Captain, Reading Please

  • Captain,

    I come to see that, i just need to be happy in me and accept how things are and make a good life for me as to how i want,.

    Have no expectations, then maybe in time i will make some real friendships, and even a real personal relationship one day.?

    There is a meal date thing next month, i may go it cost, but if you went out for meal it cost, what do you think.


  • Pay what you think is fair and enjoy yourself.

  • Hi Captain, a few years ago I developed what I would call a "school girl" crush on a man I serve on a board with. He was married and seemed out of my league in so many ways. I put the idea of him out of my mind for obvious reasons. Just recently, we had the opportunity to spend 10 days together working on an event. He was divorced earlier this year. Much to my surprise, he began to show great interest in me with a whole lot of flirting. Anyway, every relationship I have ever had has been with a Libra man. It never works out. This man is also a Libra and my friends keep saying, "give it a chance, he is lovely, maybe it will be different." Looking for your insight, Captain. Me, March 10, 1966, him, October 21, 1965.

  • Hi Captain

    I have a health question.

    All this week i have been having regular bouts of palpitations, seem to make me feel tired, i dint have any dizziness or pain, am think go to docs, what do you feel?


  • Leslye, this is Scully's personal thread. You need to click on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of this page to make your own personal post and I will answer you there.

  • Scully, I feel this is caused by anxiety and trying to take on too much at once - it will only be temporary as long as you try to relax more.

  • Captain,

    A old lady i was talking too, whom i look after said your mind can also set of things, like if you think something you where uptight about never resolved can make you uptight?

    I was wonder if it was a anxiety, because i was get a bit tight in the throat , last time it had that when my sister died, so i did think am i uptight about something, is my head doing too much in one go?

    I guess your brain can make you feel like that?


  • Feeling tightness in your throat means there are/were things you wanted to say but don't/didn't. You may have felt you didn't tell your sister something (that you loved her?) before she died. But feelings and actions communicate louder than words so I'm sure she knew how you felt. I think you over-think or over-analyse things to death sometimes, Scully. You need to let go and relax more, trusting that everything is right with the world and that life will work out for you.

  • Captain, i was only using my experience with my sister as a example of my tight throat..

    I am in a complete safe place where she is concerned.

    The tight throat had not had for a while,, i see it need to be for things that are left un said, .

    How do i get past that to let go of thing you wish you said to people who have pees you off but you did not say??

  • Are the people concerned still alive or are you able to contact them?

  • They are alive, and yes i can contact them.

  • Then to achieve some closure, you need to write, text, or email them your feelings, in order to get it all off your chest. You don't even need replies because this is all about you saying what you never got to say.

  • Captain

    What is happening with my digestive system ?

  • It's all tied in knots. What information have you received lately that you are finding hard to 'digest' or are unwilling to admit the truth of?

  • I haven't had anything.

    It the new diet (whole foods) I thing i had too much fruit and fresh vegetables, more of every day, and differ types, that it not used to all that.

  • No, this is more about finding it difficult to assimilate the new 'you' and a big change of attitude. The stomach problems will pass as you get more used to this new person you are becoming.

  • Hi Captain,

    I decided to go back a bit and introduce more healthy foods slower, just keep get constipation feeling,

    I understand emotions effect as well, my mid drift got bigger, im sure i get past this. I waiting till our main pool will be open by end this month, I feel swimming is my best sport, and im good at it? then do gym occasionally as the weights just bulk me up

    What do you feel.

    Have you been watch the olmpics

  • If you are constipated, it means you need more fibre in your diet, not to cut back on eating healthy. Going back to bad foods will not help you. The exercise will be good though, especially if you enjoy it.

    No, I don't like the Olympics.

  • Hey Captain.

    Ive always had a good diet, in seance foods, like fresh veg, never been a massive fruit eater, love strawberry's s bananas blueberries.

    Wholemeal bread and pasta, white rice, as brown take too long, but i learn to soak first.

    Since i met ex i never been constant, with him i ate loads of take away, and that when my constipation probs started. With the tomes of drinking and eating late, have that, then i eat ok..

    when i do i have at least three or four most days, so to suddenly introduce more on a every day basis to me is going to upset me?

    Fruits and veg i rarely have too, I done a musil porridge with a few seed and dried fruit, that one has a lot, so sudden my gut has to deal with dried fruit un dried and veg i not used to?

    It about introducing more slowly, and as i have natural low sugar level, more proteins less carbs.?

  • The experts recommend five servings of veg and fruit (that is the minimum requirement but more like eight servings is better) per day for good health. Too many white starchy carbs can cause constipation since it takes the body longer to break them down and process.

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