I need help with two interpretations.

  • The following Celtic Cross spreads were the first ones I ever attempted. I drew these on 9/12/11.

    The first was: What do I need to know most about my life right now?

    Present: 8 of Cups

    Influence: Death (rev)

    Foundation: King of Cups (rev)

    Recent Past: 2 of Swords (rev)

    What's Above: 8 of Wands

    Near Future: 3 of Cups (rev)

    Me: Queen of Cups (rev)

    Environment: Ace of Swords (rev)

    Advice: 10 of Wands

    Outcome: Page of Wands

    First thing about me is that I face challenges head-on, so I tried reversed cards to see if I could take them on. I can see a lot of what this says about my life ten days ago, but I am interested to see what you can see from it.

    Second question was: "What do I need to know about the scabies situation in Banning lobby?"

    I had scabies less than a year ago, and when I moved into my new dorm Banning, I began getting the all-too-familiar bumps of scabies. My suspicion is that a particular girl who hangs out in the lobby had been infecting the lounge chairs in the lobby. If that is the case, then that would explain my new bumps, but it would also mean that all of the twenty or so people who hang out in the lobby probably have scabies now. Here's the spread I received.

    Present: 2 of Cups (rev)

    Influence: 8 of Swords (rev)

    Foundation: 2 of Wands

    Recent Past: 5 of Wands

    What's Above: 9 of Cups

    Near Future: 6 of Cups

    Me: 7 of Cups

    Environment: 8 of Cups

    Advice: Temperance (rev)

    Outcome: 10 of Cups (rev)

    Now this is the confusing one to me. There are six Cups and a Temperance (which has Cups in it), and this is something that I've been very emotional about, which is very understandable. The first thing that struck me was the rod in the 2 of Cups, which is used to symbolize health. This is obviously an issue of health, but I couldn't tell what the reversed card meant. To me, the most revealing card was the 7 of Cups, because I took it to mean that I was imagining things and shouldn't be worried about the scabies.

    Because of this, I began hanging out in the lobby again, but the scabies bumps have come back. Could I get some help in this situation, please? Thanks in advance!

    May the angels watch over you. 🙂


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