Captain, Reading Please

  • You have to show her and tell her when her behaviour is unacceptable to you. And if she persists, you will have to show her the consequences of her actions by breaking off contact for a while. You have to be firm with her so she learns to respect her children and treat them well. If she behaves like a child, she must be disciplined like one.

  • Hi Cptain,

    What can i do to as my blood pressure is high, it the second one that is..

    I unsure why,


  • You need to relax more and stress out less. How is the healthy diet going? That will help your blood pressure if you are losing weight and getting fit.

  • Captain,

    You have been very helpful to me in the past and so right on about my man and our relationship. he has moved to California and now I am alone.

    can you tell me what you see for me in the future? I have had some very difficult times, and am having trouble getting on track.



  • Barbralee, this is Scully's thread - can you please start your own thread and I will answer you there as I don't want the vibes to get crossed.

  • Hi Captain,

    I feel ready now to aim for the weight loss and exercise more,, i walk every where but that not enough to burn fat i know.

    I just seemed to have one health problem after another this year,, and one not been used to that.

    My family are all generally healthy tuff cookies as well, but we have our moments. I think this was my body way telling me enough is enough

    I had a moment of Anxiety, it seem as that to me, tight throat, heart pounding, in the thought of going back to work.. and i knew what was happening, i just thought and argue with me i got past that.

    I went back, all ok.. .

  • Why don't you try this new form of healing I am doing over on this thread -

    It might help!

  • Hi Captain,

    I dont know if this is for your dark removal thread, but i just wanted o post in my ow,

    I think the tread has helped me see this ok

    I would like not to loose my self-confidence, when someone seems to always have a go at me ((workplace) when that happens, I just-get fed up with the feeling of always being the scape goat, make me feel so dis-hearted.

    After my time off sick , i felt that anxiety of going back, due to that, i really did want take more time off, but me being me i did not. When i went back, i came to see that how many of the tenants i look after really where happy to see me back, Then it occurred to me that , that im good at my job.

    I dont understand why some act as they do, i have been in better communication around my feelings to my seniors a and line manager, so i hope this will be dealt with once and for all.

  • i Captain

    I see a great start now for 2013.

    What do you see

  • The same!

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