. Over is the word I have. Sounds like you have been dealing with a relationship that only recently bit the dust, leaving you at the Nine Pentacles where you are more focused on yourself and your surroundings. This feels like the right place for you right now.

    Anything else from the recent past we should know? Ten of Pentacles - So something also very strong materially was a recent part of your life, and that appears to be continuing with the Nine. Although in this deck (The Mystic Dreamer Tarot which is very alluring!) there is a couple and she is superimposed alone, and then in the Nine you are totally alone. So this seems to reaffirm that some situation recently ended for you, although you carry something away from it?

    Looking forward, let's see...

    Two of Wands and the Hierophant - So this shows you making a choice and it seems connected to career or some spiritual path, the presence of the Hierophant says that you absorbed in grasping the journey you have been on, you are really wanting to take what happened and turn it into a book of wisdom for yourself. You learned a lot from it and you do now want to repeat the mistakes of the past.


    Seven of Swords, so you are making a choice to move forward with something that has you mentally imagining some very new possibilities in our life, you are arriving at a very consistent, personal point of view that is working for you. It should you paid a price for it.


    Ten of Swords - so yes, whatever happened "back there" that left you hanging upside down for the longest time, you moved away from, and are now taking stock of what is left. You are fixed at the moment, very still and quiet. You are aware that some new options are now opening for you, and you are carefully weighing this out while applying the wisdom from the past. This sends you to a new place personally in your life where you find much new confidence in your own unique perspective and you are showing a lot of focus there, almost like you are writing or speaking about something.

    And then the Three of Wands, so this wands-swords-wands thing has you in a nice new energy balance as you work with your mind and will, something creative and focused more on your own special gifts. Much you have learned from that past heartbreak.

    Advice card - Page of Pentacles - you will keep from this past matter something that will turn ut to be a blessing in disguise - you are writing or crafting something that sums that up. Also shows you considering a change of location.

    I hope that gives you something to consider Sharon62! Blessings! 🙂

    And Toriar is right, it's a good idea to start a new thread when in a situation like yours. You want to make sure you get the attention you deserve!

  • Dear AstraAngel

    Thanks. I don't expect you to remember, but I was asking for another reading because you kindly gave a second opinion on a readong I had done by another person 5 weeks ago. It was concerning my boyfriend and I having had an argument and him not speaking to me at all. Sadly I am yet to hear a single word from him still, 12 weeks after the argument. So I was wondering if there had been any change in the situation. I really am feeling very low and sometimes feel as if I can't go on any longer - the waiting is unbearable. I hope more than anything that you are right and that things can be put right between us. We were together for 2 years and I love him very much.

  • Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. When you mentioned me looking to the sky for answers, well that was probably my recently deceased brother who passed away unexpectedly. We were so close and I miss him terribly. I also went through a nasty divorce and it took alot out of me. I am in a more comfortable spot now and am trying to figure out what my next life adventure will be. Again, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to do a reading. You are truly a blessing!

    God Bless:)


  • Hey Toriar

    Let me look into this some more, and hold on to your faith, as you never know with heaven, all kinds of things can change, when you least expect it.

    I am going to look at each of these areas and try to give you something to move forward on...

    The argument with boyfriend - Justice - there was an injustice felt between you. This is not fair! I can hear someone saying. A lot of words. Tears. You ran.

    12 weeks later and not a single word from him - The High Priestess - My sense is that the 'event' was harsh enough to cause both of you retreat into a more isolated reflective space, relying more on your intuition, going within (The High Priestess). I also see him trying to gain a little better understanding of the female. He doesn't want to argue.

    any change in the situation? Queen of Wands - Nothing has changed much. You are each in your own little worlds cut off from communicating.

    Feeling very low, can't go on - Three of Wands - Yes I see that. This Wand person is at an impasse. You have travelled as far as you can go under your own. This sees you still gazing out expectantly. I would wait there until one of those wands tickles your heart and says, this way.

