Captain, Reading Please

  • What did you mean by, emotional orgies and self loathing,

    The latter i get cause i felt bd way i looked, im over that now

  • It means obsessing over real or imaginary problems, flaws or deficiencies, Scully - too much self-examination to the point where you can't think straight or see yoursefl objectively.

  • Hi Captain,

    I see what you mean, too much on negative , should be more on the positive?

    Its my 40th today,, can you give me any more good advice?


  • Let go of the past and old hurts and start your new year afresh.

  • Hi Captain

    My gut says yes,

    Should i stay away from H,R,T ??

  • Follow your gut then.

  • I think, the real reason why you ask others sometimes, is because you doubt yourself, in your self-confidence in yourself.

    I hated confrontation, from growing up from parents that argued a lot, i remember as child waking p to rows, and that i think why i hate them. I learnt now to face that and be assertive and cool, be firm when i have to face that.

    I think the need for approval was misguided in that respect.

    The h,r,t is something i had for fifteens yrs because i dont produce it enough to have period, although my body does sometimes, i know how i feel i hit forty and it say that enough, i just need something to look after my bones, well my old GP said i have nothing to worry about, i saw not new gp, said well the hosp specialist said you should as your hormone level always low, but didn't listen to me, as i try say although not take the h,r,t i still see be bloating all the norm just not have period, so that tells me as yrs ago my brain produces but my ovaries small cant, i believe that. Im going to make appointment to see my new GP,, and say this, and ask how i else can i help my bones for later life?

  • It's always good to get a second, even a third, medical opinion. If you are not happy with one diagnosis, seek another until your gut tells you it's right.

  • I see this

  • Where sp concerned

  • DT

    , That i can see as right, i guess the young man from what i know used to see his dad more regularly a couple years ago, than now but the boy is older.

    Would my contact the family on fb, and some how son ask me if i knew his dad,, i hope that has nothing to do with him not want see sp?

    Did he make up a friend died after i said, this is tedious?

    Then when i would do something as group, he said he was dying? I saw he lost weight, bit something not right.

    Even if i sent him a email later on fut-er, i dont think he would rep lie?

    How do you mean he would harm me?

    I ask these, because it bugs me to know i liked someone who do that, but my instinctual where say so, except the last, say dying,, could i really care for someone who does that?

  • HJow do you see me and sk planning out, i see friendship?

  • Maybe just a casual acquaintance...

  • Hi Captain,

    We today have agree we are friends, now that to me is more important than anything, i want a better social life and friends away from work, so now hopefully i will get that in time, at least i have gained one friend. I will go for the speed date again it was such a confidence boost, i enjoyed it, you dont know who you meet.

  • It's good to have a friend away from work, it has occurred to me, if something go on as in group or something, i can ask him if like come, that way i dont always have to do things on my own.

    We both ,well i encourage him too, go to the next speed night, why not, deferentially go for over forty's this time?

    It funny, how i just relaxed and just be me, when we got that out of the way,? Having friends and better social life is what's most important to me, than anything,

    I always new deep down, even when i first did on-line date,,, that my type of guy be someone who outgoing, has social life, people person, so i need to get that in my life too,, see i know now im not the ant-social, introvert, i was made to feel!?

    I am take some time for one whole month, to get into the life-style good routine i want, as i still be go back and forth, have been get some exercise in, and still have to sort other stuff out, That i feel will help me with everything else.

  • It sounds like you are really going well with your life. You seem much more calm and confident.

  • Captain.

    Firstly, i thought e the health heck i could have just asked in my own thread, but i saw it ashed, so what i wanted to say to that was, this week i have been thinking very carefully what im eating, i know my stomach, hates greasy foods and gassy stuff, it seems to be getting intolerable to some spicy stuff, i just listening to it, i was brought up to eat well, and your body get used to that.

    I am in such a good place in my life, my confidence in been happy with who i am, is reeping results, positive energy with-in the workplace and with family, as i express myself better now, and i made friend outside of work, so im sure i will continue to make more.

    Do you think i could be over confident and project it in the wrong way regarding romantic relationships? I unsure i really ready for that yet, as i want to build a good social out lets have friends away from work, that seems to me to be the most important thing to me. In my heart, if i get that right, i will attract the like minded, soul who is right for me one day.

    I dont have the desperate need any more of been loved and wanted, it pops in, yeah, old habits mind think, but it fading so much, it just take times,, a colleague asked has your life started at forty, i said yes deferentially, you see reason for that, when i mentioned that to another colleague, she said no, and went on to ask that colleague, she said it did for her, that made me smile.

    I have been getting the strongest feel to get back to do the physic book, although i have noted how sharper mine is, also been geet my bookworm self back too, just feel i need to contrail a bit time for that too.

  • Yes, just take it slowly. Change is difficult but it only takes about a month of doing or thinking differently, for it to stick.

  • Captain,

    This i a weird,, now for two days running i had some ass of a guy in van then car make some comments. What i find freak me out, was on the second time, as i walk home, i heard a voice, it sounded so close like right behind me, that's reason why i turned, but it was a guy in car at least ten twenty feet away, as i hard of hearing too , it just been bug me, it felt that close, and also i have feel it same guy as to the day before in van, like from the speed date, what my gut says. It the closeness that bugs me. i dont know if it me bee very sensitive or something.

  • It's only something to worry about if it keeps happening.

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