Cancer Male I pushed him away PLS HELP!

  • ok i am a leo female july 30th he is a cancer male july 8 not to mention german. ok pls read carefully and answer helpfully. We met online but have mutual friends. he lived in dubai and we talked everyday and got very close through text skype etc. well he flew to the states to meet me and it was verrrryyyy akward the first time he was very quiet and not lovey like he was on phone and skype. but when he got drunk he was saying how much he liked me etc. well the following day we hung out by the pool and had lunch which he was still quiet and didnt seem interested in me didnt try to hold my hand anything. well when we talked he said he was taking care of his ex and would do it for her as long as she needed well i told him i could date someone like that so i went home. well i met him the following day and he seemed really normal like all about me so sweet kissing me at dinner etc.well i stayed the night w him but we didnt do anything except kiss after that we didnt talk and i didnt hear from him. well i messaged him one day 3 months later and we started talking again and he called to apologize for everything and said how much he missed me etc.and how he cared so much for me and to forgive him well i did and we started talking again for a few months but we got even closer well he decided to move to states and he asked me to fly in and see him that week. well i stayed w him and he was soo sweet first day and then the following days it seemed like some hed want kisses and others hed be distant. so it confused me and i told him i couldnt do this and he was like what do you mean. and i said i cant get hurt again and im so unsure about this and hes like i wont hurt you well i left and i felt horrible afterwards and asked him to meet me but i was drunk so i was a mess and after that we didnt talk and i went home. well i apologized and we were ok he was still distant through text but i flew back and we met for dinner everything wsa great and amazing he said he missed me etc. well that morning we went to lunch and he seemed distant again. well were were supposed togo to dinner and he cancceled 2 hrs before syaing he forgot he had dinner plans w a family friend. well i freaked out on him saying, thats so rude, you dont treat me right i put you first when i put others beneath you who would treat me right. and he was like that is so rude!! and basically told me i should of just talked to him and told him how i was feeeling but i feel like its so hard bc he seems so cold at times. so that night i texted him and asked him to meet me when his dinner ws done and he said ok well he never came and stopped answering my text at one point and i flipped out saying your an asshole etc. well he text back the following day saying noone has ever talkedf to him that way and he doesnt wanna talk to me.well i sent him an apology bc i shouldnt have acted that way nto to mention i was drunk..and so i asked him if we could meet for coffee to end things right and he said ok..BUT he changed the times to meet constantly he said first wed meet at 1 then he said no 3 then he said he could take me to airport at 7 and wed meet to talk at 6 giving us only an hr? so it hurt bc i was tehre to see him and he knew i was going home and he only wanted to meet for a hr..i was hurt but we met for coffee and i texted him when i got there where r u , well when he got there he was like you need to relax i was on my way.. sooo rudly so i was already pissed. well we sat down to drink our coffee and i was like its not nice to cancel before a dinner 2 hrs. he was like what do u want me to do i had plans. then he said so many rude things about maybe were different bc how were raised and hes traveled the world. and eventually i said i didnt care and he said so leave and i said no so he stormed away/. well then he texted me that ima sweet girl and we just dont work. and i told him that i cared for him and i was acting how i do bc he never told me how he flet and he was always hot and cold. and i would never have hurt him. and he was like you never asked why im emotionally unavailable and i said i dont need to bc you were emotionally there for me then you stopped. and we didnt talk after that. well i went out that night and he was there but we preteneded like we didnt see one another.. well i saw him talking to girls so when the night was over i called him and he answered and i was like why r u talking about me and he was like im not your drunk lets talk later. well i texted him have fun w your sluts. and he texted me i dont even remember. but someone pls help me w this disaster!!! i texted him 2 days after all this saying we didnt get along but i dont wanna be on bad terms w anyone and saying i did care for him he just never told me anything and acted so up and down with his feelings and caused me to be insecure how i felt. and he wrote back i tried to make you happy but it didnt work. im un emotionally available and to move on. and havent heard from him since 😞

  • MissLoeLove

    I felt like I was on a merry go round reading your information here about this love affair.

    He is a moody man and you can not handle his moods well. You want a constant flow of emotions that leave you feeling secure and loved. He does not do this for you as he is on a see-saw. Honey, just move forward and give yourself the chance to be loved by a man more on your emotional level.

    You will be meeting another man it feels like in a group of friends as I feel you like to be social and will be during the upcoming holidays. This new man will be light headed with some gray touching the temples of his hair. He will laugh and be even keeled in his emotions and most important he will like you and be there for you on the levels you need him to be. He is no angel , but darn near a good mix of devil and angel sent to you. You like a man that is a bit of a challange so you can feel that you conquer him. lol After all you are that Leo sign.

    So please move forward and look for this new fellow to come into your life soon. I feel you being very happy at Christmas time.

    I'm a clairvoyant reader here on this site when time allows.


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