    Waiting is unbearable - Six of Cups - Yes, this indicated that you shared something deep with him.

    Can things be put right between us? Nine of Cups - well this is a nice card for love matters. I would say things can absolutely be put right. What will that involve?

    Together for two years and you love him very much - Ten of Wands - I see that. You were and are willing to walk miles for this person. In this picture you have your arms around him, holding him tightly. Does he know how much you love him? You really do I can feel that so strong.

    I asked, what is coming up for Toriar? And drew three cards...

    The Lovers, the Ten of Wands, and the Ace of Pentacles

    I see you with him again soon, giving him a big hug. And whatever the matter was you argued about is forgiven and settled, you seem to be starting something materially. A home would be my guess.

    And Justice, so yes the matter is resolved and you are better off for it having happened this way.

    And, at last the Ace of Cups, so yes, this is a new start for you and him. Very sweet. We did not see a single sword and so the atmosphere is one of quiet expectations.

    I wish I could tell you exactly what to do... you have to make that choice. (Seven Pentacles)

  • Oh I cannot tell you HOW MUCH I hope and pray you are right and how grateful I am to you for doing that for me. Today I have been a mess, crying on work colleagues in my office...I'm worried I might lose my job at this rate. What you is exactly how I feel the situation might be, but I can't sleep at night (or, if I do, I wake in the early hours) worrying myself sick that he isn't taking time alone at all, but he actually just plain literally never wants to to speak to me ever again. (That was the last thing he said to me, that he wasn't going to speak to me anymore.) I am dreading Christmas, terrified that I will still not have heard by then, and, if so, I will really have to accept by that stage that he's never getting back in touch with me. It's so horrible to dread Christmas. And our Christmas last year was perfect. I truly would walk miles for him, yes. I hope and pray he knows and appreciates that. One of my friends tried looking at tarot cards for me many weeks ago, not long after this happened, although she isn't very experienced at all, and she pulled the Hermit and the High Priestess as outcomes/futures, which fitted in with how things seem to be and your own reading above. So - I shall try hard to sleep now, try to believe that this is for the best and he is taking time alone as I am doing, and that we will be reunited, I hope before much longer and I pray before Christmas. Thank you so much.

    Seven of Pentacles I think means to wait, and be patient, which fits with everything else. So I shall continue to wait.

  • Toriar,

    Wait a minute...

    are these his words exactly? "I never want to to speak to you ever again"

    Let me know exactly what he said and we'll go from there. Could have a significant impact on how this your story with him plays out.

    Peace. 🙂

  • 😞 That's worrying. Have you changed your mind, now?

    The argument was about me disliking a number of his friends, who I think are harmful people, and , in particular, me being upset that his exes are still in his life, even though they hurt him terribly and many of them are also bad, selfish people (I know that sounds doubtful, because of course I would be biased against them, but I truly believe they treated him badly because they were selfish and immoral. I wouldn't want to know them had they done what they did to a total stranger, never mind to the person I love.)

    The last exchange between us was me saying, "I don't know why you still speak to people who were horrible to you." And he replied, off that and in the heat of the moment, "I don't still speak to people who were horrible to me, and that's why I'm not going to speak to you anymore." And that was the very last thing he said to me. After two years together.

    It might be that he needs time to think, it might be that he's proving a point, it might be that he really meant it and really does think that I'm worse than them. I feel as if he's making +me+ out to be the bad guy for being upset with them being bad and wanting to protect him from them. He thinks I'm being unfair to his friends and I think he's being unfair to me, so that's the unfairness you saw there.

  • toriar,

    I was curious about the exact words he used, it could be a clue.

    A lot of times people will say something and act out something that you think they said, when the reality is that they didn't say exactly what you thought they said. Our subconscious will play little tricks like that, and it is designed "play" that allows us to say one thing, mean another, and then do something again different. The point is basically to keep us chasing one another. In love, we are supposed to be chasing and never stop! It is our reason to live; love, sex, ...pleasure in one another's arms! What else is there?

