Compatibility and Relationship Scenario Question to "The Captain" Please

  • Dear Captain:

    Can I please have a relationship and compatibility scenario from you on my birth date and a potentials birth date?

    Me: March 23, 1978

    Him: December 19, 1975

    Please and Thank You,

    Love Detox

  • Astrology predicts that this can work for a love affair but will struggle for anything happily long term. The relationship secretly yearns for ease of interchange and natural, childlike expression. At certain rare moments of mutual repose and comfort, this ideal can be reached; a strong, intuitive sense allows each partner to know what the other wants. Perversely however, individual wilfulness and stubbornness can make each person refuse to satisfy the other's desires. Only strong determination and conviction will truly allow you two to lower your guards and enjoy each other.

    The main problem here is that the two of you have very different approaches to everyday matters. Should you end up in a relationship, in fact, many people will probably wonder how on earth you found each other. Strong clashes and stormy confrontations will usually epitomize your daily relations, and there will be periodic irritations and resentments. Both of you have a fiery side to your nature, and you will have to establish a conscious truce to keep from upsetting harmony in the home. But although you may never fully accept each other's ways, true mutual understanding does exist at a deep level (although often with a certain accompanying sense of disapproval). And the relationship is characterized by honesty, no matter how painful. This is not one of those relationships that depend on flattery to keep up appearances and interests.

    Both of you may somewhat resent the relationship, yet be unable to do anything about it. Unfortunately, the solution you choose may be to express your resentment by making things even more difficult for each other. You may also procrastinate and hang back from expressing your feelings for long periods, then suddenly and unexpectedly break out in an emotional outburst. Both of you have a tremendous need to share (whether opportunities, money, friends or other resources) but you may also have problems in doing so. Marriage or friendship is thus not recommended. Yet your love-hate relationship, however unstable or unpredictable, may go on unhappily for years.

  • I am sorry to butt in here

    but Captain this sounds a little like me and mine 😞

    Could I ask for help ... I am in desperate need.

    me 3/16/1969

    him 12/4/1979

    things were going awesome --- I did not do any tarot cards for 1.5 years then I picked some up to ask about safety of a trip we are planning and it all pointed to -- do not trust this person...I am in a very vulnerable position I need help thanks

  • Haunted_lady, in this relationship, it might appear that the two of you have come together for just one purpose - to help each other on the path to self-realization and to find your individual creative cores. Once you are set solidly on the left-hand path of inner growth, your relationship may no longer be necessary. The success of this work will depend on your partner's ability to keep his ego drive under control and submit to a higher authority - whether moral, religious or spiritual. You HL may be a strong influence on him in this respect and may act as his spiritual guide in the relationship, gently encouraging him to temper his egotism and follow the path of true inner work. In turn, he can share in your courageous and creative approach to this process.

    A love affair here will be passionate but is in no less need of philosophical direction than any type of relationship between you. Sufficiently pleasurable experiences may be had by both of you, but if you two take the time to explore the depths of your own feelings and to contemplate the many mysteries of life, you will add whole new dimensions to your interactions. Furthermore, such investigations tend to increase the likelihood of your staying together. Marriage may come to be squarely based on a particular ideology, whether a formal one or a more subjective one workerd out by the two of you yourselves. Should this be the case, you must both remember to be open to criticism and evaluation, and never to cut yourselves off from the world's input.

    HL, your friend is very complex emotionally and extremely self-protective, due to feelings of being unsafe and abandonment that he acquired during childhood. It can make him very clingy and dependent in relationships as he seeks the good parent/s he never had. It can also drive him the other way - into isolation, alienation, and all sorts of escapist addictions like drugs and alcohol. While on the one hand, he has a great need to be accepted; on the other, he may manifest a rational, independent, cocky or stubborn exterior that will insist he doesn't need anyone. He doesn't trust easily because he has made disastrous relationship choices in the past, has a pronounced fear of rejection, is a poor judge of others' characters (thus the bad relationships), and often feels like a victim. At the same time as he is expecting perfection from his partner and/or family, he will be waiting for the tsunami that will take it all away. Still, he is largely positive and in his day life, he can be very competent and stable. It's just when out of the public eye that he can lose it. His main challenge is self-acceptance, and grounding his spirit into his earthly body through things like yoga, massage, sports etc . He needs a strong, independent kind partner, rather than clingy or needy people.

  • Thank you so very much I appreciate it

  • Ha ha, wow! It actually sounds like how my marriage went.

    My ex husband is one day and one year younger than this man and it ended in disaster. We have a hate-hate relationship (my ex and I), I hate him and he hates me. Unfortunately a wonderful and innocent child is caught inn the middle of this horror story.

    I guess I should keep away from this one eh? Thank you again Captain =^)


    Love Detox

  • I think you may be establishing a pattern of being attracted to the same type of person, LoveDetox.

  • Captain I had a relationship with a man 5/6/66 born 10:30 am Hoopa CA that seems to rear it ugly head within me. I want so much to focus on the relationship now but we had a very strong relationship spiritually and I could hear his thoughts very well like they were my own it was scary.

    I had dreams of him many years before. SOmetimes I get very paranoid and cannot trust my environment this man was like this.. I seemed to have gotten to close and it left some sort of spiritual mark.. What do you think?

    I also take care of my Mom ( the man I mentioned above does as well) she is 2/13/45 she has been very psychic my entire life but now fights medical problems. I am at my wits end with her some days she has an iron will. SHe tells me that the first man I spoke about doesn't really care for me and it starts a seed of doubt because my Mom has always been so spot on.

    WHen I do my cards lately it says someone's feelings for you may turn out to be false. I am a very realistic person I have been through hell and do not want to create more. The man I am with Nows ( P) wants me to move to another state to start a new life with him we have been long distance for two years now. I feel stuck... I am in a horrific job but glad to have one where I help a lot of people..( can we say first three signs in pisces?) I have been in relationships a lot where I do not have an equal partner P is my first. I do not however want to be dumb, I sometimes get visions of a wonderful life for he and I but they seem to shift over time... I had visions with the first man that came to be exactly however many of them he purposely turned negative...

    I am feeling lost today...

  • Haunted_lady, this is LoveDetox's thread, can you please start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of this page and I will answer you there. Can you please include your own birthdate too?

  • Plus your present lover's date?

  • Please Captain, look up me and my current boyfriend's compatibility?

    Him, October 4, 1976 (born 4:35 pm in cleveland ohio)

    Me, November 4, 1978 (born 2.16 am, in riyadh, saudi arabia)

    Thanks so much!

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