Captain, Reading Please

  • If you are not looking - ie, not open to meeting someone, then the Universe will not send anyone your way.

  • Im open. i just dont think on-line dating is the way now.

    Im joining new social networks like my tai-chi,, i think if i meant to meet someone one day i will. If you go accentually just looking for that solely, you wont meet anyone.

  • Get out and join a club or start some hobby or activity or class you like - that way you will meet people with similar interests.

  • What im already doing,thankyou

  • When i spoke to ex wife for last time, she said i was to forgiving,, to me that is not a weakness, it's a strong strength, to be able see and forgive others for wrongs and understand why they are as they are.

    I actually felt like go on free friend date site to chat again im missing the male company today.

  • Yes, forgiveness IS a strength. Wanting revenge or feeling anger and hate are weaknesses.

  • Captain- I have a post in love and relationships and would really appreciate your guidance/advice.

  • The ex wife, said to me do i hate him now,, i said no hate is a total waste of energy. I feel now ive finally moved forward emotionally now.

    Talk to her wasn't helping me to do that, i told her this.

    im happy and free to invite whom ever comes into my life now.

  • Excellent!

  • Captain, i wonder your thoughts.

    i had a soul reading done 2yr ago, said im a healer helper

    what you thoughts on that ?

  • I been getting emails, on my second email account, from sex sites from women.. i know its s, as he wanted me to try once, im not that way inclined.

    I had one in dec,

    I dont get way he suddenly send me email through **** sites, as i know this what he intro 2 women, he know im not that way, so why is he doing that?

  • He hopes to get you to change your mind - send him a strongly-worded email to tell him to stop doing what he is doing.

  • I actually decried to deactivate that account , as it only second email address.. think that work better,

    Does he really think i would,, after all lies and that text message,, really fancy himself as gods gift or what,, if want to speak, why not do it as i call norm way, instead through others, sad excuse for a man really.

  • Im doing well, with help drink and self esteem issues, get help there.

    Im off tomorrow on my first break away for years.

    I think this time away will get me mentally re charged, ready for when i come back with i hope more positive and better outlook.

    Im having all my home re furbished and re decorated, it truly feel like wiping out the old and past and letting all new in.

    Alll before the big birthday next month,, still haven't chosen where to go,, any ideas you see in your physic?

  • What choices do you have to make?

  • I should either go on a coach trip holiday, or with national trust.

    Something where im in group so i not totally on my own.

  • What places would you visit? Which choice has the most people involved and the most adventure?

  • Hi captain

    I had a great time off, iv closed accounts talk to ex wife, seem to worry her , iv done that, i dont get why? does she like talk to me re him, or is she playing me?.

    i just said i see it as it is

  • She wonders what your interest in her is (she thinks you may just want info about her husband or to get with him).

  • This is his ex wife, not his wife.

    I have helped her i think by her having someone to talk to as what he was like, as i said i decided to stop talk to her, as move on and it not normal to keep in contact with your lovers ex wife, and also to the fact ive never met her ( not want to either) .

    I feel she very depressive and lately just get a really dark feel around her, which i know is not good for you.

    I just wonder why it bother her so much i stopped talk to her and unfriended her on Facebook.

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