    For example, let's say your guy said something like "I never want to speak with you ever again." Well when you literally parse out that statement it means "i want to speak with you again." Because "never" and "ever" are like saying i do not not. Which means, I do! My sense is that he is toying with you. He said "I am not going to speak with you any more." So if you speak with someone more, it means there is more to come. When you say i will speak with you any more. Any modifies the adjective, "more". So, any more is like asking, any more? So when someone says I am not going to talk to you anymore, it is like asking, "I am not going to speak with you any more?" He was asking you, not telling you.

    I know this sounds different, humor me though. When you can get a revelation of how funny his statement was in fact, you will see that it was probably you that were projecting energies that manifested in your reaction to his statement. What I am suggesting to you is to look at some humorous aspect of that moment, what was being discussed, and turn it around into something funny... look for some funny angle in the moment. Every bad moment has hidden gems, you simply have to look for them. ANyway, begin to cultivate a positive funny view of that event, and when you are ready I would approach him asap, and tell him with a smile, "hey, I finally got what you were saying!" And then you can share a little about how sorry you were how it went, and you were confused. Simply tell him you were confused and he will cry and that will be that. This is all sword play anyway, a lot of our conscious life. So you are getting a lesson in sword play I believe. Also, when you get that chance for a face to face, and it most be to his face, make sure you wear something kinda breezy and open necked, white lace and a nice necklace, something you really like, and keep that blouse open a little more than you normally would. I know it will be a special time for you two.

    My sense is that something was said in the heat of the moment, and for some reason it became an impasse for him, however I believe deep down he is praying like crazy that somehow he can get back with you. Do you see? Something is keeping him from making the first move back to you, so I believe your process now is:

    1. See something funny about what happened, and hold that always in your mind when you think about that.


    1. Reach out to him and ask to see him because you have something very cool to share, about that event, and say it wilh a smile in your voice! ANd then when you are standing in front of him, as close as you can, look into his eyes and tell him you "finally got it" about the whole friend thing etc. That you had made a much bigger deal about it than you should. Tell him you were confused. And then when you say that, extend your arms out to either side as in a slight gesture of embrace toward him. He will feel that energy (and you did open the blouse a little more right?) and he will reach out to you and hold you, and that will be that.

    No, I am not changing my mind on this. I was simple looking for an etymological (is that the right word?) basis to find humor in that moment, which only adds more fuel to your fire of love for him. You can absolutely have him back in your arms! Have faith! Believe that matters can turn positive in this, and they will! You two are in slightly different Universes right now, however the wheel always turns and as long as you are believing, believing, believing, then when your two doors line up again, and you have been longing for him? Bang! The doors open and you are back in each others arms! It is really quite simple. Anyone could win back anyone using this method I'll bet. You can't give up though. You must keep believing no matter what. That is what the angels and the Universe are looking for, that "love energy" from which to create the beautiful happy ending you are longing for! Yay, you are on your way!

    I am guessing once you get back together he won't have time for the "not nice" people, because you two will be quite tied up with other, more passionate matters. 🙂

    The Ace of Wands. The Seed of Desire.

  • Oh dear, I hope you're right, but it's not that simple. I have written him two letters, one after 1 week and one after 10 weeks, apologising, telling him I know I was wrong, and in the second one telling him that I am seeing a therapist in order to try and work on my low self-esteem and my insecurity, which I believe is what made me get so upset about his exes still being in his life (though, as I said, I would dislike them in any situation - my view of their characters hasn't changed, I just think I was wrong to get upset about them). He has not replied. If I call his phone my numbers get diverted straight to answerphone. I went round to his house after 19 days and he refused to speak to me.

