Captain, Reading Please

  • Set your goals for the things you really want and then go after them until you achieve them.

  • Scully, I feel like when you ask for a reading, you are asking someone else to make decisions for you or give you some motivation in life. But only you can know what will make you happy. You need to strive for that and use your intuition more so that you don't need anyone to tell you what to do. That should be everyone's goal.

  • I just ask for guidance, because i was not sure of me and what i wanted.

    I was been told what other see me good to do.

    The truth i know what i want to do, its going to give me a challenge financials and time.i made my decision.

  • Dear captain, my dob 26th July 1970, married for last 18 years, also had an affair last two years, which i cant still term its closed or not, . But not in touch with that person, last time i met was in Jan 2011. Though we spoke on phone twice this year after our meeting in Jan 2011. Lots of confusion these days, i am feeling terribly depressed, can you please read for me and let me know whats in store for 2011? thank so much in advance

  • Cuteleo, this is Scully's thread. If you start your own personal thread by clicking on the 'Create a new topic' button at the top right of this page, I will be happy to answer you there.

  • The de scion, i have made is first a well earned break, have not had a holiday for years.. ive been through so much in last two years.. that's what im going to do.

    I know the Councillor is the right career path of change for me, i will have to get a diploma, for that, so a holiday then study work hard for that.

    My relations with people so getting better, mentsaly improved since i started to believe in me, and not be self concious re my looks.

    I remember G martin said, the hearing aid dont mater nor should it.

    I know what your saying i dont need approval, just do what i want for me, if others dont like it's their problem.

    It same with my mothers view to her sisters.. do you have any idea how great it feels for me to have them back in my life, it is right for me.. i should be able to have that and i am, i dont care if she or my younger brother dont like it.

    Have normal relationships with outer family.. and i hope in time i will make some friends outside of work..The love stuff well its going to take someone very special to turn my head now.. it come one day if meant to. Id rather have good relations and good social network, that make me happier.

  • Good for you - that sounds like a plan!

  • Hi Captain,

    Happy new year to you.

    I think this is going to be a very good year, it is already masterliness towards what i want, iv got two holidays booked, first going away with aunt,, second on my big 40 birthday, im looking to do time away with the national trust voluntary,, a way to meet people and get away , which i need after the two years iv had, not had a proper break as in get away from it all.

    Ive been take baby steps to get into a good balance and routine, it's coming but my Aries tendency to want it done now, keep turning hehe,, now got the new class for tai-chi booked, which is great, i feel that help me physically and mentally.

    One issue if you could just give a insight work related.

    I have colleague who is again seem to be going out her way to find fault and running to the office to report what ive not done, although my shift had not even finished so she had no reason to go on to my unit at all, and also encouraging another colleague to report me fort not helping, when i had.

    I have decried to rise above it and record any things like this if they continue and then take to the manager,, that to me is been victimising me, i know we had issue, thought that cleared up, new start , obviously not,, you know they say give someone enough rope they will hang themselves.

    Im not ask for approval, i dunno really as i see im doing what i think is right,, is that ask for approval?

  • Well, I'd say that if your manager hasn't asked to speak to you about this matter, then he/she isn't taking your colleague's complaints very seriously. The manager is probably aware that this is something the colleague is known for - making trouble. Just stand your ground and make sure your colleage has nothing definite to report on about you.

  • Hi Captain, WEould you mind doing a reading on my aunts, im now back in contact with, and make me happy that we are.?

    First 12,8,48

    Second 1.9.54

    Third 29,5,56

  • You and aunt 12/8/48: you may find this lady difficult to get emotionally close to. The relationship won't be an easy one as you are both strong-willed individuals. You may arouse each other's competitive instincts and can either bring out the best or the worst in each other. You are both born leaders and may find it hard to achieve a true sense of unity. Don't let power or ego struggles get out of hand - it is possible to work very effectively together if you both try hard. Otherwise any family confrontations between you could end up as knock-down, dragout affairs that leave other family members exhausted or out-of-breath. Try to be unified.

    You and aunt 1/9/54: the personality differences here are between your aunt's rationality in thought and planning versus your intuition and spontaneity. It can cause occasional flare-ups but for the most part, your respective strengths mysteriously complement each other when you work together. You two service-oriented types can bring out the more responsible side in each other and your relationship can have a devotional streak towards the welfare of others. Working together, you two can be of great benefit to humanity. Your aunt can help you manifest more orderly personal habits and working methods. If you can respect each other's privacy and think of the greater good of the family, this relationship can go well.

    You and aunt 29/5/56: this relationship can have a grounding, settling effect on both of you. Together you are very skilled in solving technical problems. You can in fact accomplish a lot together, for your relationship can make you both stay still long enough to focus. The relationship's grounding influence will take some time to be felt however, and to help you both learn and grow. You will understand your aunt's need for constant change and will not try to confine her. And she will be curious about the absolute principles, lofty ideals, and code of honour you believe in - though she can toss some ironic or sarcastic barbs into your debates and discussions that may wound or annoy you. Try to deepen your emotional bonds without getting into conflict. Understand and accept each other.

  • Hi captain, can you give me any idea, when the police investigation will be over.

    I i had a nasty text sent , last oct, and i know it was from either steve or his father, im still waiting outcome, so then i can fully move on.

    Ive had no mre problems, i dont want take any further, the pc has do his job, its take so long, how can i fully go forth with that sticking around?

  • To have this all be over, you just have to fully let go and forgive.

  • I will but the police investigation going on, i want that over soon, any idea when that be so i can?

  • You don't need the investigation to be over to move on in your emotions and mind. In fact the sooner, you let go of it emotionally, the sooner the material problem will end.

  • Can you forgive those involved, Scully? Forgiveness closes the door on pain and suffering.

  • By talking to his ex wife is not helping me is sit?

  • I forgiven Stephen a while ago but his dad, i know he sent it..can i forgive him,, he a waste space, i

    so angry how dare he try on with me, knowing his son me have affair, he trying it,,, he dont respect his son at all, it's disgusting. Thats what makes me more flipped mad than anything.

  • As long as negative things like anger and lack of forgiveness connect you, you will always be tied to others. Forgiveness and forgetting will cut the cords so that you can move on and be free.

  • I have just spoken to ex wife, iv said that i feel this as i have helped you , is not doing me any good now sorry goodbye.

    I been thinking, i always thought i could only move on from this when investigation over.

    It didn't occur to me, that it was my own emotions keep me there.

    Its like get on with your life, iot come up and when it does you be so blast matter fact, then your see. because ive decried not to let that control me.

    Im certainally not looking, can you give me good my love life

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