The next three months.

  • My question is: " What can I expect in the next three months

    Thank You Illona dob 07/12/1961

  • I would love to attempt to answer this question for you, Illona, even though I'm very new to tarot. If anybody notices any error in my perception, please feel free to let me know.

    For you I see a wide variety of life experience. Swords are your least favorable while Pentacles are your key. Your foundation is built upon new insights. The Magician, the first of your three Major cards, seems to indicate that your life is based upon experiencing the world and possibilities. It also suggests that you are very open-minded. You are represented by the Eight of Cups, an emotional card, which seems to indicate that you are finished cultivating whatever it is you had been pouring your heart into and now moving on to bigger and better things with the Moon as your guide. You feel like the victim of trickery and deceit (Seven of Swords), of someone who had been using your heart recently (Three of Swords in the Recent Past). You are currently in the process of moving away from that relationship, whether it be romantic or otherwise. Someone in your life has become bold and inspiring, a life-giving source, represented by the King of Wands. I get the feeling that you easily find new companions. The Three of Pentacles Above suggests that you are concerned about finding a stable mate who wants to have a successful life with you in a nice home that you both can work together on to make the best home and relationship possible. Very soon you will realize another man, the King of Cups, who, in contrast to the King of Wands, is much more empathetic, tolerant and laid-back. You seem to be caught in a whirlwind of chance, wondering where your destiny lies. This is particularly strong for you, since it's the Wheel of Fortune card. The next one is strong for you, too. Your environment is rapidly changing, with many old things passing away while new opportunities for beginning again are appearing, symbolized by Death. My advice to you is to take it slow. Let the Kings court you (no pun intended) in a traditional manner, and in this way will you be able to decide which man is right for you. This is what I feel like the Knight of Pentacles is saying about that. The outcome, a Six of Wands, looks very bright for you. You will achieve your end and be very proud of your man and your new home.

    It looks to me like you will know when you meet him that you are supposed to be together (at least for three months, that is).

    According to numerology, you will be able to explore possibilities until early October, in which you will get into a relationship easily. November should allow you some time to consider everything, and then December will give you opportunities to advance yourself materially.

  • Thank you so much for the reading I think you did wonderful. And I see that the king of wands made it in the spread again. And you are so right about me feeling like somebody has been not a true friend. I have even had a couple of dreams about that. You was right about that two about me finding the right person. Because I have two boys and I will not just anybody around my babies so he will have too be the one.

    Again thanks so much. Illona

  • Illona,

    I am very pleasantly surprised that it made sense to you! This was the second time I attempted to read for anyone other than myself, so I was jumping out on a limb. Did you find what you're looking for?

    Thanks to your angel, not really me! 🙂

  • To Zsydena I was wondering if you could look at this and see what you think about this.

    I did a couple of spreads for myself. The celtic cross and there seem to be five cards that keep coming up. I did the spread again and the same five cards came up again. And the king of wands really seem to be coming up.

    1. Card 1 - Page of swords (reversed)

    2. Card 2 - Knight of Wands

    3. Card 3 - King of Wands

    4. Card 4 - King of Pentacles

    5. Card 5 - The Empress

    6. Card 6 - Ten of Cups

    7. Card 7- Eight of Pentacles

    8. Card 8 - Ace of Pentacles

    9. Card 9 - The Strenght

    10. Card 10 - The Six of Cups

    I did this after my birthday July 13, 2011 but my dob is 07/12/1961. I did the Celtic Cross again a week later and the first five cards came back the same way. And like I said before the King of wands as been coming alot in any spread I do. Can somebody please help me with this.

    Thank you Illona

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