Love Celic Cross Interpretation Please

  • Hi may i have help in interoperating this please.

    1 Two of swords

    2 Six of wands

    3 Ace of cups

    4 The Hermit

    5 Page of cups

    6 Eight of wands

    7 Eight of cups

    8 The Fool

    9 Nine of coins 10 Two of coins

    11 Four of wands

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  • It feels like you are ready to move forward - want to move forward - but you are still holding onto something emotionally that is preventing you from doing so. A recent releationship that either ended or should be ended but you are hanging on. So stagnation has occurred. This is a difficult place for most, but you do have the courage whether you are aware of it or not....there is always a gap - a chasm - between the old and the new and we must be willing to leap into that chasm and freefall in our faith for a little while before we can reach the new ground. We absolutely cannot reach the new while still clinging to the old. Think of being at a mountaintop and wanting to get to the next peak -- there is that space between that is scary because we look down and fear plummeting to the earth below. But like the Fool, we must step off and trust that we will be supported. The Heavens cannot support us if we do not do our part by taking that leap. A future relationship built on a more solid foundation will be your reward.

  • Hi, watergirl,

    I was just looking back on old topics, i knew id posted you on this.

    AS lot has gone one since then, threats police investigation. I just really would like it all over before new year then i wont have anything hanging from the past, so i can embrace this new area of my life as i turn 40..

    I do still think of him as i wish i could have the feeling i had of when i first met... i know someone one day will come it be a long while.

    Can you give any ideas.. if it be over by then?

    Happy Holidays


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