    I don't know what else I can do. I think we're well past a point where I can just go round to see him and say, "Hey, that argument we had..." and try and laugh if off. 😞 He has ignored all my attempts to contact him - did you assume I hadn't made any? I initially tried to phone and text the weekend he left, then I left it a week before sending a letter, then left another week before an email, then cracked up and lost the plot after 3 days and tried to phone, went to his house, sent a crazy 2am email, sent another one the next day apologising which probably came off as even more crazy than the first one...Then I tried to leave him again and managed to not contact him for only about 2 weeks before sending a 1 sentence text and email asking if he was OK (because of the riots in London) and then I sent this letter on the 9th of this month. All of this he has ignored. I cannot just turn up on his doorstep, I'm afraid. The next move is his. Surely?

    The sad thing is that we didn't have time for our friends, and he was spending all his time with me, but I was so wound up and upset about his friends and his exes that I couldn't stop thinking about them and convinced myself that I was keeping him from his friends and thus making him unhappy and that we were doomed. I created a problem where none existed because he was actually happy to spend his time with me rather than them. The problem was really only in my own head. I can see that now, but I strongly suspect it's too late.

    To be honest, I'm not sure now if he said "again" or "anymore" - I think it was actually "again", but I don't think it makes much difference. That he wouldn't speak to me when I went to see him makes me suspect he has taken some sort of vow that he is going to stick to it literally. I wish I had your optimism, but the evidence points to that. I think it's women who say one thing and mean another, not men.

  • I'm pretty sure his exact words were: "I +don't+ still speak to people who are horrible to me and that's why I'm not going to speak to +you+ again."

  • Toriar

    Okay thanks for the background, this helps. I think the Tarot is wonderful in that it gets us vocalizing what exactly is going on, at least we can be jolted a little by the Tarot, which then causes a light within us. I can really sense the predicament you were in.

    The question is, do you still love him? Or let me ask it this way... do you find it easy to release your love energy his way? Do thoughts of him still make you happy? Once we come to grips with how YOU feel, and then embracing your OWN feelings as something very, very beautiful, then we can move outward to other people. (Two of Cups.)

    Does that make sense?


  • Dear Astra Angel

    If anything, I love him now more, because now I am faced with life without him, now I am experiencing life without him, I realise how precious it is, the thing I've lost. When I was with him and tormented by worry about his friends and worry that we were incompatible because of the sort of people he had as friends I often thought we might be better off apart, but now it has happened I have gained a perspective on the situation that I couldn't get while I was in the middle of it, I can see what I was doing/thinking wrong and I realise that the most important thing is that we love each other. He wasn't even seeing these friends much anymore, because he was with me all the time! It was all inside my own stupid insecure head! No amount of reassurance from him would ever have helped me because it needed to come from me. I needed a therapist to point that out to me, unfortunately. I wish I'd realised it before this happened.

    Now I need know he's coming back or else the therapy might help me deal with my low self-esteem and insecurity, but it will seem pointless without him back in my life. I don't want to gain better mental health at the expense of my relationship with him. I wish I'd seen a therapist before this happened.

    Yes, remembering times together with him still make me happy. When I can try to be optimistic I am happy. When I recall things in therapy I smile and am happy and I really feel the love we had together when I remember wonderful things he did for me. It isn't all pain.

  • I wish I did know what to do. All I can do is wait, but I feel so helpless. And it's hard for me to believe he's really going to come back. In fact, I think I don't really believe it at all, I just can't bear the thought that he's not going to.

  • Hi toriar

    I drew the Ace of Cups, the King of Swords, Eight of Swords, and the Three of Pentacles.

    So the interpretation I have is

    Don't give up on love, even though your situation with this man has been hard on you, mostly mentally. You are soon to see a revitalized love in your life.

    Keep the eyes of your heart on true love, and not on who left you. Love is who you are seeking and not a man.

    As for him... King of Pentacles. He is still out there, and it not going anywhere. Focus on yourself, take care of your own heart, keep smiling, the Sun is as bright today as it was on the happiest day you had with him.

    Keep your eyes on the Sun, and the Love will come.

  • Dear AstraAngel

    Are you saying that I am going to meet someone else? That it's all over? That I'm to give up hope?

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