Captain, Reading Please

  • She wants someone to unload on. You are right to stay out of it - she is not your problem. She tends to lean on people.

  • Captain,

    Ive lost my hearing aid, i cant even sense where it is, can you please?

  • Were you lying down with it in your ear? Sofa or bed maybe? I feel it fell out onto wherever you were lying and dropped behind, under, or into a pillow/cushion or other coverings..

  • Hi Captain,

    I found it in page of a magazine, i obviously took it out whilst eating , put sown thee, thanks.

    I have been as you know try learn tarot, and also learn my physic,

    How do you feel i would be in doing this, am i wasting my time. feel im not, what would be best for me.

    I not realises, their are so many types, and you can go with the deck that feel right with you.

  • It's always good to expand your psychic ability and awareness.

  • Captain

    if you have time i'd appreciate a reading. I feel totally lost and stifled and the moment with my job. I dread going in in the mornings, i go through the day feeling so down until I get home. I used to love my job but lately I hate it :(. Can you tell me if this will pass? is there something i need to do?

    thank you

  • I know captain say this, please make your own thread


  • Yes Roseydaisy, you are forgiven for not knowing how things work here. But this is Scully's thread and if you start your own personal thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of this page, I will answer you there. And your feeling will not pass because you have grown beyond your job. (More over at your thread)

  • Hi captain,

    Im unsure what my rising sign is, my d.o.b 16 04 72

    I know

    Sun Aries,

    Mars Gemini

    Venus Gemini

    Mercury Aries.

    Am i right there?

  • Oh dear please accept my apologies Scully!

    Captain thank you I will start my on thread

  • Hey roseydaisy,, no worries.

  • Hi capatin.

    Is my dad ok, haven't heard from him in while?

  • Where is he?

  • And I don't do birth charts - you can look up your rising sign online in one of the rising sign calculators available.

  • Im sure he didn't say he going away anywhere, i phoned a couple times, my bruv spoke to him few days ago.

  • Captain,

    On the super powers,

    The need for approval, i really dont get that, i may listen to advice, nine times out ten i do the complete opposite, what feels right for me?

    How do you mean orgies of emotional examination/ self loathing?

    Now the latter there i have finally got myself back how i was yrs a go im pretty as next person, regardless of lazy eye, have bad balance, hey didn't bother me then why did i let it over the last ten yr my life?

  • Your dad's been a busy person.

    And the need for approval can manifest in many different ways -

    Working hard at being good at your job, in your home life, with your partner, as a parent or as an adult child with your own parents.

    Waiting for others' permission to give yourself recognition for what you do or achieve.

    Depending on others to give you a sense of self-worth.

    Being poor at solving problems.

    Avoiding conflict because of the fear that someone else will not approve of your point of view.

    Working hard at keeping "peace at any price'' in a relationship.

    Being a "People Pleaser'' - doing, acting and being for others what you think others want (romantically, socially or professionally).

    Having a problem letting others know how you think or feel about things.

    Having a tendency to be "over-responsible,'' taking on the responsibility of others (children, spouse, co-workers) in order to get things done.

    Lacking self-confidence in your skills, abilities and knowledge. You may tend to see yourself as "incompetent.''

    Displaying a tendency to "hide the truth'' when it is more convenient to tell a lie, especially when you think conflict will arise by telling the truth.

    Doing anything to avoid hurting the feelings of others, even if it means swallowing your own feelings or denying the reality of things.

    Fearing rejection, neglect, abandonment and disapproval so much that you give up your own wants, needs and rights, subjecting yourself to the wants, needs and whims of others.

    Having a keen sense of obligation and acting on this sense in all aspects of your life.

    Suffering from "paralysis of analysis'' and fretting so much over what the possible consequences of a decision will be that you never make a decision or take a "stand.''

    Being convinced that no matter what you do it "isn't good enough'' to gain approval so you either work harder or give up.

  • Hi Captain,

    I get it now.

    I give you a example, i used to avoid and half heartily go along with family, because i knew it upset the apple cart, i hate confrontations, so in the end id just get pees off and frustrated. Well believe me when i say that little thing is over, through family (outer to ) and i felt like a reg doll been pulled in two separateness ways it all come to a head.

    Talk through with friend, i see that i need to be clearer and honest in my communication, nothing wrong little help, as long as i feel in control my life and what i want,

    I be same at work too, seems thing get better now.

    I have no trouble in other areas.

    Ive gotten into habit of phone people say im going to do this in covo, i dont think im ask their approval am i?

    I knew this had to bug me for a reason, if it did n,t then it would,t bother me so.

    The Orgies bit, you had me think in sexual way there for moment/

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