• Yesterday, I went to a Buddhist Chanting meeting. It was my first time; I went with my mom. It was very enlightening and it was something new.

    I don't belong to a particular religion. My mom says we are just spiritual.

    Buddhism is all about happiness and world peace. if you find happiness, then you encourage others to be happy. This chain reaction leads to world peace. When you chant, you don't chant only for yourself but for others also.

    Nam is devotion. It is the action of practicing Buddhism. Myoho is Mystic Law. It is the essential law of life and its phenomenal manifestations. Renge is lotus as in the lotus flower. It is the simultaneity of cause and effect. Kyo is sutra. It is the truth expressed thought the sound of one's voice.

    I really liked it. I would love to learn more about the religion.

    Buddhism is a religion that builds belief as you go. Usually when you start a religion, you have to have faith FIRST then all the other stuff comes next.

    🙂 I just wanted to share this experience.

  • Beautiful

  • I haven't heard that in a long time! I heard it first in a movie--the LAST DETAIL with Jack Nicholson and I heard it in another movie called What's love got to do with it--a autobiography about Tina Turner. She changedher life using that meditation. If you pay attention---you wil notice as you say it it forces you to do deeo breathing. There are many different chants that bring the same effects. Repeating a mantra or saying disengages your thoughts from other things and brings you into the moment. It will calm anxiety. I love using this chant---Always us living love. And saying it in different tones---like--Always---or ALL ways. It's very soothing!

  • I have been reading, The Buddha the record.

    I also am Spiritual and have studied many religions.

    I do observe how people who are successful and happy have a certain kind of religion belief.

  • gee that's great! SGI buddhism is a great practice with great people. The literature is deceptively simple, but really very deep. I hope your practice grows. World peace is the ultimate goal but the real proof is peace in ourselves

  • Scorpwolf, thanks!

    Blmoon, They were using different tones. It sounded really nice and very soothing.

    EsotericPhilosoher, I think that people who are successful and happy are that way because they have a religious beliefs also. I think that it they strive to be successful because there is a promise of a wonderful afterlife. But there are some successful people who have to religious beliefs what so ever.

    oolongtee, They were talking about SGI but I didn't really understand. 🙂 Thank you. I agree; peace starts within.

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