Captain, Reading Please

  • Captain.

    There's been something i wanted to talk to you about.

    Sp d,o,b 06/05/.65

    In one post you made him out to bee selfless kinda guy, and next he manipulative.

    I do get him quite well, but there always been that doubt somewhere,

    I see him as a UN-healthy emotional man, use's sex and anything with illness to get what he needs. but there was sense of i need me from him if that makes sense,, ?

  • His authentic self is very unselfish and good, but his outer self uses manipulation and avoidance to protect himself and get what he wants.

  • I hand even thought of that.

    Could it be he feels he has to be like his father, i feel he has a lot of influence, and from the way he talked about him too,, but deep down there is a person as you say differ, but he cant be that person for what ever reason, because he not emotionally strong enough?

    I dont understand why he portray such a great dad yet he dont see his boy, he cant relate to him, in the emotional way?

  • He is still emotionally immature himself.

  • Captain

    There are a few threads i started, id like to delete from my topics and discussion, how do i go about it correctly without deleting the three i want to keep?

    Also my wrist and elbow joints not feeling to well ache easily right now, is cause i stopped h,r,t or lack strength


  • Scully, just contact admin here to have deleted the threads you don't want.

    Admin -

    Regarding your aching wrists and elbows, I feel it is an environmental problem due to the weather or something that irritates you in your surroundings. You may simply adjust to it. But if it gets worse, see your doctor.

  • Hey captain,,

    I feel the break, ive turned towards the future i want at last,, ?

  • Good for you! 🙂

  • Just one last question.

    Why did you think, when i said i saw SP in a lonely place with a blanket around him. you said it was wishful thinking.

    I see as i did then, it was not ever wishful, i wouldn't wish for it

  • Yes, you wish for him to need you.

  • What is the difference between that and a Physic seeing something.

    I really dont understand that.

  • captain,

    How can i improve things more at work from my perspective,,?

  • At work you need to find a challenge to keep you from getting bored - if you need to ask for more responsibility or different types of work experiences or have suggestions for new ideas that may help, do so. Also you need to step back, take a breath and control yourself at times because you can come across as bossy or aggro, even if you don't feel it.

  • Captain.

    I feel i want to respond to a couple posts of my thread, I feel im lost what to say,i just cant put it down. any more,

    Just dont have to energy any more for here,

    i wrote to pen and paper, just think in morning better.. i know im saying goodbye and thanks i think?

  • Good luck, Scully - I wish you well!

  • Hello Captain

    Would you mind doing a reading for my friends.

    They where about to plan marriage, but Shelley health is cause fro concern she has got to have a biopsy on three lumps in her neck,,

    Shelly D,O,B 29-03-69

    Kesley 5-10-66


  • I thought you said goodbye from here, Scully?

    Did your friends want a compatibility reading?

  • Hi capatin

    I have i just thought ask for them

    Yes that be good..

    How Shelly health be

  • Shelly and Kelsey: she will handle any problem more easily than he will. If she gets a bad result on her tests, he will not handle it well and she may have to bear any treatments and illness on her own. I do get a feeling of cancer around her. Having fun and being physically attractive to each other is a big part of this relationship - so any physical im[airment, disfigurement or illness will severely test their connection.

  • Hi captain

    How do i deal with my mother once and for all emotionally,

    She as i thought i never see, treat her son my bruv the same.

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